A is the ice jadeite Russian or the Technos back 5. A this part, 5 a is the biggest of the spike 5 series, the Technos back 5 techno Spock 5 and Technos 5 pro. Both have six point, six inches touch screen why this part 5a has seven inches touch screen, so is the biggest of the spark 5 series mean why less on boss, the smartphone opening the back. The first thing you get to see is device itself, and next is the silicon case that fits perfectly on a smartphone there’s. Also, a sim ejector, a charger USB cable and a pair of earpiece on the right side of the smartphone is a power button and volume buttons. Why the left side of the smartphone house, the dos nano SIM plus micro SD slot on top, is not emplaced. But on the bottom you will have the matte piece: headphone, jack and charging port. The phone speaker is located on top the 8 megapixel sofa camera. While all the way are the 13 megapixel quadrille cameras and joste to below is place. The rear mounted figure prints. The 7 inches display of a smartphone fits well for movie watching and playing of games. You also have a suit gabite of it, enough storage for saving of media, and you can always expand this via the micro SD. The topmost part 5a has two gigabytes of RAM, which is porky for multitasking, but slightly behind almost every time that are running print applications simply push the techno spot.

5A is not a big time performer. So if you’re, not intensive visa, the table spot five way is a good option for you to purchase. But if you are the demo type babji paste and different intensive application runner, then you should expect slow performance. This part 5a is powered by Miller tech, Lu 822. With a quad core processor, same chip set of power, the Technos pack 5, the Lu, a train, so chipset is 4G and face unlock and boot, but not best for gaming. Other co efficient, join smartphone like that mode. That saves your eyes from colour sharpness. The guest shown as vacation the game mode and many others are all made possible by the Android st. goar Edition, plus Technos on the tasking soft, so iOS 6 point to the 8 megapixel camera takes designs. Images yay, as on samples of the arrow, shows bouquet or portraits mood. It also record video at 1080p 30 frame per seconds one on the way. The 13 megapixel was a feat. Dois, rear cameras are far better than the 8 megapixel camera. Yeah are also some samples and a video I recorded at 1080p 30 frame per seconds. So all these mega T so when they do, I will camera. So we video way camera I’m testing, the video and audio quality. This video is recording 1080p every frame when you think of renew the conversation below. None of all these cool features would make any sense. Any smart phones have a low budget capacity.

Several inches tall screen means. You also need a big budget positive to Christmas for running. So we tell us back five day: you have 5000 enemies, but chief capacity now does my sham. It keeps you running until you’re, tired. If you are playing games watching movies despot find a five thousand image. Budget capacity is top notch. So what are some things that are not coming by the smartphone? What fast is the bad, sound quality? He turns by five. It doesn’t have a pretty good son, the audio quality isn’t. No! No, secondly, is the smartphone is seven inches big, so making it not befitting for one hand or pressure on. However, you can stay, enjoy the big screen with the movie version and play no games, and finally, the smartphone 5000 image budget capacity is not fast charging any boot. It simply means that trails must want to take you close to three hours close now that longer it’s ago well, fighter the maybach capacity. No fast charging is a flop on a techno Spock five day, but other than that. It tell us about five way to me. If it our money to purchase any of the big muscles and they considering the high price in dollars and how things are changing so fast times of the prior smartphones returns back five day for 120 USD approximately 48 stars, own IRA is okey for you to purchase Its runs perfectly well perform perfectly where long lasting battery and big screen for movie washing and for playing of games, so I recommend, is if you can purchase the other high end.

Major smartphone to this by techno might come 15 series. You can follow me on my social media accounts taken at 24 and my SD, showing this plane on the screen and also hit subscribe button for more on Boston and comparison of things back five day versus other smartphones in the house, so it’s.