This is crazy, honestly, unbelievable of a combination. Perfect perfect combination, red magic 5g with the gaming monitor from xiaomi xiaomi me surface. You have even had the buy links in description. Both of these products are new just selling under 600. Each. Basically, each remember that a gaming monitor is 500 red magic. 5G is 600 by the way I’m having 12 gigs of RAM, so it’s 650 dollars, or something that you’re gon na have the bind links in description. So Nita’s assalamualaikum welcome back it’s your technique, jihad. This is gon na, be interesting and again complaining criticizing. I don’t know what is happening with this tech review. World is just honestly, I don’t know ninjas, we have the red magic 5g from Nubian, obviously, and you can check on YouTube, just type red magic, 5g reviews and just 95 of reviews. 95 percentages. Oh, my god, my brain just wants to explode. How lame this tech review world is getting adjust? We have gaming device, has 144 Hertz screen ninety five percent of reviewers, showing you games at running 60fps. What the heck is happening, then, what is happening that, with with you with you, are if you’re watching me right what is happening with this world? What is happening with this tech, world man, you just I get, I get really. I just get me just honestly. I get serious with these kind of things that they have so many so much time they have so many popularity there’s, so many traffic and they still don’t – do a proper in depth, really a review of a smartphone that it deserves, and this one I’m gon na Do for you a gaming review I’m gon na show you a few games that can one 144 FPS with this beast enjoy.

Yes, many games. You can find maybe around 50 to 100 games that can run up to 120 fps. My end up 290 FPS, but obviously majority of android games are still running maximum 60 FPS ninjas, but that’s not the point. The point if if you’re gon na buy smartphone with this high refresh rate, you’re gon na probably play the games on high refresh rate, which is 140 to 44 fps, so why the tech reviewers are doing these kind of abuse, where they are lame, why they are Lazy, what what is happening with images I even get like you know, disappointed by the people who are even support and no respect. I just don’t get it why they’re getting so lame and he just they get this smartphone. They have time to do it. They have week, two weeks a few days whatever and you can’t show to reviewers to the viewers to the youtubers, a proper review, which is 144 FPS. You can see it myself over here, and just this is crazy. Like I said here, not all games support one hand 44 FPS, but please do a few of them, which I’m gon na do right now. He just so sorry for this long. Intro I’m really disappointed by many many people who I even respected before. Why they’re getting lazy? I mean that why I even get the red magic 5g. It is because of this feature I didn’t get it because of the design I didn’t get it because of this screen.

I didn’t get it because of the ban or whatever, and just I get it because of the 144 Hertz. Is this be my first smartphone – and this is my first smartphone in my life – that it has this feature in just so I’m having here, the Xiaomi me monitor, which has a 144 Hertz’s. Also red magic 5g has 144 Hertz’s. So this is a really perfect combination. You just because the render t5g has a video output, NHL support and not just a regular NHL support. It has a support that it can output 144 Hertz as ninjas. This is crazy. I tried to test it with one plus eight prod with some games. I couldn’t manage to get ninjas and output to my monitor max and what I was getting. It was 60 fps. I think so I think so I think so anyway, but I will have to do. Obviously they can unlock that with the future in the future. In just this it’s only for this long intro just right now, I don’t know why you guys even keeping keep repeating and supporting other and reviewers why they doing why they keep doing something like this, and just it just makes no sense. For me why viewer reviewers are getting more lines here and lazier why the reviewers are just getting so boring and nothing. I have to have to give a big big shout out to tech Nick died and I think he’s living his, maybe in China or somewhere.

I don’t know in a way exactly, but so far of all the viewers my which I checked and maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I missed somebody, but so far, he’s the only guy who done again in review and showed some games running at 120, 144 FPS. But all the rest of them, which I checked, nobody showed I just don’t – get it me just honestly, don’t get it. What what? What is this review? What is this review? Man you’re? You are showing to people to playing games at 60 ffs. So what at the point, why would they even buy this muffin which you are promoting while you’re, not the promoting the number one reason why people should even get this device? I just don’t get it sorry details for this, a long long entrance for my sadness, a vehicle like that or for my complaints for my complaints. Let’S begin let’s begin with this video video. You can have the fine links in description. You can buy. The basically can buy this red magic 5g over the CCT shop per the most professional and secure site, one of the most secure sites of pay, Punk and bank cards. You can basically purchase it and they also have the fast shipping, DHL, etcetera, etcetera. Let’S begin now. Sorry, sorry, game: okay, so let’s begin with this review, we’re gon na first begin with the project our IP. This game also supports one: have 44 fps and just crazy, crazy, good game, high graphics, a great quality.

So let’s begin with this review check this out in jest. Why do I will be looking at the screen of the smartphone? You can check myself here if you’re interested in the delay, the input lag input or some like that. The latency it’s it’s, amazing, you just it’s amazing, you can see by self here, I’ll be jumping check. This out, I’m jumping see one two three one, two three one, two three very fast very, very fast here, it’s mid to the minimum of the minimum. The input delay regarding the buttons perfect put it a little bit high or kids on maximum. Now, oh, my god, by the way. This is me playing this game on maximum resolution, maximum graphics, ultra high. You can probably see how great quality great quality game playing it on magnetic 5g one hand 44 FPS, with my xiaomi gaming, monitor projecting 144 FPS crazy man, crazy it’s, just saying that the red magic 5g doesn’t have a 2k a quad HD screen. That would be amazing right now and just this is full HD projecting to my monitor, which is 3 K resolution, but unfortunately, obviously you don’t get a 2k or 3k here right now output, because this is max at Full HD and you can see there. You will see, I will be showing you pop G, basically upscale to 2k, and you will see the difference. How pop G looks much much sharper than this game anyway, you get the point, shall we go with the next game? Shall we go with the next game? Now beautiful beautiful check the check, these graphics can use the gun where’s the gun.

Oh next, wait: wait! Man it’s crazy, smooth this 144 Hertz’s FPS it’s, crazy, crazy, smooth Music, beautiful let’s go to the next game. Now, Applause, okay, just laying here bullet force with the gamepad – oh my god, this oh, this is a crazy man. This is crazy, so smooth! Yes, because this is not fake. This is not fake. This is me playing bullet force on 144 FPS. Oh, my god. Masha Allah, Masha Allah Amen any enemies. I need Friday, no any media whatsoever. Oh, what is this huh can’t find enemies, beautiful, beautiful, great that’s. It that’s it. Why there’s so few enemies, brother? What you just only one guys like playing against us, beautiful, where every just shall we go in the next game, but the four is running 144fps crazy, but this is Beck’s bay. By the way, this one ultra max graphics, injures we’re. Next, can you just we’re gon na test Real Racing 3? Also, this game supports wonderfully put FPS. All my dog on that is crazy. That is crazy, beautiful Music, oh my god, bad magic, babji’s, we’re ninjas. This is my new. My new gaming daily driver daily driver. You know, love it love it love. It love this NHL support that can give you outfit of 144. Hertz is coming 144fps over to my monitor. Just looks amazing that beautiful anyway there’s the smartphone is down there. The bottle beautiful, beautiful Music. There you go anymore Music. Why do I mean a different shirt because we’re gon na go out now? I just change it.

While the game was downloading Music that’s crazy? How smart that is! Can i play forget? I know I can’t. Oh, I need to change it. Probably. I need to change it here, so I can play it with on screen, yeah and that’s. Why I mean just I think you get the point out of this game. Shall we move on let’s move next? Music, nice shadow fight three 144fps? Oh, this is really crazy. Past 144fps, how are you man, eyes at you, catch all this movement and speed? This is my god. Didn’T even have anymore. My weapon, I’m done I’m done. Oh my god, I’m. A really amazing, really amazing, round I’m gon na need to get tougher. Oh my god! Oh tough, tough, tough challenge, nevertheless, 144fps beautiful. Thank you you just that trigger to ultra high graphics, Maxim. 144Fps. That is crazy. That is beautiful! Oh my god, just let’s play it! Oh, oh my god! This is crazy, so fast, so smooth who never played this game on this frame with this frame it never in my life max in are played by 60fps. Oh, my god, beautiful beautiful Applause, Music, you just MORTAL KOMBAT red magic. 5G 144fps is one of the themes and supports this crazy, freshman Mortal Kombat X, 144fps bro crazy that trigger running on 144 FPS maximum graphics, nice 20. I see you here. Great I’ve been stuck here for ages, so smooth yeah, no problem come on Bundy.

You just get to Shadowgun legends, oh my god! This is crazy, but this game runs. 144Fps, oh by the red magic 5g, very check this out. It’S buttery smooth! Oh my god, niggas! Oh my god. What is this? Do I have to select the air you can’t enter into the bunker uh huh, let me go I’ll kill X X is denied, come on boy need to come closer, closer closer. I come on out, but it fluctuates. You can see myself, it fluctuates the FPS which I noticed even with the different smartphones. If it has maximum 90 fps, sometimes will run 60 fps, sometimes 90 fps. I don’t know why the shadow can imagine. Does this? Okay, that was a lag there. That was a lack butter I’m playing the game with maximum graphics. It shouldn’t, like I don’t, know why it was like in there Applause Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, Applause, Music, Applause. Can you just darkness rises? This game is max graphics, running 120 FPS. It can’t go to 144 teeth and pressure. Any teammates kappa this FPS that’s fine. It looks amazing, wow, great graphics, bro, great graphics. Is he dead? Oh he’s, dead, bro, easy peasy get darkness crisis, there’s no screen recorder in the same time showing you here, maximum graphics. Oh, my god, ice crazy, maximum graphics, I guess, but never 5g. This game can run next in 120 FPS. It can’t go about that. Hey Connie Jess. This is gear club, but this is one of the games that supports 100.

Fps. Like you see myself is that uh huh come on? Can you guys welcome back? This is gear club. This is another Android game that supports up to 120 FPS. It doesn’t run a 144 FPS efficiently, but still I’m satisfied check. It out check it out. Man, a real race, basically the asphalt 9 maxima, 30fps global version. There is so lame bro that is so lame. Music Applause check this out: Music, Oh beautiful, beautiful, Music Applause, Music, Wow or Spielberg; 215 kill meters crowd, Music Applause, Wow Applause, beautiful Music, playing a little bit more of their club man. The cars look really nice. The graphics are really good: Music Applause, Music. Okay, this is car X drift. The salsa game runs up to 120 fps, Music Applause, so nice day, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music. I feel great, not bad, not bad. We start Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, bye, bye. Can you just infinity ops on ultra high graphics, 1 in 120? Fps, crazy Applause, although this game is crazy without the red magic packaging is very loud, very, very loud bro Applause, Music, Oh that’ll, kill hi dent the devil, killed Music it’s, the corn in Tulsa, double kill there. Applause they’re, going to just ultra graphics, also the name of the leasing to set this will limit the gameplay to 30fps. Only this game does have a kind of different, unique viewing looking around except X, that it does have a unique way or died away and stay away.

Music can ingest temperatures with the red magic 5g, while using the game mode with the fans. It’S. Amazing, honestly it’s amazing only 36 right now. We can also show you the shadow cam legends, which is also heavy heavy game on ultra high graphics. The game is also really crazy without the heating or liquid cooling system, except except I to overheats with different smartphones, but we gon na check it also with the red magic 5g right now red 95g. With this game, everything is maxed running amazing. Amazing temperatures stay tuned. Okay and just I’ve been running shadow gun legends, I think, 5 to 8 minutes. In the background I mean not the bank around right now and check it out here. The temperatures with the fan and just with the fan – oh, my god, there’s around probably around six cells – is five to six Celsius, difference in just without using defense. So if you don’t use the gaming mode with the fan activated again, you’re gon na feel the sound if you play the game, basically on volume down completely down. But if you put the volume up, then that’s gon na be really difficult for you to even hear anything. In the background you see now you don’t hear that and also maybe you’re gon na use headphones or something like that. But nevertheless the temperatures are really good. With the fan here, they’re really good. I think 38 Celsius 38 Celsius after what is that gaming, 10 15 minutes without a fan, you’re gon na get around 42 to 43 Celsius.

Ninjas, yes, believe on my word: can you just end last test right now: the black? The shadow gun Legends was running ninjas without the gaming mode and without the fan actual at an actual in any bolt and check it out. This is right. Now, 41 cells is ninjas 41 Celsius. You can see myself without using the fan. The temperature 42 I’m gon na get even 42 without the fan without using the gaming mode. You can see by self that the temperatures are much much higher and that is the difference between an actual a fan and a fan made a cooling system and a regular system, basically just without cooling system enabled with the fan fan mode itself. This is you get overheating, you get overheating, the overheating will happen, I’ll see. At the same time, probably the battery will drain faster. Three will drain faster with the red magic 5g. I just want to show you right now: the differences with a game mode with the fan enabled and with the fan disabled, for this a full review, and I hope you enjoyed these test ninjas. I don’t think anybody is showing you something like this in their reviews and I hope you find and helpful and of course hit that like button and support my channel by shopping online with my links, whiny Jess, because I get the I will get small percentage from Your shop and from your basically purchase and in shoreline in the future I can use if many of you order, I can basically in the future by new phones and show you again these similar reviews, which are really really crucial crucial for some users, if not for Some users, maybe even for a lot of you anyway, we just thank you for watching this.

Video you’re gon na have a lot of different videos on my youtube channel with the red magic 5g. So please make sure to check it out, love this device. I can certainly tell you that this is really the best alternative to the Black Shark 33 pro, if you are into the gaming smartphones, like I said the biggest con of this device. It is the camera it’s not on pair with the smartphones of this price tag. Around 600 1 8, showing me ten easily, will win in the camera department. But again, obviously those smartphones won’t, give you this kind of schooling system these one hand fully pull hard screen ever lit screen, which is 144 Hertz’s, so many different things which some smartphone has another one doesn’t have, and we highly commended me a far arrive at this Device from Nubia red medic 5g is my new daily driver love. This beast. Thank you. You, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, you, Music, Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music. What you, Oh Music, they can, Music. It was God, get on Music, you, Music, the person Music, just gon na do Music Music. It won’t be by the board Kennedy: Julia baby, Music, baby Music, but I found Oh I’ll crash right into Music Music, Music, Music. It won’t give us apart so get to your Music Music Music for the daily races going nowhere going nowhere their tears are filling up their glasses, no expression, no expression, Music, Music children waiting for the day.

They feel good, happy birthday. Happy birthday made me feel the way that every child Applause it’s under school Music, yeah teacher, tell me what’s my yeah Music in the final kind of warning here, find it kinda sad. The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve. Ever had I find it hard to tell you you are find it hard to tears. Every people run in circles, it’s a fairy Music nagi Music Music. What Oh, if you they can Music it was. We get down Music wrongdoing, Music, Oh Music, just oh yeah, Music, baby, Music, it won’t be by the pool or dinner. Oh yeah, oh yeah. I Drive it baby. We Music I’ll crash right into Music. You spilled Music, Music, Music, it won’t be, but apart and Lord so get to your baby Music around me: Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, wan na drown, Music with no expression, no expression, Music, Music children waiting for the day. They feel good, happy birthday, happy birthday, maybe feel the way that every child is it under school, Music, yeah, Music, teacher down yeah Music in the final kind of warning here, find it kinda sad. The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had. I find it hard to tell you: you are fighting heart to tears. Every people run in circles, it’s a very, very Music nagi, Music Music. What Music my college is for Music. They can real time, for it was get on Music Rondon, Oh Music, just gon na.

Do Music baby Music, it won’t be by the PAS and Lord Anna, oh yeah, I Drive it baby, we Music Music way too I’ll crash right into it: Music, you’re, still the ah Music Music, oh it won’t be, but upon Lord, oh yeah, oh yeah, baby, Music, Music for the going going. No, no, I wan na no Music children waiting for the day. They feel good, happy birthday. Happy birthday made me feel the way that every child, it Applause.