So if you’ll notice, my previous videos, you’ll, know that I’m, a huge fan of amaze feed and I’ve got a couple of watches here as well. Obviously I have the GTR, the GTS, as well as the t rex and the amaze feed X. So all these watches are here on my desk today, but the one that I really want to focus on is the amazed with Stratus tree. So I know I have not been making a video on this SmartWatch in the in my previous videos, because I don’t know why. But somehow I just missed out on this amazing watch, so increased video. Let me just tell you why this watch is pretty amazing and why you should consider buying it if you’re looking for your next SmartWatch or is the first and foremost let’s talk about a price, so the amaze feed Stratus tree is actually less than two hundred US Dollars right now and if you’re in Malaysia or Singapore, you can check out or lazada and check out their prices. I’Ll leave the links down in the description below, so you can find out more information there. Alright, so in terms of the design and feel I really like the design of the amaze be Stratos tree. If you look very closely you’ll notice that obviously we have a round it’s play and around the ring of the display, we have these tiny little dots and I think that there is a lot of attention to detail span on the on Mainstreet Stratos tree.

Moving on to the science you’ll notice that we have this carbon fiber like design here all around the sides – and it looks really rugged very suitable for someone who likes cars like me, because yeah carbon fiber and sports cars seem to go hand in hand or in Terms of the bends itself, I like the fact that it is very elastic, so it does look at this. We have some kind of texture going on on the straps as well, not too sure about that, but definitely not a deal breaker overall that the wash itself the amazing status tree feels very comfortable on my wrist and I’ve been wearing these for the past week. Actually, and so far, I really love the amazed with Stratos tree. Alright, next thing I want to talk about is that transflective display? So obviously, this is not as colorful, not as contrast rich as the AMOLED displays that we have been used to, on all other amazing watches so that’s. The first thing that I noticed the big difference that I have on the amazing Stratos tree, so putting this side by side to the amazed bit here is obviously your notice that the t rex comes with way better levels. You can see the display so much clearer, but the remain reason why we’re having a transparent display here is to save on battery life, so the transfected display is able to show the clock and in an always on display kind of method.

So, basically, you can see this display throughout the entire day. Obviously, when it comes to night time, you’ll have to make use of the backlight to actually see the display, because you’re not able to see that. But overall I would say that this transfected display is noting starting to grow on me and I kind of like the way it functions, alright. So moving on from the display itself, let me talk about the activities that this watch can track. So this amazing Strada tree is pretty much a monster in terms of tracking your activities because it does track so many activities. The amazing Stratus tree is the only amazing device. I think right now that is able to track up to 80 different spot modes. So for the full list, you can actually check out the website itself and see what kind of activities it tracks, but so far it basically tracks everything that you can think of. So there is nothing that it can track and yeah once you’re going to sport mode right here you can actually go through the list. We have running walking cycling. Obviously, we also have swimming because this tracks, your swims as well just a couple of activities here and you can also add exercises to the watch itself. Alright. So, apart from that, I didn’t notice that ansan runs on a run that I did previously. The watch was actually able to track my performance very well, so the good news is this amazing status tree is able to work with out your smart phone with you.

So what I mean by that is some smart watches. It relies on your smart phone to actually track your GPS, for example, but the Stratus tree here is able to do that all on its own. Secondly, in terms of music, you can also store music in this Trados tree here and by transferring it from your smart phone to the watch itself. It has two gigabytes of memory right here, so the good news here is, you can go on runs without your smart phone and still connect your Bluetooth earphones to the amazing Stratos tree. So very, very convenient I’ve tried it once and really. It is already a changes. A lot of things because I don’t have to carry my phone with me to listen to music, so that is super helpful. So, apart from that, the GPS on this watch is pretty reliable as well, obviously to gain the GPS. He might take a couple of seconds, but that is ready to be expected with most man watches out there. Apart from that, I noticed that the watch also comes with a couple of other trackers. For example, it tracks your altitude. It also has your compass, so just a lot of stuff that you can find all on the watch itself, and I think this is really the one for those of you who really go all out in terms of activities and sports that you guys want to track. So this is the watch for you.

So apart from that let’s move on very quickly to the battery life so battery life wise am. It was advertised to run for seven days on a misfits website, but I would say, based on my usage, I was able to crank in about five days of use with the misfit Stratos tree. So that is definitely as two days off the mark, but I would say that just the fact that I don’t have to charge this every day. Five days is okay for me, of course, I would I like seven days. Definitely I wish that, but five days is fine for me as well, and the good news here is that the wash charges up to its maximum in just about two hours so just leave it there for a bit and you’ll get back to your washing very quickly. So, apart from that and another two features that I want to talk about is the heart rate tracking and the sleep tracking. Both these trackers are very accurate. So for heart rate example and I managed to check this watch against my blood pressure monitor and a hundred is very consistent. So, apart from that, some of you guys might worried that when you put the wash down on your desk, you might get heart rate readings like what we used to see on the misfit GTS. But the good news here is that that kind of issue is not present on a misfit status tree.

So if you don’t wear your watch, obviously in the app it will show that the watch has no heart rate readings and yeah that’s good for you. Apart from that now wearing this watch to sleep to track my sleep so actually pretty comfortable, I didn’t notice too much of the bunk with the watch. Obviously, if we put this side by side with the t rex, it is slightly slimmer than a t rex, but slightly bigger than the gt r yeah, so I’m very comfortable to put on at night, and it does track my sleep and yeah. The good news here is that once again, I can see all those information on the watch itself without actually having to enter the main feed app so that’s great. Last but not least, let me just quickly touch on the watch faces, so the watch faces here is not many. We do have like, I think, about ten watch phases or maybe more by now, but the good news here is that a maze feed has just updated. The watch firmware so we have an a watch star in the watch itself. Yeah, you can actually hit onto the watch, face, store and there’s currently about ten more different watch faces, but yeah I prefer to stick to the default one because it just shows the most information all right guys, I think that’s pretty much it for the amazed. A straddle tree, if you ask me, comparing this Stratos tree to all my previous watches, I would say that this Redis tree really stands out from the rest, mainly because of the fact that it can run without your smartphone perfectly.

And what I mean by that is, like I said that’s now it comes with internal storage for music. This is the only one that has it out of the five butters that I have here today and yeah that’s really helpful, and about from that.