So essentially, this phone is the company’s latest entry in the entry range of smartphones, but technically it is a rebrand of mid range smartphones from yesteryear prior to the orange men’s band. I actually like this one a lot, and I will tell you why so let’s address the elephant in the room before the orange men’s been both Huawei and honor took a lot of their smartphones and certified it to use Google mobile services. So why not just take advantage of the loophole right take one of those certified phones rehash it and repackage it into a brand new smartphone and then release it into the market with Google mobile services. So yes, that means this smartphone is using the keyring. 710 F. Chipset, which is what’s available at the time during the loophole, so the owner 9x light comes with this list of specs, alongside with it’s, giving 710 F chipset, which is very reminiscent of mid range smartphones from last year, and I won’t talk much about benchmarks, because we Already tried a lot of smartphones using the keyring, 710 F chipset, and so we are gon na jump straight into gaming, because if you wan na play C with your mobile or pub dream about you can but at the lowest graphical settings. So it is very smile for honor to actually just rebrand this one and then call it an entry level gimmick smartphone, and I also appreciate the fact that or not put in a 1080p screen compared to many other entry level, smartphones that are still using 720p screens Because, obviously, this is still a phone and I would like to read text in proper crispness and also watch videos in Full HD.

So thanks honor and as for the cameras, the owner Linux light, does come with a single usable camera, which is the mean for the aiming of pixel camera and that’s it. The depth sensor is still there, but I do want to talk about it and overall, the picture quality that comes out of this thing is okay, but I think it is getting held back by the Cuban seventh and F’s ISP. The pictures do look good, but in terms of night shot it is still kind of decent to look at, but don’t expect too much from this camera because it is still a mid range smartphone from last year and as for the battery life, the owner 9x light Does come with a three thousand seven hundred and fifty million power battery, which is very common to be found in smart phones from last year, and the battery life can last for about eleven hours in our test, which is very just common. With this giving 7 10 chipset and the charging time well, it takes about two hours to charge from 15 to 100, which is once again very common. So back to the reason why I like the on the next slide. So essentially, the company just took a mid range smartphone rebrand. It rehash it into a new smartphone for this generation and I would say, that’s a proper way of doing entry level smartphones because you take technologies from flagship, smartphones and then start to trickle down.

In terms of price and make it entry level, which is how technology should be and how order position, this phone is actually just interesting. You just take me range phone put it in entry level, price point and market it as such and then well. What you get here is actually just so much better than many other entry level smartphones that are available in the market right now, and there is all we have to say about the online next slide. This smartphone is truly interesting, so if you just want to take a look at all of the other written versions, alongside with my other thoughts that didn’t make it into this video click the link in the description below and do comment down below. If you have any questions, we will answer them.