Yes, it is real. It is an actual color e ink, smartphone there’s, no funny business going on and there’s absolutely no secondary panel, or anything like that. This is true color ink on this smartphone. It is a smartphone through and through, for all intents and purposes it is running Android. You get all of your stuff up here. You get your flashlight, you get auto rotate Bluetooth, Wi, Fi data communication, hotspot power, saving mode screenshot; everything that you would find on a regular smartphone. You even get the brightness dial here, because you can turn off or on the front light. You have your back navigation, your home, your multi tab, window, split screen, and you have this button down below. This allows you to change the brightness level as well as screen shot and go into clear mode. You might be seeing that there’s a lot of staining up top, and this is because we are in smart mode which allows it to become more quick. If we go into clear mode, it looks fantastic, but then, when you do anything you get that flicker, you get that lag that’s, because it’s trying to give you the full experience every single time, whereas if you turn it into smart mode like so, you see everything’s. Very diluted, but it becomes super snappy and super quick. As you go to different places, everything is very, very fast, so that is the difference between these two modes at the bottom, smooth mode and clear mode.

There are indeed a few proprietary things on this phone. One to mention is this one right here buttons and why we want to go here is because this device has an e ink button and the e ink button can be found here. The information you can change what the short press does so pressing the e ink button, one you can change it to do, basically anything trigger a screen, refresh turn on and off the backlight etc. We have clear smooth mode switch, so we have chosen this button right here to toggle between smooth mode and clear mode, thus making the device faster, but look worse or look better but slower. We also have double click, so we have set it to screen refresh. So at any point in time, if we want to refresh the screen, we press it twice and we just wipe away all that ghosting wipe away all that staining. You can also long press the e button to start the voice. Assistant I’ve turned that off, but you can do that if you want, you can keep it on like that press and hold, and then the voice assistant comes up. If you click on e ink button. Introduction it will actually give you a little bit of info of what the e ink is all about. You can use it to trigger screen refreshes page flips switches start the application call recording there there’s a lot of options on here, and it is nice to have that e ink button.

The same ink button you will actually find on the a5, the a6 and a lot of other devices in their lineup web browsing is very nice as well. Obviously we go on the internet on our smartphones, social media platforms, news platforms, etc. This is goody reader and we are in clear mode right now, so you do get that heavy refreshing heavy ghosting, but you get a very nice image and remember we have set that double tap to be able to do a screen refresh now, if we go down Here you see, we can turn on smooth mode, smooth mode dilutes the image once again, but it makes everything very quick. You can see how fast that moves now the colors still there as well. We just showed you a couple images that weren’t necessarily in color, but you will see the colors do still shine through even in this diluted mode and in smooth mode. You get that inertia. You get that lack of screen refreshes, which is very nice and it’s. Very usable in a realistic day to day feel staged and not staged it’s staged to the point where I was going through some of my stuff and underneath my printer here. I know what’s in this box, but something this was the final fantasy phone that used because this phone doesn’t have any speakers dedicated to multimedia it doesn’t it doesn’t it does but it’s in the ear piece right next to the actual speaker for your ear.

So the loudspeaker and the actual phone call speaker are jam packed in this little zone. They actually don’t have any other cutouts for the speaker’s now. Secondly, you will see that the video does play quite well in smooth mode, but when you go ahead and switch it to clear mode, you can see that it just goes to smush, and this is because every single frame, the phone is trying to give you a Full HD image in color e ink every single frame it just simply can’t keep up, and that is why onyx devices Hisense devices boyyou devices. They have a two mode or a sort of speed mode. So to speak. This is their version called smooth mode, and this is why you’re able see it’s the same shot here. This is why you’re able to play things with a proper frame rate, even in color. I inc is due to this beautiful mode. If you were to turn that off and go back to clear mode, which is the full resolution you just can’t, watch the video it doesn’t have the capabilities or the speed to keep up with the image quality. This phone has a lot of pre loaded, ear eating apps on it. They have a lot of things from China as well, so you will have to find one that is best for you. This particular application is just the stalk reader it’s, not necessarily indicative of how good or bad this device is at reading books.

So you can download the Amazon app. You can download LD Co. You can download, basically any reader app you want on here and it’ll. Basically do the same thing in this regard. We do have the page animations that are still on here, so you can speed that up by changing it to smart mode, but see it just kind of dilutes itself and gives you that really grainy look. But you do get all that animation, so this is the main problem with this device. Is that at times it tries to do more than it actually can so try to find a modest reader that’s that suits you best and remember. You can always change your eating button to page refresh, just like we did to give it a little bit of a kick to clean things up, we’re, not going to focus too much on this application in particular, but reading on this phone is quite nice due to The good screen real estate, this phone offers we just briefly touched on ebooks, because you guys don’t want to see how it looks to read on a color eating smartphone. This is what you want to see: colored PDFs at its finest. This is what it’s going to realistically look like if you have a PDF on this device we’re using a WPS application to read this PDF doesn’t, really matter what you read, but it does matter of how the colors show. So you can see that it’s very fluid, and if we switch modes to clear mode it looks fantastic, but how does it perform it’s still, not that bad sideload in your medical documents, your educational documents go ahead and read to your heart’s content.

This is just letting you guys know currently 2020 may. This is just about as good of a color performance. You’Re gon na get on a device, there’s there’s, no other device, that’s gon na do it. So if you’re, if you’re kind of looking at this and saying oh you know, I’ll keep my eye open on the market. We’Ll know this. This is honestly all that’s out there. They have off camera. Here I have the eye reader c6, but it’s a Chinese only device it’s not going to work for you. This is an Android device that you can side load in applications, use it in any part of the world. Use your Wi Fi use regular web browsers. This is the one that’s going to work for you. One major draw about this device is its battery life because it doesn’t have that extreme drain of battery power. Coming from the screen, we do see an incredible long amount of time that we are able to use this device. It says 4 days 10 hour in 13 minutes on a 13 charge of power, and why this is important is because we have Wi Fi on. We have the glow light on, and this is the estimated power that you have remaining. You also have a few more things: power savings, mode, super power, saving modes that bring you up to 7 days. Yes, we all know that using the phone is going to alter this number it’s like an MPG rating for a car.

We understand that, but what we’re saying is this is going to last you. Instead of having to charge it every day like a regular smartphone before you go to bed, you put it on the charger. This thing it realistically will last three full days before you’re gon na have to charge it. One downside when you’re using the camera is that the colors are fairly muted. They do come through a little bit and the screen is in a constant smooth mode, and this is to keep up with the camera refresh. They couldn’t put it in clear mode for you, there’s just no way. Snapping photos is very quick and you can go over to video as well and take video. However, the screen is fairly reflective, both the actual screen and the screen protector they pre install on there is quite reflective, so it is kind of hard to see what you’re pointing at even at full front light the Hisense a 5c is literally the only choice of Color smartphone there is worldwide there’s other smartphones out layer like the King, Gro, the yotaphone other Hisense devices, but there is no other color device enabled that is ready for purchase today. This is the only device and truthfully this is the only color device worth buying. Currently, as of May 2020, when it comes down to it, this device is a smart phone through and through. It has all the capabilities and internals of a regular flagship smartphone.

The only thing that is really different is that it’s only wafer to show you things is through its color e ink panel that’s, why you might be comparing it in your mind to an LCD LED panel, but the reality is is that this is going to last. You longer be better on your eyes and still give you a great experience. You can buy this on our store at good e reader comm and if you guys have any other questions, comments or concerns, let us know and for a review of the Hisense a 5c.