Life memories in stew were the content on the home ice teddy ax handheld, three axis gimbal, the retail packaging looks stunning. It is vivid and well packed with many of the key functions detailed on the box. This product was unveiled at the CES 2020 exhibition in Vegas. It is surely interesting new release inside the packaging. Everything is packed very nicely all in individual compartments. First let’s check out firsthand how the gimbal feels it is very solid. Belt material is of amazing quality. Next up, we have a tripod stand which can be attached to the gimbal, and the other contents inside include one pouch, one charging cable, a carry on string and a manual first let’s screw in the tripod base to get the tripod stand stabilized on the table. Next, on your smartphone download the home hem pro app from the QR code link once downloaded run. The apk file to get it installed onto your phone installation is rather simple and not too complex, create a new account and register your device on the app attach the phone onto the gimbal and launch the home Pro app to connect to the gimbal via bluetooth. Ensure your Bluetooth is turned on for the setup. Click connect on the scan device that the app shows thereafter, your device is connected and you can get started. Let’S introduce you to the gimbal control keys to zoom in and out toggle. The switch at the left hand side of the device push up to zoom in and push down to, zoom back out change between recording angles.

At a press of a button. The eye steady X will change the orientation really cool toggle, the joystick to pan around the field of view 360 degrees, rotatable wide coverage, creet movie studio, like footage with emotion, studio. It has a few amazing effects that you can explore around our two favorite effects. Our inception in panoramic motion, there are also many other useful effects like time lapse and Ollie zoom, which can create amazing, high quality, professional captivating content. Now we will try out the inception feature on the gimbal. It will automatically enact out the motion with a press of a button and you get high quality shots. As you see from the bottom left hand, corner inception effect gives you more engaging shots that carry contrast and suspense to a segment of the film super easy to create with the gimbal equipment. Next is the panorama effect, which is also our second favorite feature. It automatically records the surrounding view in a stable, panning motion. As you see, the gimbal will record a steady movement of film from left to right smoothly without any disruption. Panoramic effect, like the sample film below, gives you absolute coverage of the scene and emphasizes the viewing aspect of the location. Aside from the two special motion effects, you can use the motion effects to create amazing time lapse effects. I will be focusing a short time lapse of the vehicle traffic at the road junction set your time lapse, motion, angle and duration and click record.

The final time lapse looks amazing, with the motion angle, making the time lapse, more engaging and interactive super cool. You can use the gimbal to film normal films like house tours scenic tours or even vlogs. The camera I am using is without gyro stabilization. Thus, it is important to use the home gimbal to stabilize the footage. Let’S see how it turns out. The image is stable and quality is excellent. Thanks to the gimbal videos are recorded professionally in the settings mode of the gimbal. You can customize the settings like video resolution, filming motion, sequence, etc. All to your ideal settings Music. Besides the motion effects, you can capture stunning images and videos with a special effects. Selection menu choose from many different effects to suit your filming technique. The app is comprehensive and covers most aspects of our demands. Overall, the hoja, my steady axe, handheld gimbal, is an amazing new tech innovation by ho cam. It is superior and affordable use it for your daily vlogs recordings and create professional recordings. In no time with the latest, I steady, 3.0 algorithm. You get perfect, stable shots.