You see the infinite 7 proves to have more distinctive features than its immediate aunt incident, and the one before that in this video I’ll be showing the new features that make it stand out from the Infinix Note devices before it and even other well known devices. So without further delay, let’s scan the content of the box. If you are very conversant with Infinix new foods, you’d be able to tell that one very prominent feature. Wasn’T added to this device and that’s the stylus stand, but best believe that it’s packed with other sophisticated features, like would have probably noticed in some of the SCSI videos. Now that we’ve, given the Box, the once over let’s delve in the phones, outlook and key specifications, the phone with me comes in the forest, green color and it looks really fashionable. But if you’d be interested in other colors, it also comes in either black and Bolivia. Blue behind it is the new sophisticated range ships camera, unlike the ones and its predecessors, which earns in double points on my checklist on the screen side, it has an in display selfie camera, which eliminates the knotch display in a bid to achieve a higher Suites body Ratio of 91.5 in phoenix has also raised the bar higher by being the samsung galaxy s, fancy ultra screen by a 12 inch, making it six point. Nine five inches as opposed to the previous benchmark of six point. Nine inches so welcome the biggest smartphone screen in 2020.

Right now, I’ll be damned if I don’t give that double points and, of course, the other important things that is power, button volume, buttons, speaker, headphone, jack and, of course, chat, important and now let’s fire up the device asides from pin and Pat’s. Indeed, so seven comes with a side mounted fingerprint sensor, which is surprisingly faster than the conventional one. It also comes with facial unlock for an optimum level of security Music. The smartphone runs on Android Vita no present system and is powered by of octa core processor. It has six gigabytes RAM and 128 gigabyte internal storage, which is very adequate. Interestingly, it uses a media tech g17 in your chip, which happens to be the latest in the media tech G family. This only goes on to show that it comes with a ton of new upgrades, including unspoken speed and a high game engine, so your gaming experience is guaranteed to be intense. The battery is a power packed 5000 mAh battery with fast charging capacity. Also, you can enjoy the best of your device by now I’m sure you agree with me that Infinix outdid themselves, but guess what they didn’t stop there. The camera is a quad camera of 48 empty and a selfie camera of 16 MP. Now the really fascinating thing about this is the camera’s ability to help creates steady videos taken away all the blurry and shaky effects, usually permanence, in videos taken by amateurs. But even better is how the note several record stunning videos at night through its 1080p low lights, video camera, which records apps 30 frames per second and captures all the tools.

This happens to be my favorite feature on the mid 7 and I’m, so sure it’s over yours, too. Here are some of the videos I made with the note 7 and I am a living testimony that gives you the best experience. So this is what the camera looks like outdoor. I really like the way it looks it has. This really subtle feel has this soft feel and I’m all for it, and you can even use your side mounted fingerprint sensor to double as a shutter click and I’m loving it I mean it looks so beautiful. I played a couple of games and watch a couple of videos on the device and trust me. The experience was amazing. This sound was also cuz. It also comes with double speakers, so you can just imagine what the sound is like, but I loved every bit of it now. How many smartphones will I literally walk on to get to the infinite 79 baby, and I will have no regrets and that’s to tell you that I’m, giving it favorites of 9 on the skin of 10? Thank you very much for watching this video.