Not a new millennium, hotter Newman about the real music Sacco owe me anything about Aragon, finito, atsui thing about acting real me. Six, and also a lot of you guys meant an owner and kuma con una Bala real me. Six. The Philippine market so laden onions, a circle tonight in today’s, a mixture at opposing young, adding video. So without any further talking, let’s start our full review, for there will be six let’s start and begin with the belt and designed by reciting real me. Six. A few una cotton Owen at inferred the full review, a gallon Carano son, official glass bo bandy code, and I think real me six. So right now guys, as you can see, you heard up nothing guys. It’S go as a glass with Corning Gorilla, Glass, 3 protection, while unicode acting free, nothing is go wash a plastic but in in Amman Charlotte. Ah, because we have a glossy finish that in the code now real nice, six and so far guys when it comes to the design, often often aman’thul are going decide. Then I think really. Nice it’s very similar show with their real me XD and, as you can see guys for the display, we have a punch, hole, camera design for the real me six, with a 6.5 inch IPS LCD display with 1080p resolution 405 PPI density 418, its brightness and what’s. A good thing about the real mistakes and the real me six pro both phone has a 90 Hertz refresh rate and also I’m Pina Hanukkah.

So, according Telegraph for this phone, this one has an aspect ratio of 20 by 9, so my cinematic most immersive telegram pocket letter on them no gains, but are not the movies YouTube and Netflix acting real nice 6 ton, only dollar Nazir. How good is the camera compared to 6 bro and before coastal opinion, guys, as you can see, we have a punch, hole, camera design for they’re only 6 with a 16 megapixel with f2 point aperture wide camera for the ringerman guys. We have a quadruple camera setup for the real me six with a 64 megapixel with F 1.8 aperture wide camera, an 8 megapixel with F 2.3 aperture, ultra wide camera, 2 megapixel with F 2.4 aperture for macro camera and additional or another 2 megapixel with F 2.4 Aperture for that sensor, so when it comes to the camera performance, I think what I want. I jump in a car I buy when it comes to the photo quality from 6 to 6, Pro very decent dynamic range detailed, but in my new photos and actually like the bokeh effect or Olympic Colinas, now, boki effects sad thing wrong: 6 and the real nice 6 bro Music Music, but I am saying you know: pendants are acting cute unboxing video for the real music song about me in it and I think really six well playing games. I’Ll be answering that questions later on and I’ll be giving you a good news and also a bad news for devil me 6.

So before that you really 619 Ronson roaming, UI based on Android 10 and power direction of pinochle bug on me that I kill! U? G9 TT with GPU of merry g7 and 6 MC 4 and again guys your variant I’m. A turnip or right now is the a kilobyte of RAM and 128 gigabyte of internal storage and also in alabaster, I think’s a Philippine market. Hulme 4 gigabyte of RAM and 128 gigabytes of internal storage I’ll be showing you a bit of history and I used a real musician playing Honka impact, three mobile legends, asphalt, 9 and also call of duty and a pop Anita for insane. You guys new available settings for those games at conejito, original Metallica I’m at the antutu benchmark score, but a sad thing, only six, very capable at very powerful, no matter. Gon na add thing mediate: XG, 9 TP, but goodness diamond guys can say mad animal subside or mobilizing in a silicon and, I think really 600 in arena Mancha. But eventually, in the long run, if you’re the type of person and began on EE smoke, paletas smartphone then that’s, something that you have to consider before. Buying the real me 6 and for the bad news and one thing didn’t happen: cinco telega, while watching movies, Netflix YouTube and view acting real nice it’s very noticeable you in a silicon not acting smartphone, and this is again. This is something that he leaked own experience before someone smartphone Kaname Snapdragon, a chipset, so overall guys I’ll leave it to you.

If this is something that you want to buy or if this is something that you have to fast right now and just go with the real nice explode done, only mad mango gaming, otaku buying a unicorn and my belief. So me, aluminium, that’s, a gay means a Muslim ballistamon down on me. The tech case is a Snapdragon it’s, 100 percent. No guys there are some mediatek processor off in America. I think Nima bliss, Oh minute for gaming’s and Marilyn America among chipset or Snapdragon a chips as the most populous. Compare some media attacks, so not 100. True and Vincent has a perception and pergunta or who honey must have. It is a two day. The normally protection may alter graphics pool by ants and mobile legend. So right now Hindi available an ultra settings acting mobile edges for the real me six, maybe in the future updates Mercadante, no other settings for the mobile legends panel, nominee, hanamichi warrior and a former soap in 6 or 6 Pro Bernie. If you’re, the type of person and Dina Mangano in healing begins at he needn’t Babar’s upon an audio movies, a smartphone then go for the real news. 6. But if you’re the type of person imagine hearing triggermen ordinary to Netflix movies, a smartphone at man, he leaked McGinnes then go for. There will be six world phenomena money a tan. Do we spin adhesive a cocoon real musics? Are ready not like s for me guys again in the mention phonetic canina home, because he Ponte on Seligman gains are in didn’t, buy, but social media like Netflix, YouTube movies, Facebook and other social media apps then go further villainy 6.

But if you’re the type of person I’m a healing, Telugu Malayalam on all the movies support, then go for the redmi note, i guess or maybe go for the real news. Explode done only 33 streams, sir overall, for based on practicality, regardless of the term al infamous rated 6 or 6 pro so for me, go for the 6 process in leading America gon na allow any difference when it comes to the price panel nominee John Carter Ottawa. At the Avon xng xng James, the NASSCO financial, Oliver subpoenas Thailand launch Negril me successor filipinas, so right now in the launch, unrealistic series on May 27th so make sure to follow the application and the only Philippines to get an update. Regarding sir launched no real music series, I don’t know money David, sir, based on your experience, an eponymous to let will hand redmi, note, 9s or del me 6. Well, based on my experience. I’Ll, go for the redmi note on s because of the heating issues, and my experience goes re only 6, so that’s it for my full review guys. So I know something else. I think real music. So please leave a comment down below and let me know your thoughts about this phone hakuna, Gaston your home for review Cofer. The real me sakes. Please don’t forget to like this video guys sure to your Facebook account and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and talked about icon, but I’m a notify custom, our feature unboxing video core.

So once again, this is wax from wax.