This is the tcl10l smartphone it’s, a google android smartphone packed full of very impressive specs for a very reasonable price. Now it comes in this really nice box and i’m going to run through the specifications with you and also let you know my honest opinion now: full disclosure. As always, this smartphone was sent into me free of charge by tcl for this video they haven’t asked to pre, approve anything or for me to say anything in particular, so let’s get on with things and take a look at the specs, so the tcl10l sports, a 6.53 inch screen this is an ips lcd, capacitive touchscreen, supporting up to 16 million colors with a resolution of 1080 by 2340 it’s, a really nice screen with good viewing angles, and the colors are really nice and punchy. So i don’t think you’ll be disappointed here. The only break in the screen is, in the top left hand, corner and that’s for that front. Facing camera and the selfie camera boasts an impressive 16 megapixels and an f 2.2 aperture it’s, a 28 millimeter wide angle view. So you’ll get plenty in your shot and the photos produced here. Look really good. It also captures up to 1080p 30 frames per second video. If we look around the back wow things seem to get very impressive here and staying with the cameras. We’Ve got a quad camera array, 2 megapixel depth, sensor 2, megapixel macro sensor and an 8 megapixel ultra wide with the main camera, giving you a 26 millimeter angle of view and 48 megapixels wow.

The detail captured here is very impressive indeed, and the same goes for video captured up to 4k or uhd resolution 30 frames per second now inside we’ve got four thousand milliamp hour battery that’s, going to keep you running all day, possibly a day and a half we’ve. Also got a snapdragon, 665 processor and six gigabytes of ram and, alongside those six gigabytes of ram, we have either 64 gigabytes or 128 gigabytes of storage. You can also expand that with the micro sd card memory slot the tcl 10 l also has some really nice performance and i wasn’t expecting too much from the processor but it’s nice and snappy. You don’t really see any frame, drops and transitioning between screens loading, apps, multitasking, etc. Is a nice experience also something that’s really nice is if we tap on this icon here. It has got all of the google apps in here, including the play store, so you’ve got no issue with installing, whatever you want on here, so overall, a really good experience, the build quality is great. It feels really nice in the hand it supports fingerprint unlock or a pin code and indeed face unlock as well, and the fingerprint sensor super quick and it’s located in the right position on the back so that’s it for my review of the tcl10l i’m very impressed. It’S, a really good value phone at this price point you’re, getting a lot of great specifications, a really nice screen, good battery performance, good overall performance, indeed, and great photos and video.

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