Now this smartphone is worth less than hundred pounds. Uk currency so it’s quite affordable, it’s, a rogue smartphone. So perfect, for those who want to phone that when you drop it, you wouldn’t break when it goes below a certain level of water it’s waterproof. So you can stay there for around 30 minutes. I mean this can go around just a bellow above 1.5 meters of water, and you can stay. You can stay there for around for 30 minutes without getting damaged, he’s, also dust proof and shockproof, and very chunky phone, though to be honest, but for the price think he does have a lot of features built in and mostly one or two negative sides, but comes With a lot of accessories as well, now I love for smartphones. I reviewed never comes with a screen protector. He doesn’t really need a case to be honest because it’s designed in a way where the water wouldn’t break, even if the phone’s okay because of their the waist bill. But this one comes in a screen protector, basic normal one, no it’s more tempered screen protector. You get spare one as well. He also comes with a user manual here. He also comes with a tip in charger now honestly feel from UK. You might need to get an adapter and charge it. Oh, but the cable here so just put in another adapter I’m. Discharging it doesn’t really really bother anyone. He also comes with these, so these are to open up their SIM tray.

Now these are very difficult to open this in place, because these are designed to be waterproof. This paired with your nails, you won’t, be able to open it and loves, robbed smartphone don’t come with this extra tools to open, but this one came in it. So very simple: do this and it comes off and then the same very one you just push it open, let them it’s too difficult to even get it up all right. I got ya now. This takes basically a nano sim and you can take a novel anything as well, so he said bull, sim, smartphone or you can put a nano SIM and a micro SD memory card. So the micro SD memory card will take up to 128 gigs. So we can increase the memory there, but it has built in I’m, 16 gig this smartphone and turkey gram. So at least you can increase the memory on this smartphone. Ok, so I’m, putting it back in now double features it has. It has the customer customizable I’m, born on the left side at the bottom. If you open this up that’s, where the micro USB charging port is at the top, if you open this up, you got a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, so he can listen to music with quiet earphones. Also, you know these days ever. Has Bluetooth earphones. You need a Bluetooth earphones on this side, equal the volume buttons and power button there at the front and got one camera and at the back ego one camera as well: okay, we’ve dole LED lights, and he has a fingerprint unlock button here.

Speakers at the bottom here and you can see that the design of this it’s pretty good it looks very solid smartphone. They won’t break there, but they’re a smart phone within this price range. There have been material so then some of them are made of aluminium alloy material. That feels a lot better, but this is pure plastic. The back page is made of hard rubber again most of is plastic as well, that’s in between and stuff, but it’s hard case at the back plastic around it. Now, when you stir up, it goes straight to the Android startup, so I’ve already went through there. So I want to show you now you go, take it it’s, not enough to be honest, if you download one or two apps, it will start slowing down automatically now this is for those who just want to download one app, for example, whatsapp or Gmail, or something Like that that’s it any should be fine, one or two app. So three apps that’s, fine, but taking grandma, be enough to you, know, store up too many apps and be operate at the same time, because it will slow down very easily now it’s movie. At the moment, because nothing’s downloaded is literally I’ve just gone to the main menu now now, let me start off with the outdoor tool, because rock smartphone, all of them cause it’s more for builder builders and stuff. You have these special tools that our smartphones wouldn’t have very well come first gradient, the flashlight.

You go hanging paint painting, so you got that option there and you got they height meter. I go magnifier. I go alarm bell with a plumb bob and Sam meet as well. So all those options there and go sound recorder there. You got children space here. So if you have children you can automatically put on children mode and you can put in way way. You know you control a parent, a lot, basically no camera. I go only one camera at the rear side and one camera at the front like a basic smartphones. They used to come out in 2018 roughly at about 19. This is all dual camera or triple cameras. Now, for one camera, I’ve done it I’ve took few pictures picture in normal mode and ultra HD mode. You go Ultra HD, built into this when it takes fold and HDR recording as well, but bear in mind it didn’t really put much of a in cameras. Okay, otherwise daughter really had to for triple cameras there or dual cameras. They would bear megapixels, etc. But let me show you: he has few other modes at night mode or trade, you a few good modes. The flash mode is here: okay and Music. He has a full mode, so I’ve taken a recording. So let me show you this: recording video was not the best to be honest, sound quality was it doesn’t only this is very squeaky. He doesn’t really have much in the sound quality as well Sophie.

Listen! If you want to listen to music for the speaker, it doesn’t really have that quality speaker be winner. So bear that in mind as well pictures I’ve taken. Let me show you so that’s the few pictures as a teacher I’ve taken that’s another one, the same picture. So one was the old four HD one woman. They looked the same to be honest, don’t really see any difference, but didn’t really there’s, no cameras, not really the main focus regarding this smartphone now in occultist, sayings, it’s also 4G, so that’s a good thing about this. Smartphone it’s, not free G, and it has a built in ip68, ip69k it’s, also on Android 10. Okay, let me just show you so I’m growing temp, so you can see that’s, not Android 10, and let me go back to the things again and he also has custom keys and face unlock and fingerprint unlock as well. He also has a vol few features like glove mode and versatile outdoor talk. It’D have shown me. I also had a built in 4000 mAh battery capacity, this smartphone so nice, decent enough to give you a whole day usage. Like continuous usage, you had 5.0 screen and IPS screen yeah the dual LED with a rear camera frame, a pixel front. Camera is a 5 megapixel Bluetooth 5.0 and supports a notification Laswell. So he also had two notification light. Now he has SIM card Wi, Fi Bluetooth. Those options there, one love a good thing about this.

My phone, which is really good, is that it has NFC. So we can actually use your Google page and paste things through this smartphone that’s a good feature regarding your smartphone below hundred pounds. I love smart phones, don’t have that below underpants, so that’s, a good thing. He also has face on look. He also has fingerprint and look as well. Navigation bar custom keys sound. So if you go to Sam, you get, you can control those customize them go system. Language is all Android: smartphone will have basic cover all languages as intelligent that assistance as well. So we can flip to silent small answer ant if take touch mode. Free, free finger, screenshot free finger, scared to start split screen. So quite a few good features jump to camera glove pan. So you can use your glove to actually or operate this smartphone as well and your location. It goes security. The security is here, so you can update you, can post the basics locks if you want the pain pattern. Swipe look. Go smart touch here as well, where you gon na gesture motive or the menu mode. Single click, double clicking long press. You can customize those as well to be honest for a smartphone below hundred pan. That has all these features is pretty, but he also had digital well being apparently controls there’s, where the ball and Duras bead. So, overall, my opinion for smartphone less than hundred pounds with all these features, it’s pretty impressive.

The only does that is that this speakers, not as good battery life, will give you just about our days usage, but when you, the Holy, has a USB to micro. Usb charging port doesn’t have a USB type c charge. It takes quite a long to exceed actually charge up again faster downside. They could have added their first honey would have made it a lot better and Bill quality wise, perfect. The bonds work perfectly all the bonds work perfectly and very stable as well. Now this novel has built excellent, build quality comes with all the accessories that’s needed. In my opinion, I do recommend it for the pricing and it’s worth it. So thank you for watching my video.