This is the newest from Samsung it’s called the a51. Now the a series is basically their budget phones, but the thing is it doesn’t feel like a budget phone. The days are gone now when a less expensive phone feels like a cheap phone. This has the six and a half inch screen, looks great big battery easily gets you a day on a charge, if not more it’s got four cameras on the back. The main camera on this thing is 48 megapixels. I really like this phone, especially for the price. Now, pop up my computer here guys, I want to show you: this is the phone itself and again I talked about those four cameras on the back. You can see the four cameras in the back. These are some of the pictures I took, so this is the normal camera that 48 megapixel camera. This is the ultra wide camera that takes these really cool ultra wide pictures. It even has a special camera designed just for those close up macro photos. It’S, pretty cool lots of detail. You could take some cool pictures of that and the best part is for hundred dollars. You can buy it straight up from Samsung no contracts. You can also get it on Sprint, Verizon and ATampT. Right now you got ta, wonder what’s. The catch, if that’s half the price of a leading phone right, what are you giving up? Yeah it’s, not necessarily a catch, but there are things that you have to give up, so it doesn’t have wireless charging, a feature that I really like on other higher end.

Phones that you’re gon na see on the new iPhones, the processor is definitely less powerful than those top of the line. Phones, power users will feel it may be dragging from time to time, especially if you’re playing games. I think most people, probably wouldn’t notice, the the less power in this phone, but overall it’s a little plasticky on the back compared to some of the higher end phones. But overall I mean for the price difference. I think it’s a great option worth checking out and right now they got a deal going on because they just launched this thing. So you get a free set of those wireless earbuds or about 100 for free. When you buy this, if you get that, I mean, I think that’s an awesome contract either no contract so check it out. I’Ve got links posted over at Click on the technologies have.