0, which is great it’s. A really nice shaped phone. As you can see, the screen is an extensive one, just under 6 inches the screen. Five point: nine three to be precise, really easy to start been using the phone now for a good couple of days, after put them a SIM card into it and it’s it’s a nice experience easy to set up. Let me just log it on so I can so you can see it’s pin. So, as you can see there, it is there’s the front of the screen there. As I said, it’s a standard androids out there, which is really really nice. Two screens touch screens really really responsive and good. As I said, it’s a nice size there’s in my hand there, which is nice it’s, got a nice weight to it as well, which is nice also, as I said once, you’ve set it up with your Gmail account, which is standard fare on these Android phones. These days, you can see that that there’s it’s pretty much all the same features as a standard Android phone. Let me just swipe up to the main screen there, as you can see, and swipe back down and bring it back down to the home screen very nice and easy to swipe up to get to all your settings as well camera on the back. As you can see, 16 megapixel camera on the back, which is a really nice and sharp camera, which is great fingerprint recognition on the back there.

You can also set this up the face idea as well. It’S got a front camera 8 megapixels on the front for taking yourself easy, etc, which is really good and, as I said, it’s it’s generally a really good phone. I mean them for that, for that, for the money are paid for it, I’m really happy to take this one into the new year with with a new Android phone. As I said, really happy with the with the whole package of this also comes with its own case. So when you open up the box, the case is already around as well. You’Ve got a little QuickStart guide there, which is really useful to get you up and running, but if he used to Android phones, this won’t take you long to set up at all it’s really good. As I said, standard I’ve really got to the point where I’ve really personalized this at the moment, but I will be in the coming weeks. So yeah really happy with the with the entire package of this of this phone also comes with a screen protector already on it as well, which I was really pleased about, so all in all with a really nice, a really nice phone, it’s good speeds. As I said, it’s got four gig of ram in it, which really happy about as well makes it makes it nice to to turn over and running more than one app at a time, obviously, which which you always do when you’re day to day.