Neither you guys, you guys don’t care what we have to say about a standard LCD LED smart phone that has applications and video capabilities and all that we care about the back of this phone. The back of this phone is running e ink, and that is what we are here to show you today. So this is the panel system. They have. They do this on a lot of their devices and we don’t quite like it. I don’t like this. Personally, not a lot of people in the offices do either because it’s, yes, it’s kind of catered towards your own liking and you can go and delete panels like so. You can delete a panel say. Yes, I want to delete it and then you can go back here and choose a new panel and you choose how you want it to be so you can do clock news, music, etc. So if I choose music it’s gon na look like that, I can go ahead and choose my music say, add a widget and there’s my music panel. So I now have that as one of my panels in my panel system, there’s also some stuff, like recommended books – that of course leeches off of the Chinese bookstore. But we like to go and choose this option right here which is switched to Android. And what this is is an actual screen mirror of the front of your phone. You can see here if you flip it over it’s the exact same thing as you had on the other side, so that’s.

What we like to see is we like to see the actual eating screen mirroring Android now you’ll see it doesn’t go back to that each time, and you can change that in e ink settings. This is where we’re gon na spend a lot of time. Here you do have lock screen long press to unlock. You have e ink lock screen time display time a ink display style. You can actually swap the entire thing between white style and black style. So at night modes, the entire device which is kind of cool, but the refreshes don’t really like that. This is probably the most important go to thing, smooth mode and clear mode. So why Gold Heat here is because this allows you to personally cater how fast you want your app to run. For example, if we go back to the device here and we go to the bottom right corner, we have smooth mode, we can click that and what smooth Mo’s does is. It actually lowers the quality of the overall phone, but instead gives you a much better experience when it comes to turning pages and whatnot. Smooth mode will show a lot of staining as you’ll see right here. There’S gon na be a lot of ghosting, but everything’s, nice and snappy now and why they do this is because, while the ink is inherently very slow when we go to clear modal that staining goes away, everything looks really really nice, but the phone is much slower.

Much more sluggish – and you see you get those harsh refresh delays every single time you do anything to it. So what this allows you to do is actually choose, for example, the App Store, Baidu and browser. I want to be very fast, so I’ve set those two smooth mode, clear mode will be stuff like data, a map, cam card, etc, and you can switch these as you wish. Just like that and different things will be in each respective mode or you can choose them all clear or all smooth to just blanket everything and make your phone either really look really good or really fast. You have a Inc launcher. This is what we’re gon na do here: we’re gon na select conventional desktop so that every time you turn your eing phone off and then you turn it back on. It will go to the Android desktop and not those silly panels. Every time and again this is a screen mirror of the front of the phone you’ll see you flip it over and it’s the exact same thing, and you flip it over again and away you go so you can just endlessly keep flipping it over. So if your battery’s starting to die 18, maybe you don’t want to keep it on this full mode, because the thing about LCD LED if you’re just joining us is this screen is refreshing anywhere from 24 to 60 times a second you just don’t notice it, but That’S, how it stays fluid like that it’s, because it’s constantly refreshing it’s constantly on an e ink screen.

However, doesn’t do anything you can see nothing’s happening, there’s, no refreshing there’s, no flickering there’s, no, nothing! It only actually consumes any battery when you do something to it. Phones in this regard are a little bit different because right now we do have Wi Fi data communications, the glow light on all those things are going to kill the battery, but in terms of the inherent screen itself, the screen itself doesn’t really draw any battery. You can leave it on this screen for a month and nothing will happen. Obviously the antennas and everything inside for the Wi Fi are going to leech off of that, but that’s the whole difference between the front and the back panel. You see the video is actually playing fairly smoothly. However, if you were to change this to the slower mode and you go to clear mode and then we try to play that same video, you see that the reason it’s doing that is because it’s trying to produce a super high quality, HD image every single time And it’s just simply not possible with the current e ink technology, although you can play videos on the smooth mode. Reading, of course, is very nice as well, because it is very quick. You do have the ability to switch between modes and you do have the glow light as well. You will have to manage the glow light from the bottom of the device, not the screen mirrored top of the device that actually only does the other side of the screen it doesn’t.

Do the e ink portion that’ll do this side. You can see here that’s how you change that, whereas on the e ink side you will have to use the bottom scroller bar here, but that’s totally fine, it doesn’t really make that big of an issue you see. Inertia exists. All the same. You do get all that staining in the background, but again switch to clear mode. Everything becomes super, then your device slows down. Unfortunately, when it comes to the glow light, you only have the one color of LEDs, the white blue ones. You don’t have any warm lighting on this device, although you do have automatic mode off or manual. So in that regard it is good. It looks fine there’s, no bleeding around the sides it because it is a flush screen of bezel. On the back. You can’t even see the splashes of where the LEDs are coming out from so it’s, not too bad, but we would have liked to see some warm lighting on here, but again the e ink side of it wasn’t exactly their priority. So I can understand why they didn’t shove, the extra cellular LEDs in there. The camera is also quite fluid, as you can see as well. Now you can’t change it to any other mode. I might add you can’t go back to clear mode, because then the camera just simply would not work. There’D be no way for them. To give you a smooth experience and have the full quality of every single thing you see in the frame there’d be no way.

So, for now the camera does work, but only on smooth mode. But you know what it’s not that bad pictures – snap right away – they’re instantly viewable over here and yes in the real world. If you go and transfer this to your computer or even email it to someone, this will be in color, with a six inch. Amoled screen six gigs of ram 64 gig or 128 gig memory, expandable up to 256, with an octa core processor and at least for us a 5.6 inch e ink screen makes this thing an incredibly good bargain for only 400. It has pretty much everything you’re going to need it’s made by Hisense they’re a reputable brand. The thing is going to do whatever you want it to do, but for the meantime, we just wanted to show you the e ink panel of it also for a review of the a6 by Hisense. This is Peter.