Today, Music it’s called the i steady x and it’s pretty much the lightest and smallest gimbal that you can buy right now on the market. So let’s go straight on the package and to get an unboxing done, so in the greatly designed box you will get the ice teddy axe gimbal. Then you will get a small mini tripod. After that, you get a pouch, so you can safely store your gimbal while carrying and not filming, and then you get also a wear, strap and a usbc cable for charging the gimbal. The gimbal has some effective but simple motor locks. And yes, you can lock all the three motors like pen, roll and tilt, and when you lock all the three motors, you will have a steady firm ride and it will not wobble around in your pocket. This is kind of a really pocketable lightweight design, because it has only 259 grams, so you will not have the pen and the feel that you have something in the pocket going in the way, and actually you will be having a really scaled down. Gimbal always ready to go let’s have a look onto the buttons and layout, so, firstly, let’s roll in the small tripod in front we’ll find two buttons one for the power one for the flip option and some other settings. The other button is for the start, recording or take a photo there’s, also the always useful joystick to control your gimbal movement and on the side, you’ll find the zoom in and out option.

The best feature of this gimbal is the one button press vertical switch mode option. This means that you can switch from horizontal to vertical mode in one and a half second and continue to shoot without the need to rebalance the gimbal switch it off or do any other thing, and actually this is a feature that i’m not seeing even in the New era gimbal that are coming out so pretty amazing. Another great feature is the displacement of the roll motor on this gimbal, and actually it will be not visible in any of your shots, because it’s designed to be as low profile as possible. Moving out from your camera view from your smartphone, and there is also a clear, visible mark: where should your phone camera direction be, so you don’t get the motor in your shots. The gimbal came scene with a hoheheme pro app that connects automatically once you power up the gimbal and your smartphone has the bluetooth turned on, and the smart built in features are pretty big, timeless mode photo mode. Video mode and some really great smart features, panoramic mode automatic, dolly zoom mode, inception mode, fantastic rotation and smart motion time lapse. You will be more than good with your ideas. Another great feature is the face track. That means that when turn on it will track you or your complete body automatically without any need of selecting a target to shoot great. If you are alone – and you want an auto track feature, while recording a solo thing, don’t have it just turn on when you have multiple faces, it will track randomly in the settings menu system.

You will be also able to fine tune. Your gimbal and the smoothness of it let’s go straight for some test: shots: Music, Music, Music for 79. You can get a pretty decent small pocketable size gimbal. In the description. You can also find a discount code for the first 50 buyers and if you have any question, feel free to comment down below, i will be happy to reply you all until my next review that will be really soon thumbs up. If you liked it subscribe with the bearing icon, so you get notified every time.