As you can see, this gimbal is really tiny. It is just 18 centimetres tall when collapsed, and it only weighs 249 grams. Smartphone filmmaking is, in my opinion, all about the convenience and portability. So I think that this is a major advantage. The build quality on the ice to the X is definitely on a budget site. It is mostly made of plastics and I can’t really say that it feels premium, but it is still fine. Besides the gimbal, you will also get a table: tripod storage, pouch, wrist, strap and USB C 2. Usb, a cable, smartphone installation is very easy. You just need to extend the arm, insert a smartphone and move it left or right until it is balanced. You don’t need to move the axis or anything like that with iPhone 11 Pro or similarly sized smartphone. The tilt axis is also balanced without adjustments, which is not the case with every smartphone gimbal. I have also tried it with samsung galaxy s: 20 altra and it handled it just fine, so there shouldn’t be any problems with any smartphone on the market, with the smartphone properly balanced, let’s take a look at the smoothness. As always, I recommend using smartphone gimbal in combination with stabilization in your smartphone. I can say that it performs really well overall. To be honest, the differences between smartphone gimbals are not that huge, and this one can get the job done. It smooths out the movement very well, and I haven’t noticed any inconsistent behavior in combination with that great stabilization in iphone 11 Pro, even though walking is quite smooth, the gimbal takes care of larger movements, it keeps the horizon leveled and the iPhone can take care of Smaller movements overall, I can say that I, like the footage that I’m getting out of this combination.

Despite the small size and low weight you won’t, lose any performance in comparison with larger and more expensive game balls. I study X, uses extendable offset ro exists, similar to AA small mobile 3. An advantage of this system is that you will never see the raw X’s motor while using ultra white camera on any smartphone. I really like these ultra white cameras on gimbal, so I really appreciate that. The second advantage is that you can switch to vertical mode simply by pressing a button. I study X makes it extremely easy and it is definitely a big strength of this Kim ball. A disadvantage is that with locked tilt axis, there is not much room and the X’s will collide pretty easily. That is, of course, a construction compromise. It probably won’t be an issue for majority of users, but keep it in mind. None of the x’s has unlimited motion range, but it is completely acceptable on this type of game ball. Regarding the controls, there are just two buttons joystick and a zoom rocker along pressing. The right button turns the gimbal on and off single press switches between the vertical and horizontal mode and double press resets. The position of the gimbal. The left button takes a photo when you press it once and it starts video recording when you press it twice. The joystick obviously moves the geebo, so we can use it for panning or adjusting the camera position. There is also a zoom rocker that you can use for zooming or focusing.

There are three gimbal modes available on the ice DX. The first one is pan and tilt follow where the roll axis is locked and the gimbal follows pan and tilt axis. The second one is pan follow where the gimbal follows pan axis, while the tilt and roll axis are locked in lock mode, all of the axis are locked and the gimbal will keep the camera pointed in the same direction. Unfortunately, you have to use the app to switch the modes. There is no way to do that on the Kim ball. There is also preset inception mode where the camera moves around the roll axis. The app also contains some other presets, so we can check those out and maybe use some of those. The iOS app is actually pretty good. You can use it to switch the following modes set, the follow, speed, sensitivity of the joystick and so on. It also has face tracking feature which works pretty well, as I’ve already mentioned. There is a separate moment mode with preset movements which may be interesting to try. The app allows you to shoot 4k video, but I never use gimbal applications to shoot video. I shoot all of my smartphone videos using filmic Pro because it provides the best image quality. The battery life is rated for eight hours, but it also depends on the balance and the weight of your smartphone. I haven’t used this gimbal that long to be honest, but the battery life is great.

I only lost about 30 of the battery life after the whole testing, so it will easily last one or even two days of typical use so thumbs up for the battery life. Of course, it charges through SBC, but the battery is non removable. To sum up, how am i study ex is very good budget friendly kimball. It is very small, very light and it performs very well. It is easy to setup and it has easily accessible vertical mode. The build quality is definitely on the budget side, but it is still ok. The only thing that I really miss is the button for changing the mouse on the game ball. I would also appreciate some more motor parameter settings other than that it is a really good. Kimball and a good way to improve your smartphone filmmaking without spending a lot of money, so that’s it for this video. Thank you for watching. I hope that you liked this video and hf found it to be useful, stay tuned for more videos and maybe consider subscribing if you don’t want to miss my future content. I appreciate your feedback in form of or thumbs down.