Now, though, they’ve revised the design making a more portable solution for smartphones that is steady X and that portability comes thanks to a folding design. While this isn’t the first phone gimbal with a folding design, it’s very simple to unfold and get running untwist a thumb screw to unlock and extend the arm upwards before locking the thumb screw back down to secure the arm into place. Finally, twist the base to free the entire gimbal system, granted it’s, not as quick and easy as some other examples like the DJI Osmo Mobile for instance, and does have a few extra steps but it’s still a very simple process and just as easy to complete when Folding down into storage mode and notice how they expertly crafted notch in the smartphone grip fits nicely down into the main body of the gimbal clipping securely into place and creating an even more compact overall structure, which all works really well. Creating probably one of the most portable smartphone gimbals, currently available, nevertheless, upon initial inspection weighing in at just under 250 grams, the quality is actually really good. We have that typical 3 motor gimbal design at the top attached to a hand grip below nothing out of the ordinary there but I’m happy with the quality I’ve. Seen so far the hand grip itself is shorter than most others I’ve come across and although it lacks any economic design, it’s still very comfortable in the hand, and certainly adds to overall portability of the unit with a plastic overall finish: we have this metal strip up.

The center and alongside some branding, we find the main controls that are conveniently placed by the user’s thumb. These consist of the typical thumb: stick for making gimel adjustments along with power and shut buttons. Just above we have battery and Bluetooth status indicators, making everything nice and simple to see at a glance to one side we have a USB C charging port used alongside the included cable to charge the built in 2000 milliamp battery. We should easily see most people through an entire day’s typical usage. On the opposite side. We find a slider switch used for making zoom adjustments once the attached smartphone is connected to the gimbal via its bluetooth connectivity, which we’ll come back to shortly. Otherwise, at the bottom, we find a gap for attaching a wrist strap, which is also included within the package along, say they standard quarter, inch 20 tripod thread for attaching the provided short tripod stand a very useful addition, especially when using some of the unit’s built in Features such as face tracking or time lapse modes. Moving up, we have the three motor gimbal design compensating for movement across the three axis: nothing new here other than the design, which looks a little odd at first, but works really well. The spring loaded, tension, grip, clamp that holds your phone in place is also cleverly shaped and works very well, even the plus sized phones being catered for, and thanks for that strange, gimbal design means the handset can be used in both landscape and portrait orientations, while still Keeping the ports free and unobstructed for charging or for external accessories, such as a microphone for instance, that gimbal design also caters for the wider angle.

Lenses found on newest smartphones using the gimbal is just as easy. A three second press of the power button and it’s instantly ready for you stabilizing across all three axes, no problem there at all the motors feels silky smooth and are practically silent in operation from here we can use the thumb, stick to make finer camera angle, adjustments As well as tap the power button once to switch between landscape and portrait orientations with a double tap quickly, re centering the gimbal to get the best out of the gimbal, though you’ll want to install the accompanying app and with a quick and easy Bluetooth connection, which Literally, takes seconds we’re ready to shoot, along with lots of useful tutorials at your disposal. From here we can use a slider to control the camera zoom, as well as tap the shutter button on the gimbal once too take a still image or DoubleTap to start and stop video capture all without having to touch the smartphone screen itself. The app itself is also very easy to use allowing some basic gimbal adjustments with various settings, all very basic and easy to do as well as providing some more advanced level shooting facts to various built in modes such as inception and dolly zoom modes. For instance, all working perfectly well and yes, we even have a face tracking mode available too, which works wonderfully. Nevertheless, when it comes to performance as we would expect nowadays, everything worked flawlessly, it’s actually really impressive.

Like other handheld stabilizers, it can’t do much about the up and down motion as you walk or run, but it still manages to iron out a lot to give. You really smooth footage with those added shooting modes. You could really pull up some impressive shots throughout use. I experienced no performance issues at all. It all works, as expected. You’Ll want to take some time getting used to the different modes, so you can capture footage suited to your scenario but they’re, quick to learn making the system a joy to use as it stands. We have a really nice gimbal here with good performance, it’s comfortable with good battery life and the app connectivity functions without any issues at all. Although there are a couple of steps to unfold or store the device away and you can’t fold the device down with a smartphone still in place, either, which does somewhat hinder and otherwise great design.