I hope you all are doing absolutely fine. This is reddit and in this video I am going to do the review of Nokia, 808 PureView and this phone was launched in 2012. So after eight years, let’s take a look and in this log down, we can’t purchase any new product. So why not? We will revisit and do the review of such great products like this and in case, if you are new here, then I would like to tell you that in my recent video in my last video I did a review of Nokia and it. You can also check that, after watching this video, so without wasting any time, let’s get started Music. Well, first thing: first: if you talk about the build quality, then it feels like a tank in the hand. No doubt about that that the build quality is so solid and you can use it very roughly, no matter what and also it gives me the confidence that, even if I drop this phone on the floor 90 of the time, nothing will happen not like today’s phone, Where we always concerned about our glass sandwich design, so you will get a plus point from durability. Point of view as well, and one more thing I like about this phone. A lot is that it’s super compact: you can use this phone with one hand, and this phone comes with a 4 inch display. So definitely four inches is not ideal for today’s generation.

So I guess display size should be between five point: five to six inches, not like six point, five to seven inches, which we are getting right now in 2020, and even in 2019, every phone comes with more than almost every phones comes with more than six inches, Which is huge, like six point, five inch, anything more than six point. Five inch is huge. You have to use both hands all the time so that’s. Why? I like the compact phones and the best example right now is iPhone 11 Pro. Well, if we see a quick overview of this phone, then on the top right, you will get volume rocker, then, on the middle, you will get a locking and unlocking slider same as Nokia n8. By sliding you can lock your phone and also you can unlock your phone and if you slide and hold in this phone, then you can on your torch and also by sliding and holding you can off that torch like this and then on the bottom right. You will get a dedicated button for camera app, as you can see here. By clicking that button, you can directly access to the camera app and not only access. You can click photos by that button. Also, so the right side of this phone is same as Nokia. N8 and on the top, if you see you will get a headphone jack micro, USB, cable and also a HDMI port and on the left side of the phone, you will get nothing it’s clean and on the bottom you will get a microphone and talking about the Display quality it has 640 by 360 OLED display, which has great color accuracy, and definitely you will enjoy watching any content on this in terms of quality and outer visibility is also pretty good.

And if you talk about the performance and OS, then this was a last nuclear flagship which is running on Symbian OS. No Symbian OS is dead, we all know and for. If you want to know more about this well, then you can check out my Nokia and it review well guys, if I tell you which associate this phone has, then this phone doesn’t use any SOC instead of it has 1 point 3 gigahertz single core arm: 11 Cpu and Broadcom BCM 2763 GPU, and it has 1400 mah removable battery by the way this is not original battery. I change the battery of this phone, but it comes with 1400 mah removable battery originally well. I guess you guys are already familiar with this phone, so we should not talk about the general things too much, but whenever we are doing a revisiting video, we should talk about the unique features of that phone or we should talk about for what the phone was Famous for, and in this case in Nokia, 808 PureView, this phone was famous for its camera, so let’s take a look at their cameras, but hey wait. A second. As I said, we should talk about the features, unique features. Also then, there is one feature, one very cool feature which I liked a lot. So first let’s see that feature so guys I am going to play a music on this phone is coming from this phone. Only birthdays or option of play via radio.

As you can see, and then you can on that feature and when you enable that play by a radio feature, this one will work start working as a transmitter and then you can set your frequency whatever you want like at 8.10 is set before. But now I am going to set at 8.20 and now the frequency is set, and now this feature is on and now you can see that this phone works as a transmitter. And if in your phone, there is a app called FM radio, which we hardly get in today’s phone anyways, you have to open FM app and then you have to match the frequency. And the great thing about this feature is that you can lay this song from multiple devices. You just have to match this frequency and whatever song is available in your phone nokia. 808. You can listen that song from this phone, because this phone is now working as a transmitter. So this is a great feature which I like a lot: okay, guys now let’s talk about the camera, but first let’s see the camera interface, which is very interesting in itself, and it has various modes and it has pro mode as well. So many features are available. Like you can select modes from here like automatic close up as you can see, then you have portrait mode, you have a sports mode, you have night sort and so many features are available and then you will get xenon flash, which is very powerful in itself and Now guys let’s go in settings mode where you will get three automatic scene and creative mode and the creative mode is the most interesting, because you can customize everything by your own.

You can set sensor mode, you can set Rizal user and you can set aspect ratio and there are three custom settings, as you can see: C, 1 C, 2 and C 3. So you can set all those custom settings according to your own dish, and advantage of this is that whenever you go to a certain kind of situation to click photos, you don’t need to worry about all the settings I mean you have you don’t need to adjust All the settings at that situation, you simply switch to those modes like C, 1, C, 2 and C 3, because you already know your settings at particular custom modes. So you don’t need, like you. Don’T want to click 38 megapixel photos all the time. Maybe you sometimes you want to click 8 megapixels so like in my case, I select c1 for 38 megapixel and I select vivid mode for like you know, for sceneries kind of picture for daylight pictures and there is ND filter. You have to turn on the ND filter, then you can suit in daylight and also in vivid mode. I prefer this so it depends on you. So this is very handy, like creative mode is so good, and I will show you the prophet of ND filter in my photo sample. Okay, guys now, starting with close up shots, the photos are very detailed and crispy and the colors are so accurate background. Blur is also very nice and all those photos are sought on close up mode and not only close up mode.

Every photo are very detailed and very true to color I mean very natural. This is the most strong point of this phone and if you want some saturated over dramatic sorts and you can sort on vivid mode and some you can change some settings in fro mode, for example like this now guys, let’s see this photo. So this is overexposed, but at this kind of situation, nd filters comes very handy when you turn on the ND filter and click the same photo. You will get results like this and then in this type of photo. A xenon flash comes very handy when you turn on the non flash. You will get photos like this and if you talk about dynamic range, then it’s not very best, especially if we compare from today’s phone it’s, not so good, but still we can’t complain. Well, if you ask me about this camera, then I like this camera for a lot of reasons. First, it is a true 41 megapixel sensor. Then it is still the largest sensor size used in any camera smartphone and the sensor size in this one is f1 by 1.2, which is very good and yes, it’s, 41 megapixel. But the outcome is 38.4 megapixel and then the best part of this phone, the most strong part of this camera, is that it clicks very natural and very detailed photos, and i must say that it still puts some today’s camera smartphone. To the same, i mean it can defeat some today’s camera smartphone, so that is a very good point of this phone, and i, like the camera of this phone, a lot and also this phone is a legendary phone.

No doubt about that. So guys. That said, this is my review of Nokia 808 PureView. If you guys enjoyed this, video, definitely hit the like button and share with your friends and if anyone of you guys have ever used this phone Nokia, 808 PureView and definitely share your experience with me in comment box and also subscribe. My channel by hitting that Bell.