Today, I have been see wish because you guys tell them to get cheap, smart friend from wish and then take it apart. The no because you’re, weird but I’m doing that today so keep your hair’s on right. Today we have got the X 27 plus android 8.0 smartphone, with five point: eight inches of large memory for gigabyte by 64 gigabyte ultra thin face fingerprint unlock dual card phone sports t card smartphone. I know yours for 32 pounds, so, yes, that’s. Why i’m gon na test today and take apart for you as well what’s gon na review it and then destroy it, cuz that’s! What you want, apparently yeah right, it’s now time to put a with broken dreams and broke into to look at the phone and destroy it randomly right. Okay, here we go Schwing, gamma bob and welcome to type of broken dreams and broken, sat where you guessed it. The magic happen Music, yes, it’s, a bit of broken dreams and broken sat. We should know by now those explosions sure do happen, those pesky explosions. They never stay away right all the way from the land of which we have got. Our super duper x, 27 plus smartphone nearly forgot what it was called then right here is livid by the Royal Mail ain’t it two days to come. Hooray I’m lying to you guys, it’s from eBay, but the same item is on which so they’re from ebay, because you guys told me you wanted one.

So I went out and got you one and any time you want. You want me to destroy it. So I’m. Gon na destroy it ye great honour right, let’s, take a look inside the black plastic bag. There is, then, if you guys ever get excited you get a new phone. You like I can’t wait to get into it. This I’m pretty sure you can wait to get into it right here: isn’t it’s white, nondescript box, where they’ve saved my ID on a designer. They give you a quality info, look for 30 cge! So technically it is 36 G C in the UK, we’re only was getting fired. G, this phone it’s at 36 G that’s, the future right there living the year 40000 and 26 right. Also in this plastic bag. We have got two adapters. We’Ve got this one, which is a two pin. One and we’ve got a converter. We plug that in there and then we go hooray and then blow ourselves up great thanks right. Let’S, look inside the nondescript white box inside some more bubble wrap those Chinese. They love their bubble, wrap pops in and broke the box right under this video just destroyed. We have got our instructions, oh no, trying to pick them up. I couldn’t because there was a jelly case in the way. Thank you. I put it on in a minute right here, our instructions here they are lots of little words on a small bit of paper array.

We don’t need those we want to have smartphones work. We also have the world’s cheapest pair of headphones. They are two speakers attached by spaghetti or dental floss array. They last about two seconds and we’ve got a spur Gable. Yeah every good phone needs, an esper, cable right, let’s, take a look as a phone bill, we’re waiting for we don’t care about accessories or instructions. We want to look at the phone that’s, what you’re here for and then, presumably you want to see it get destroyed. That is coming up right here. It is yay, look how great it is pasted to my current phone. It is quite a lot bigger. This is an iPhone se from about two years ago: it’s still good, it still works. This is the next 27 from 3000 years into the future. Hooray right, as I see from the back, it has got three cameras. I will come on to this in a second because there was a problem with these free cameras, all say: look at the workmanship and look at that. You can get out of your modern smartphones. Nowadays, this is the future. I dig guys that has this bit, which must be a feature of some kind right there, sir peel off the back and what’s. Underneath the battery cover no now it’s gone we’ve got really big battery for your really big battery needs and it’s made in China. They really want you to know that’s why we’re in big letters made in China, so you know also it has two SIM card slots, because when one SIM card isn’t enough you need to if you’re, on the run from the authorities, you don’t spend money on a Burner phone, why not have a phone that can switch your number? The authorities won’t know where you are array, and this is your memory card slot for memory and underneath the battery cover underneath the battery.

Rather, we have got nothing we’re, very quick over you. This because got a lot of stuff to get free, because we’ve got a destroy as well. Yet don’t forget let’s, put that back on Dex, but my jelly case on array it’s like the mid 2000s, all over again yeah right, it’s fire up there we go as you can see, dit right as you can see, I haven’t talked properties today, as you can See it runs Androids, however, this isn’t, your normal Android. This is Android, 8.0 Oreo and it’s. An unofficial version of Android is a blatant copy. They’Re just poured onto this Applause because it’s a copy version of Android, half the things, won’t works and have problems with Play, Store and such and so forth, because I’m going to clamp down on that kind of thing right. It takes a little while to come on and then once it does, even more magic will happen right, as you can see, it has a fingerprint scanner. That’S helpful right, I’ve already put my fingerprint into this phone already in preparation, because I trap these items, so I know how they work. So we get to see things quicker, so let’s put my fingerprint on it. It works now let’s. Do it again, Music right, let’s unlock it with my knuckle it’s in the right place, there we go and unloads and my even a flute lit up with the whole entire palm of my hand. Well, it works in take one doesn’t work, but you can you can actually unlock it with anything there.

Yeah you see, phones, ultra secure. Anyone can unlock it great guys, it’s, really great right. We have got some stuff on here. Already I’ve got a Diagnostics finger majiggy, so we can see what’s really inside this. Apparently it comes with eight cause. It doesn’t. It comes as two causes: dual core: no cord what’s, a ox: oh cool, right, yeah, okay, hello, so I’ve got this app from the Play Store and it lets you see how your phone’s doing so. If we’re going to system on our, we can see how fast the CPU is running this 1000 300 megahertz, as you can see there, it has to cause not the eight they sold to us. So six of our calls are still in China. Android version this Android 4.4.2 there’s, not even a because I wouldn’t for the About section said ans is for I don’t really know Android very well, because I’ve got an iPhone. Don’T judge me, but when you go to about fighters, Android version eight, which is a Oreo from and here it’s 4.4.2, so that’s, even older or that’s the same version but written differently. Yeah it’s, uh, pants right, who else we got hardware. It lacks all hardware. I basically it’s a pile of pants. We need press stuff. Stuff happens three seconds later: sighs really gon na annoy you. While we have got Game one here with the play store near like I said earlier, because a copied version of Android half the things won’t be available soon, you’re going to play store, say when the game Call of Duty mobile door, the cool kids are playing.

Can you play on here? That is the question, and the answer to that is, I suppose, really frustrating. No, you can’t cuz it won’t even come up in the search results. It just comes up with either guides or other things you have roblox have fun with that. Knock yourself out, I doubt it’s gon na run it right. It’S got a camera. Of course. It’S got a camera. We must test that out. Where’S Henry set my profile. This phonebook, I said camera – gives me camera right. Here is the camera in it good I’ve taken some photos in some video already so I’m gon na show you a photo I’ve taken with the front, and the back camera here is Music was an exciting and I took a video on this phone. I took a video on this phone and here are the comparisons Music weren’t they exciting. Also what this phone also comes with is some random pictures of random stuff, not that one. This one, which is a picture of the sort of Chinese metro train station notice, has a picture of a Chinese sign. Look there, you go and it says the words LCD array. It comes with someone else’s pictures ray, so god damn slow and wait to take you apart in a minute right, one more quick test, we’re gon na do – and that is I have got a game on here. It is called wildcraft mister load up. Well, it is loading up I’m gon na talk to you about the screen.

It is a big screen, as you can see, it’s also a very crap screen any displays properly. If you look it dead on, if you in any direction, you lose the colors appear on it rubbish. So if I know what saying sideways, you can it’s all inverted with a normal phone screening by nowadays that doesn’t happen. Look, you can view from any angle with an iPhone your icons bounce in there cool with this phone. No and look it’s come out the game, so we cannot play wildlife simulator! Oh right enough about that, because we are now the bit you’ve all been waiting for. That’D be the most dear fast forward you to get to. We are gon na see always underneath the hood trying to get our gets all cleared up, get set up and we’re gon na. Take the damn thing apart array right now time for our autopsy of our phone. What is inside of the hood let’s have a look here. It is right, let’s, say it’s, jelly case off, if only thinking je use these special screwdrivers to get into that. No, you do you see the Philips cross head, screwdriver that’s, how good this phone mix, because I love this bonus. Bonus – is pure in its Haman in a face right, fill the back up and remove the battery. Well, yes, the bottom is very, very slippery X is made a glass right down the sides. Here I soon sin we have got a line of screws down.

Each sides will remove each one of these screws. It’S made safer well and use yourself Music right. All the screws have been removed, or most of them be explained turn out. Is it a beer there? Gentle persuasion door swings open the boys, the head of loss for a mobile phone right. We have got all the screws out and it’s done opening. I have no idea why we’re more lettuce in we’ll get in don’t worry I’ve got a snap, the crap out of it God. Where will you not open? Oh give the people what they want? Don’T never go there, snapping we’re getting there right, they are nearly in. It will give us its secrets right, as you can see as suspected, there is only one cat, huh it’s, these the free cameras you get on the back. Look. It is a blank. Come on guys take the stick: cameras on that aren’t, real there’s. Nobody much look as a circuit board. Really, then, what you guys want respecting to see there’s your camera and they’re getting any further that’s the speaker. This is literally the circuit board and then hey. Let there’s a circuit board. There are some wires and that is pretty much there’s. Another circuit board just have ruined it’s, pretty much the screen and that that is your phone that’s all screen so yeah there you go guys. That is your directs. 27. All inside their array, with the memory module, yeah memory module um there.

I have no idea whether yeah operating system goes, but you guys might know there’s your motherboard in this everything that’s this year, it’s just screen. Oh there you go guys. That is your phone enjoy. It you got what you came for hope. You got your money’s worth right. Ok back to the wall now and we’ll figure out what the hell we have just learned, right, let’s go and welcome back to the wall guys and what we learn is the phone of tomorrow worth buying today. Here it is the X 27 plus with its free cameras, although so clearly painted on as what we have learned so far today, with its fake Android operating system array, it’s, incredibly laggy interface, this phone will stress you out, you press something: thing happens three seconds later: You’Re gon na want to throw it at the wall, it’s, not a very good phone at all. I would avoid this one at all costs, although it does have two SIM card holders. That is any positive. I can find a way with you strange, weird phone of the future right hope. You’Ve enjoyed this video, guys I’ve, given you what you have asked for, give any more requests, I shall consider them and do them in about a year’s time right anyway. If you have liked we have seen today, please do like and subscribe not have a noise down below. If you love this video and you want to get straight into another video, I have two more selections right here.

You can choose from choose one of these and hopefully they’ll brighten up your day and I’ll. Stop singing right.