I think you shouldn’t touch this thing with a bargepole Music Applause. Music. The ex Gaudi a 90 is one of the more impressive smartphones that have come out of China of recent years. It boasts a six and a half inch screen a quad core processor and claimed to be running the powerful Android 9pi operating system. It also comes with a gel protector and some screen protectors as well, all wrapped up in quite a fancy looking hard box. So where do I that I stomped up the 65 pounds and and bought one which I thought was an amazing price I’m when it arrived? I switch it on and writing off. It was running Android, it was making phone calls and everything seemed good, but he did seem pretty darn slow for a phone running the most modern operating system. Then I started to get problems. I tried to link this to my GoPro 7 black camera and I couldn’t find the app on the App Store and I thought I was doing something wrong. Then I tried to download the DG. I fly up for a drone and again I could not find that in the App Store. So I sought some advice from my more techy kind of friends, and I told me that if I can’t see an app in the App Store it’s, probably because my phone isn’t compatible with those apps – which I thought was a bit strange considering this is a brand New phone claiming to be running the most up to date, operating system, so what I did was always advise to download an app called Android info.

If I took downloaded 2 or 3 apps that planned to do the same thing just so, I had kind of a double blind investigation as it were and when I did and I run a scan. This is what I came up with. So, as you can see here, this is the settings page for the the phone and, as you can see there, the operating system, it says nine point zero, which is the Android PI and the most up to date. When I run a scan on this phone using all three of the scanners, they all indicated that the phone was running android 5.1. A system that came out are believing 2015 in a very old system at that which would explain why the phone was running so slowly, but also why it wasn’t recognized in any of the modern apps that I needed to use to to run cameras and and drones On top of that, the scanner also highlighted that, unlike the advertised five megapixel cameras which let’s face, it is not an astonishingly good cameras. Nothing like an iPhone camera, but five megapixels would get you through. It turns out that there are actually two and a half megapixel camera, so even that’s not correct, so all in all the the specs that are advertised and I’ll put them up. Now these specs they’re just bogus absolute nonsense. So, oh well, I gave the benefit of the doubt and I assumed that maybe I just got a dove one, so I contacted the the seller on eBay, who turned out to actually be the manufacturers in China and their response was oh well, we’re.

Sorry you’re not very happy take a fifteen percent refund. They didn’t refute it. They didn’t disagree effectively admitted yet it’s a dodgy phone and offered only to give me 15 back well it’s, not really about the money. I went for the hassle of buying the phone, so I could use it and it’s a paperwhite, so in kind of in summary, the ex goodie I 90 phone is great if you just want to use it for a phone and browse the Internet. But if you want it to run or you needed to run a modern version of Android don’t touch it with a barge pole, it’s junk wrapped up as new stuff, so that’s it don’t buy this phone. Thank you well, thank you for tuning in and I hope you enjoyed the video sorry. It turned out to be a bit kinda ranty, but I felt like I wanted to get off my chest because I don’t like to see people getting ripped off anyway.