Today, we’re gon na be looking at a wide angle, smartphone lens, so I did buy a couple of things but out of those things, this was one that people were kind of curious about, and that was kind of curious about it too. So I said why not alright, so on the front of the box. Here we get a little picture showing before and after and wide angle. Smartphone lens clips on the phone, easy to use, works with most smartphones and it even has a little lens cover which is kind of cute. So on the back here it shows you can clip it on the front or the back camera. So you can clip to the front camera for a perfect self portrait clip lens on rear camera for easy panoramic shots not suitable for kit phones with built in wide angle, lenses, so yeah. And then we got all the nice information about the where it’s imported from and all that stuff alright – and I do have a couple phones here – to show – to try and use this with so first phone here is the pixel 2 XL, so that one does not Have a rear, wide angle lens have a Motorola g6. This one has two cameras, neither of which are wide angle, and then we have the iPhone 6, and this one does not obviously have a wide angle lens, but a single camera lens there. So let’s go ahead and open this up and see.

How is their packaging is terrible, cool, bad packaging all right, so we got a little lens cover right there, and then we have our clip right here. So it looks like all this does is clip. It does not extend or anything like that so you’re kind of you kind of have to use it as it is so just to give you a close up view here, kind of interesting how this is. This is a side view here of it. It does have a little rubber piece on the back that goes around your camera lens and a rubber piece on the actual clip itself, so that’s pretty nice, alright. So first I want to show the iPhone 6. So we can look through the viewfinder here and see everything and then we’ll go ahead and pop this on and then we’ll look through the viewfinder again and then I will show you some pictures from this phone from its rear camera. To give you an idea of how it looks alright, so there it is on there, hopefully it’s on there good enough let’s see how it looks. Now and now we do have a wide angle, so that’s pretty cool, so that actually seems to work so that’s without and that’s what it on that’s, pretty cool. Okay, so that works let’s, try our front camera, not that I want you guys to see me but here’s me now: let’s, try and pop this on here and see how this works and there you go that’s, pretty cool all right, so that actually seems to work.

Pretty well so there’s your front camera with a wide angle. There Motorola MOTO G sit or the Moto g6. However, you want to say it. We have our viewfinder up here and this one does not have a wide angle lens. So let’s go ahead and pop this. On I’m gon na see I’m not sure which lens it is, I believe it’s gon na be the bigger one. So let’s go ahead and pop it on there and see if it actually fits over it enough might barely fit. Oh, it does okay, so it almost barely fits but check that out now I’ve got a wide angle view that’s, pretty trippy, all right and there’s without alright let’s try our front camera now and there you go. So there is a wide angle on the front camera as well pretty cool you do kind of get this fish eye lens kind of thing going around it, but aside from that, still really really neat and next up and our last phone here is the pixel to Excel ignore this because it is broken and cracked in multiple places, but that’s not the point this video anyway. So this is our traditional view through the viewfinder, so let’s go ahead and pop this on and see if it works out. So this one is a little further down than the iPhone, but not as far down as the g6 is let’s see. If that works, and there we go.

We do have a nice wide angle lens right, there pretty cool, so that works just fine. Now let’s go ahead and try our front camera here now front camera on this thing is broken a little bit, so hopefully we can get that to work. Your lens may need cleaning, obviously it’s cracked, but that works also so pretty cool. So we do have that nice wide angle lens on that as well cool. So there you have it there’s a couple sample pictures using this and without and honestly I’m pretty impressed, and it seems to work pretty well now. One thing I did notice is that the quality of the picture may not be as good as from the sensor itself, and you may notice a fisheye lens in there, depending on your phone’s lens size, but really cool. It still worked. So if you don’t have a wide angle, camera – and you want to try this out it’s a dollar – this is totally worth the dollar, so it even comes with a little cover.