You can check the current price and discount by clicking the link in the description below now let’s check some customer reviews review by Jenny KSR. This brings back nostalgia for me. I opted for this, as I can preview pick before print as opposed to the old school Polaroid, which I still do have great for building a physical memory wall, both personal and for a small business as decor review by KJ super easy to use. App works. Great plastic but feels well built bulkier than other name brand, but better than its SP predecessor. Battery is good, been using on and off mostly on for three hours and battery is still at 70 s. Fun added options produces nice. Vintage y prints. Note that it’ll take a few hours to produce final image quality. I tried printing out few at night and it looked washed out. I thought mine is defective, or my film is but the next morning all the prints looked a lot better and next to my Fuji XT cam review by a Mizzou tea, no more guessing and wasting shots when people were over I’d have to take two pics one For us and one for them now, I can make copies of the same pic as many as I want film stop, providing no connection problems with the app I use Android. In my case, I used my Canon camera connect app to import from the camera directly to the phone and printed it to the Instax Mini link via bluetooth.

Obviously, you can use the cellphone picker any picture for that matter. The collage print feature is another bonus versus a proper Instax cam. Also, I was able to print in black and white, regardless of the color film yeah its 99, but with his ease of use and fun shots, I can give to people I’ll find myself using it. A lot more often no regrets review by Jerusha jacocks. I love the idea of the Instax camera but hate the lack of control over the quality of the picture. This printer completely solved that issue and has some nice bonuses. I have three kiddos and teach sixth grade. This year, I’m, deep into the vsco girl, boy, movement and Instax, is a big part of that. This printer was of immediate interest to all kiddos. I spend my days with it’s great to take along for skate nights or school events or friend gatherings or to encourage timely work in class for those who want a photo at 99. It is the perfect complement to your smartphone having kiddo. The app has some built in features like frames, thought they aren’t. Appealing to the boys in my world, collage prints are just snapping a photo from the app I can’t say how much I really love this little printer. You can buy film in bulk at 30 for 60 prints, so 50 cents, a print and of total quality control of the output. Just awesome review by land in I still haven’t, gotten hang of it, but I just got it today.

I tried it and was blown away by how clear it was it’s. So amazing I wasted a whole pack of film on the camera. Only one turned out good each picture. I printed through the printer came out beautiful. I haven’t fully understood app and only one can be connected to printer at a time, but hopefully all understand everything. One day review by Anne Burrell, seeing that the printer only had positive reviews before I purchased it. It could be possible that I received a rare malfunctioning product. I followed the instructions and inserted the film pack making sure the yellow marks are lined up. However, the first one that comes out is always jammed and really stuck, and it has to be forcefully pulled out. I would try to print after the first one and nothing comes out. An error message comes on which says to check the film pack, but I can’t do that because if I do open the printer and I haven’t used all the film, it has been exposed and no longer usable. I try it again with another two film packs and the exact same thing happened except I tried to unjam the last pack and place it back in the printer, the printer finally prints. But of course the picture comes out. All are partially white have performed the troubleshooting tips provided by the full manual online resetted it fully charged, it turned it off and on again, etc, but nothing worked.

It was always jammed which the manual says to load in a new film pack, I’ve tried three packs already, and it costs a lot of money on its own review by Irene. I bought this printer for myself because I adore my mini Polaroids totally worth every penny. I have been printing like a maniac for my album and journal. It is it because you can print out those pictures on your phone and the quality is amazing. The app allows you to play with the colors and quality and the printing process is super easy in quick, also easy to connect to your phone review by Emily. I am in love this with printer. I am so glad I got it. I have a Fuji film camera and love it being able to print pics off your phone is such a great feature. I highly recommend this one review by glorious. I personal would like the Instax square, but after reading mixed reviews on Instax print quality, I decided to go with the Instax Mini link printer cause, the both the printer and films are cheaper cuz. The film is smaller than the square. I also watched some YouTube video tutorials on Instax and learned a few things, including its sensitivity to light the tips in the video tutorials. Helped me to get great print quality on. My third tries, first to print from selfies pictures from iPhone 6 one without adjustments and one with adjustments and the third print the posted photo from an iPhone 10 back camera conclusion: great print quality.

I loved it and would recommend it. My tips to make it works. One Instax film is very sensitive to light to prevent washout, look into achieve vivid, colors change, the exposure setting on your camera or on the mini link app reduce both the brightness in the contrast and increase the saturation. Depending on the original picture quality. You may only need to do a little bit of the adjustments mentioned since Instax film has the deepest dark. I personal, like shots with more saturated colors, like the posted photo to the better the camera, the better. The result so selfies taken using front face camera with less pixels. Do you look bad on any good printers, including this one, even after adjustment cause? There is just not enough data to fill the print. If you want more reviews on this product, you can find the link in description that’s.