Now you already know about the reality x50 Pro, but the two new devices that launched recently are the one proceed and the iPhone se 2020. Quite surprisingly, so the purpose of this video is very simple: I’ll, be running benchmarks, playing pub G, uncaught activity on all three phones and in the end, I’ll tell you, which is the best point for gaming. Let’S go but guys before we get on with the video make sure to hit the bell like in and subscribe to our YouTube channel, if you haven’t already so that you don’t miss out on any awesome tech content that we put out now that you’ve done that Let’S get on with the video, so this right here is the one plus eight, so we will start off gaming comparison by playing games on the 1 plus 8. So, as you can see, I’ve closed all the apps right now, there’s, nothing running in the background and the smartphone is currently at 96 battery level. So the format that we’ll be using for today’s test is. We will play two games of pop G’s, TDM one game of called Beauty, CTF on all three phones and we will also run antutu benchmark at the end, so yeah, so let’s start with object for the time being. So this is by the way, guys I just this is the first time I’m playing games on the 1 plus 8 and the iPhone se 2020. I have some experience playing pop G on the bill, my ex 50 pro and if I remember correctly, the X 50 Pro when I tested it back in the day, I could only play pop G ad HDR and ultra frame rates, so I hope that’s changed.

Oh yes, although I’m just going to take a while to okay stop the battery is now at 95. I don’t know if you guys can see it does now a 95, so you can play the game on HDR an extreme. I think this is the only 865 smartphone that I’ve tested so far, which does this both the IQ 3, as well as the real me actually Pro. When I tested them back in the day, they could only pay it on HDR and ultra. Maybe the thing has changed now, so I like to play it on colorful or anti aliasing should be enabled, shadows are enabled yeah and order it just graphically same with great apply both. Yes, we have a ball of bone. We are going to play it at the max possible settings: okay, let’s download the TDM alright, so we are going to play a TDM now volume Max and guys already. I can tell you the phone is getting a little warm, which isn’t very good it’s, getting a little warm Music, so my impressions of the performance so far it is flagship level. Obviously I am playing this game on the 1. 8. 8 65. So this one has 12 gigs of ram also, so I don’t really expect I didn’t really expect any slowdowns in babji or in any other game for that matter. The one thing that I will say is that the phone is getting quite warm and especially the camera module is getting warm to the touch this metal trim right here is actually getting warmer, then the camera mode you know, and so so anyway, we are just going To jump into another match now, by the way I love playing with this car, I do have other guns lock unlocked I just like playing with this car Music.

Okay. So as far as the gaming performance is concerned, it’s a great phone to play games right. I have not noticed one frame drop so far on the one plus eight I played two TDM matches: we’ve been gaming for the last 15, 20 minutes, it’s great it’s, fantastic. The only thing is it’s, getting very warm to the touch warmth. You’D expect from this game. From this phone right, so it’s just noticeably warm towards the top here, extremely warm towards the back here, so yeah anyway, let’s just jump on to call duty without wasting any more time. Okay, so the battery, by the way, guys is dipped to 90 from 95 and we’ve been playing for 12 minutes and 43 seconds now so so we are at Call of Duty now. So the first thing again, what I am going to do is I’m going to tell you the graphic settings that you can play this game on so again, very high and max depth of field is turned on raagh dollars on anti aliasing is on. Everything is on right. Doom, whatever does matter so a very high and Max, is what you can play a Call of Duty on the one plus eight. These are the highest possible settings to buy knowledge. You can’t really play it on any higher preset on any other phone. So that’s great, you are getting flagship to your gaming performance with the 1 8, so I’m going to increase the volume now and we are just going to jump into a couple of games, one for again: it’s, not fun today: Music, Applause, Music, so there’s.

One thing that I want to talk you about is like, if you see any reviewer, complaining a lot when they’re playing a game if they’re complaining a lot about the game. Well, that means the performance of the phone is solid boy. If they’re complaining about you know large and all then obviously yeah GG, guys, okay, I don’t know why it was so close by the end. The other day was really not good, if I’m being honest with you, but what was good was the gaming performance on the one per se. I absolutely love playing it very smooth and you can tell that Call of Duty is not as graphically intensive, because I can feel the phone not being as warm right now. It was, but it was pretty warm when I was playing perch so yeah all the world. Really impressed with the performance no lags most arduous, no framedrops, nothing playing it on max settings, so yeah let’s jump into another game. Oh 25 kills so a lot of people don’t want to use or tax scope in this map. I love using attack stroke in this map and I will show you why, because you see this corner right there, that is where the snipers porch, and so, if you’re, just running out of your section, it’s very easy for them to scope you, but not. If you have a tax cope on a gun, I mean that’s, just my preference. I know a lot of people will give me hear it in the comments by using attack scope.

So I’ve made my peace with it guys. Okay, this wasn’t very good tea anyway. You’Ve played two frontline matches and we’ve played two pub GTD matches. We have been playing non, stop for the past thirty minutes. Actually so now let’s see what exactly is the battery percentage are, and I will give you my final impression of the performance. The battery percentage right now is at 86, as you guys can see. Yeah see there 86 right now. What are my impressions of the oneplus ates performance so far? Well, it’s, a pretty good phone, but the one thing that is a very glaring issue right now is that it does heat up it’s, not a very good phone to play, games for longer sessions, and the only reason I say that is because it heats up the Performance is absolutely fine if you feel like you, don’t really care about the device heating up. If it’s not going to bother you, then obviously you can play games on this for about four hours and hours and hours on end. But from where I stand. Thirty minutes in this phone is getting pretty warm to the touch I’m. Sure all phones do. But this one is just it’s a little it’s more warm than what I’m used to. I usually play games on the oneplus 70 Pro, and that does not get as warm for sure so yeah anyway, this has been it with the 1 8. Now we are going to move on to the real me X, 50 Pro and then finally, the iPhone se 2020, the next one that we will be testing a pop G and called duty mobile on is the real me X, 50 Pro now.

This phone also comes with the star dragon age, 65 processor, and this variant comes with a chibi of RAM. Now, as you can see, currently, the battery is at 95 and I have to say, with the smart power saver mode which real me automatically turns on the second, you put the phone, so we are going to get maximum performance with this device now and let’s. Just hop into a game of pop G with this phone and yeah let’s play to TDM matches on this and then to frontline matches for the same. This phone can also, as you can see, play pop G on HD on an extreme much like the 1 8. Pro or so into 1 plus 8, as you can see, I have anti aliasing, enabled shadows have been enabled and automatically adjusting of graphics has been disabled. So right now, it’s running pop G at the highest possible settings or which is great. I have Eva Braun setup. So let’s jump into a match now I don’t really expect either of these 3 points to have any performance issues when gaming to be honest, it’s more about the punch which I feel the most comfortable playing with or the one to say it was a great performer. No lags no stutters, but it did get warm to the touch point: alot Music. So my impressions after playing one game of TDM on the hood reaction, people are really positive. Obviously no lags no status.

The temperature is also not as much as it was on the 1 e, especially this back trim. This is pretty cool. I expected this to heat up a little more. The metal trim also is it’s a little warm but it’s, not as warm as the 1 8 was for short after post game, so without any further ado, let’s just jump into another game, so that’s the end of pub G TDM on the rail make sure P Pro yeah so impressions after the game, it is definitely warming up. I can feel this metal trim around the smartphone warming up quite a bit or the rails. The are also quite warm now about this, warm as the one to say it was to be honest with you and if you look at the battery percentage, then right now the phone is at 91 battery. Ok, great so let’s clear everything in the memory and let’s start quality. Now, ok, so we are now in caller beauty. We mobile four with real me, x50 Pro, so first things. First let’s take a look at the audio settings and graphics. So again, just like you want to see it, this also plays it at very high and max. We are going to turn on depth of field bloom, ragdoll, an anti aliasing and that’s about it. So now what we are going to do is we are going to jump into a front line game and yeah let’s go Music, so I think their sniper can lead them in this game.

But anyway, as far as the gaming performance of the x50 Pro is concerned, it is fantastic, absolutely don’t blame the device for losing this game, so there were no framedrops, no lags no stutters. The temperature has actually gone down, and that is something that I noticed with the 1 8 as well, that when I was playing Call of Duty mobile, the temperature actually went down, which just goes on to show that pubsey Mobile is a more graphically demanding game. Oh Music, what a serious lag! What? Why is the thing so high what’s going on? We have what is going on Applause. I don’t understand where’s the pink so high, Music, okay, so game number two of quality duty mobile, is also complete, again excellent performance on the Maineiacs 50. Pro no lags no framedrops, nothing of the sort. The game ran absolutely fine on the maximum possible settings and it’s, not that warm to the touch as the one per se. It was so now with that said, let’s move on to the iPhone se to you guys. So finally, we have the iPhone se 2, and this one is really compact yeah. So, as you can see, I have pubsey mobile and called 3d mobile installed on the phone. So let us start pub chief first and the volume has to be maxed out so yeah again it’s going to be interesting to see just how comfortably I can game on the smaller screen. Now the performance I’m sure is not going to be that much of a problem.

This does have the a protein chip after all. But the biggest doubt in my mind is that if this is a good phone for gaming at all, because it’s again, a very small display it’s, a compact phone anyway, moving on, as you can see, graphics SGR extreme is available already is obviously not available. Just checking colourful, anti aliasing is enabled, starters have been enabled and yeah alright apply. So so, as you guys can see, this phone also plays Babji at the same exact settings as the one Percy does, or the real makes 50 products. So what we’re going to now do is we are going to download the TDM and yeah let’s just quickly jump into two games of TDM, followed by quality beauty, mobiles, frontline, so where’s the gameplay is pretty smooth, as you guys can tell. The water is really going to be an issue with this phone. This is the flagship. After all, I mean it has flagship specs, even if you don’t consider it a flagship but it’s it’s good, see like the player automatically stops because I’m used to sprinting all the way here. But as you can see as soon as I reach the bezel here, it just automatically stops because there’s no screen there right. So if you come in from a smartphone to the six plus inch display, it won’t be really difficult to actually deserve to play on this phone because, like I said the screen just stops here so it’s like I was trying to move left in this particular.

I was trying to move left so that I could see the person better, but I just couldn’t because the analog stick wouldn’t register my function there, okay, so one thing that I’ll tell you right now is that in terms of thermal, this phone is the absolute worst. When it compared to the other team yeah, I can’t move it, though TK, and the second thing is in terms of so much. This phone is not very good. The rear camera module is so warm right now it is. This is the warmest of faith. Then your camera, what you go also this power body right here is, as you can see, I’m not really putting my pointer on it, because it’s actually pretty warm to the touch, and so ideally I would play like this. But I have to play like this because the bottom is just too warm. I mean they’re going to win this game and, as you can see, there were no framedrops. There were no Cheetos anything. The temperatures are really warm. Okay, so initial impressions after one game of gdm on the iPhone se 2020, this phone is not handling almost very well I’ll, be very honest with you. I don’t really see myself gaming for extended periods with this phone. Also, one thing that I did not tell you guys is that the battery was at 100 when I started this game are now it’s at 95, so 5 percent dip already and we have only played one game of pubsey TDM on this phone.

I don’t know man it’s, just not shaping up to be a very comfortable phone to game on, especially the rail right here. This is getting too warm to the touch, even the camera module at the back, so here’s, the second game of Parcheesi diem. Now not having a bigger screen is a very big problem in this game, it’s, obviously affecting the way I strafe yeah see it’s it’s very difficult to spray. When you claim on the iPhone se 2020, I mean the performance is not bad. The performance is top notch. One is getting too warm and, secondly, the movement is a big problem because we will follow the split I’ll say raindrops. Now there are noticeable cream drops now in the game. Yeah. The game is very choppy now. Oh you guys. So now we are going to play. Call of duty on the iPhone se 2020 frontline 2 games. First things: first I’m, going to show you the graphics setting and here, as you can see very high and max again available on this phone as well. Although toggles have been turned on and without any further ado, let’s just jump into a multiplayer game, see I’m more worried about playing Call of Duty on this phone, because this requires slightly more strafing. So I keep pressing the 80s key. I mean the screen is to ground right it’s. This is not a lot I can do with it see again, I’m, not pressing that.

Do you see it does this, so I can’t really play the background here right so I’m, not really pressing that key. It just happens and it stops moving because well obviously I don’t auto screen again so here the grenade. He was superimposed on the secondary valve anything I click the grenade and then I couldn’t switch back to my actual weapon. I mean clearly this game is not really meant to run on such a small screen. I don’t really know what else to say guys the performance is solid, they were no lags no star to us. The temperature again has gone down, which shows again that 4G mobile is just a more demanding game. Everything is fine. I mean there’s, nothing wrong with the performance exist. That is not oh. I am not convinced with the gaming performance of the se at all Music. Once the guys I’m, really sorry, if you feel like I’m whining a lot right now, but I’ll be honest, reduced iPhone se to anybody I’m, just not having fun playing quad or potty. On this phone I mean the performance is fine. This is that I’m, not really enjoying the smaller screen and how crammed in singles. However, I still like the grenade. Then it takes a while before I can select my main gun, thank God. So if you take a look at the battery it’s at 80 now so two aims of pop gdm 2 games of front line 100 to 80.

Well, I’ve played games on all these three phones now it’s time for the verdict – okay, guys so last, but certainly not the least let’s run and to do benchmark on all three phones, so just how well they perform and synthetic benchmarks so starting the test now, Music. So bordick time, which is the best phone to play, games on well between the 1 plus 8 and the real makes 50 pro. I have to say that I enjoy playing games on both the phones equally. But if I had to pick a winner, then my choice would be the way it makes 50 pro. Why well? Firstly, because it did not heat up as much as the other two phones, which isn’t really surprising. If you consider that this is the only phone in the segment of not in segments but between the three phones that I’m, comparing today that comes with its own deeper vapor cooling chamber, so heat dissipation is obviously going to be better on the real DX 50 pro. As compared to the one per seed and the iPhone se 2020, also, the battery drain was at least and after about two games of pubsey stadium and two games of called beauty front line. The real me X, 50, pro tip only 7 in battery life, which is great now coming to the 1 8 don’t. Get me wrong. This is a solid phone for gaming, but the only problem is that it does get a point of it.

So this is my second choice here today: okay, now let’s come to the iPhone se 2020 and I just did not enjoy playing games on this phone. Why well couple of reasons! Firstly, the display is just too small, so your fingers will constantly fight for space on the screen, and this phone was clearly not meant for intensive games like Call of Duty, as they would issues with button mapping and we loved the game. I was worried if I throw the grenade, then I won’t be able to switch back to my main gun and the other times. I was just not able to turn quickly enough because I just try an auto screen real estate. Also, the battery drain on the iPhone se 2020 was noticeably worse off then, when compared to the 1 plus 8. Another give me X, 50 Pro and after just two games of pubsey TDM and two games of continuity. Front line, this phone depth 20 apart real life and the thermals were obviously not that good. This phone caught the most warm when I was playing games on it and obviously because of that there was noticeable thermal throttling after the first game of Babji, where I saw frame drops, which is not something that is noticed with the other two phones, even though they Did get warm, they did not drop frames, so the iPhone se 20 Wendy on the whole is good for a lot of things for a lot of different use cases, but one of them is definitely not gaming.

So if you want a cheap iPhone for gaming, maybe get the Eiffel Tower, because that comes with an equally capable processor and it should run all the games. Just fine, oh and one more thing. I just don’t think that the Andrew benchmarking app is optimized for iPhones. I mean sure the se is terrible at gaming, but still it has in his hold each chip in it. So the score should not be that low, but guys that wraps up this comparison between the one per se DX, where people and the iPhone se 2020 do.