This is Norman here and in this video let’s talk about the poco x2, so poco x2 versa announced in Feb 20 2006 to launch in India 415 to pronounce that 16000 rupees in India and one of the first smartphones to come with 120 Hertz, refresh it below The two new thousand price segment – it also was the first smartphone with the Sony imx6 86 sensible of the 20000 price segment. It came with a 27 water fast charging, a me why 11 for poco and really good design and build quality. Now this was the real day of poco after the first launch of poco, f1 now back in 2018. So how good is the device right now? This has been launched almost four months back now, the price has been increased from 15 to flying to 17500 piece that’s, almost thousand five hundred in Greece, most probably because of the GST in Greece, happened the last couple of months now. How good is the device now, and is it really? The birth is smartphone to buy below the 20000 price segment in India, so that’s what we are going to do so we have been using this device for quite a long time now, in fact, four months, as you said before now, we have tried this device on Multiple occasions with software updates, when we did the camera reviews, the camera comparisons the speed test. So we have tested this device on a regular basis and what we feel about this device after four months that’s what we are going to do in this video.

So first let’s have a look at the design and build quality. Now one of the things about the poco x2 was, it is slightly larger display or it has a larger footprint, because you can see that it’s a really big device in terms of the design aspect, but it’s a well built device and it’s slightly heavier side. But still it’s manageable. You can see that the design is kind of unique. You have this pattern around. The camera. It’S not actually projection, it’s just a pattern, but there is a projection for the camera and it has pretty good lead sign the curved edges and the colors. Also. It looks really good and it’s again one of the first smartphones in this price Figment to come with the side mounted fingerprint scanner, and you can also see that the punch hole, camera it’s, a dual punch, hole camera. The front panel design is also pretty good. You have less bezels on all the sides, except for the bottom again for this price segment, the design was pretty good, now big quality, again it’s top note, it’s it’s made of metal and glass so again really feels nice. Now we have used this device for the end there for months without any sort of case, although it did come in the case. We are now to used the case and you can see that there is no scratches whatsoever and we have used this for intensive testing for camera comparison, so speed test and the whole lot of testing.

We are done and you can see that again. At no point we have used a case and still the build quality remains really good. So it’s it’s a well built food. But having said that, if it falls down, it obviously will break because it’s glass. So that is different thing, but haven’t used that there is no scratches on either the display or the back panel, and this has good luck, glass protection now moving onto the display. So this is one of the highlights of the poco x2, even though it comes with an IPS LCD panel. It is one of the first smartphones below the 20000 price segment to support a 120 Hertz refresh it now 120 Hertz will flush it does it matter for normal users. It may not matter, but if you’re a person who wants the best experience a obviously 120 Hertz matter – and this is actually a very smooth in terms of the usage. But then you do you notice. Actually, that might be a subjective thing, because unless you actually use the 120 Hertz refresh shape, you may not know what exactly is 120 Hertz. So, even in the videos will not give a great idea about how good the one Disney cut super shade is, but again it may not be you’ll break when you’re buying device, but still it improves the experience, and the display is definitely one of the good things About this device, it’s well built display, even though it’s an IPS LCD panel, the viewing angles are pretty good.

The brightness levels are also pretty good and it has a good luck. Glass protection as well and along with that it has 120 Hertz refresh eight. So again displays a strong point for the poco x2. Now next is the software, so this device comes with a me UI for poco. Now, if you go to the software aspect, you can see that this device comes with about phone, so you can see that it’s poco X, 2, new UI global 11.0, point 7 with Android 10, and we get up to a bits of RAM on this way device And 256 gigabyte storage now Mui asks, as you all know, it’s a really good UI in terms of the features being offered. So one of the issues with me, UI has been ads so here also, you can see some of the default pre installed, apps, pushing notifications. It may not be add sausage, but still it’s kind of annoying, so we have seen that even in the poco x2 SL. So, apart from that, the software experience looks pretty good to you, you get an app drawer as well, so generally, Xiaomi smartphones do not come with a Brava, but the me wife of poco has this app drawer and it’s a pretty good at UI. Actually, in terms of grouping of apps, you can see that we have some options to group access, so this is something which is quite good and the software experience is very good, because when we did the speed us comparison, we mentioned that the RAM management is something Which is really really good on the poco x2 and unlike the redmi smartphones or the xiaomi note series the meanwhile poco has been really good in terms of optimization, so that’s another a good thing about the poco x2.

Now talking about the performance side, so this device comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon, 730 G and a 730 G. As you all know, it’s a really good device in terms of processor in terms of performance, so it’s from the 700 series and 730 G’s again a really powerful chipset and for even for gaming it definitely does a pretty good job. You get really nice experience with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 G and there was no heating issues and our experience of playing games was quite smooth on the poco x2. So we don’t have any sort of issues here in terms of the gaming experience now, the fingerprint scanner is surrounded on the side panel and again it’s one of the fastest fingerprint scanner. It definitely does a really good job, and you can also see that the face unlock also delivers pretty good results so, overall, in terms of the performance side, it’s a really well built device. Now talking about the cameras, so that’s one of the most important aspects. So most of us want to have the best experience in terms of the camera, so we have a 64 megapixel primary camera on this device. This is the sony imx6 h6 sensor. We have an ultra wide angle, camera macro sensor and a depth sensor now there’s a 2 megapixel macro sensor, which delivers really good images. Now the 64 megapixel Sony, imx6 h6 sensor is definitely one of the best smart camera sensors we have seen, and then it was really great image quality and for a sub 20k try sigmund.

This is really good quality, so we have done the camera review of poco x2 and found it to be really good in terms of the camera experience, one of the best camera smart phones below a 20000 price segment. Without doubt now. The selfie camera is also pretty good. It has a 20 megapixel selfie cam rates of rural selfie camera, which delivers really good results. So, overall, if you’re talking about the cameras, probably in our opinion it is the best camera smartphone below that unit out centrai segment, and this is the probably the best you can get at this price segment, so that’s the camera experience now. Finally, talking about the battery, so the phone has 14 2500 mAh capacity battery with 27 word fast charging. Now fast charger takes around up slightly about one hour around less than 17 minutes to charge the battery from 0 to 100, which is again pretty good. Now battery performance is kind of mix it with wonderly hoods turned out. Many people are saying that there is a battery drain issue. In fact, we did notice on our unit, but that’s battery drain is one of the issues of poco XTO, so in case you’re feeling battery drain issue can always go to sixty Hertz and we are pretty sure that company is working on fixing this issue. So this issue has been there for quite some time, so probably there might be a fix coming soon, so that is other than that.

The battery performance is pretty good or you can get like five six hours on an average easily on this device, which is again pretty good for the five thousand. I mean photos and fire damage capacity battery so about four the battery drain. If you don’t see any sort of issues on the poco x2, so there’s summing up, how good is a poco x2 for seventeen thousand five hundred rupees, so that’s the new pricing? So now, if you look at the competition, almost all of the devices have increased surprising. Now, poco x2: what are the good things about? The poco X, 2, so 4 X, 2, has really good display, good design, good, build quality, good software experience, great performance, excellent cameras and there is 27 work fast charging as well. Now the cons it’s there are hardly any cons on this device, except for the battery drain issue, which can be easily fixed with software updates. Apart from that, probably a hybrid slot can be said as account, but again not a major chord other than that it’s, probably one of the best smartphones you can buy below the 2 beneath of centrai segment and if, if you’re, looking for a smartphone below the 20000 Price segment, without a doubt, the Pope 4×2 is the leader here so that’s the poco x2 after four months. So we have been extremely satisfied with what poco x2 has offered in this fry segment, so that’s, a detailed review of the poco x2 after four months of usage, so hope for this video was useful, do hit that like button and also hit that subscribe button.