I love tech and I also enjoy working out quite a lot, which is why these past 10 days have been really exciting. For me, why? Well, because, fresh after reviewing the way we watch, I managed to get my hands on this now. This right here is the amazement map s, which is a direct competitor to the Droid Awards. So if you were confused between one of the two don’t worry, because in this video I’ll walk you through my full review of the amazement map s – and I will be comparing it every step of the way to the way we watch so without any further ado. Let’S get the show on the road for the eyes before we get on with the video make sure to hit the bell icon and subscribe to our YouTube channel, if you haven’t already so that you don’t miss out on any quality. Take content that we put out now that you’ve done that let’s get on with the video our design boys, the amazement bit mess has been constructed in a tidy using plastic safe for this stainless steel crown that you see here yeah. I talk more about that later, but for now all you need to know is that if the rail we watched reminded you of the Apple watch, then the whip S is undoubtedly going to remind you of the pebble time now. Don’T get me wrong resemblance in design. In 2020 is unavoidable and on the whole, the bepest doesn’t look half bad, especially going to its unique to told finish, but I will recommend you pick up the variable in more peppy hues.

If you want the maximum style points so when compared to the way we watch well, I’ll be honest with you. The Bears just does not look that good now, while both the watches make use of plastic in their construction, the rear me watch just feels more polished. I mean take the straps on these two variables, for instance, the ones on the BIP s have a sharp edge which doesn’t make wearing the watch uncomfortable, but it also doesn’t give the wear it and forget it. Feeling I got after wearing the real me watch, which comes with more plush straps Plus, unlike the beep s, they offer a really cool cavity to tuck in the strap to now. You can even look at the bundled accessories and while you get a minimalistic magnetic charging dock with the drill me watch, you’ll get a prop in fixed dog, with the beep s now use a simpler one with my me band 3 and honestly, it loosened up after Some use it so I don’t really have high hopes with the professor’s charger ego. I also like how the crown on the vme mode sits flush with its chassis and doesn’t, stick out like the one on the bypass now, while the button on the purpose doesn’t prick me. While I was doing a push up, it did turn off the watch and exited back to the main screen multiple times, which is a little annoying now. That being said, the one good thing about the message design is that it maintains a sleeker profile as compared to the competition as its heart rate, monitor doesn’t protrude outwards as much as it does on the real me watch.

Also, the variable comes with five ATM waterproof rating, which ensures that you can go out for a swim wearing the bebs without worrying about damaging the watch. But if you ask me purely in terms of looks and comfort, then I would definitely pick up the real me watch over the bypass any given day. It simply put just a more stylish watch. So when I review the real me watch a lot of you and I mean a lot of you – you guys hated the bezels on this watch, so I don’t really know you had to make all the even bigger bezels on the base. Spec wise the best ships with a 1.2 eight inch, transflective color LCD display with the resolution of 176 by 176 pixels, and you can tell by the design shots the display is bordered by even thicker bezels, as you’d find on the real new watch. Moreover, the rear D watch features are 1 point 4 inch 323 by 323 pixels LCD screen, making it much sharper and colorful. So is the display other way we watch better well, not necessarily no see. I do agree that the display on the will be much is better, it is more colorful and it is bigger and more vibrant, but the transflective panel on the Papists. This is meant for outdoor usage. So the brighter your surroundings are the better. You will be able to see the contents on the screen. Moreover, since the transflective screen consumes much much much less power compared to an LCD display.

The papers can supposedly last up to 40 days now. I’Ll talk more about this claim in a later section, but suffice it to say the battery life on this watch is insanely better than what you get with the dreamy watch and it’s all because of the screen. So how is the screen to use in general? Well, it’s, not a black and white panel, and you do get a color display here and it’s really good. In fact, I prefer it over the real me watch the screen, even though it doesn’t come with the same sharpness level. Why? Well? Because the screen on the music is not my primary window to the world, that’s still going to be the one on that phone. Oh, no! Not this one! The one I’m recording this video with right now, but you get the gist. So I am happy that I can be notifications clearly on the basis display and that the display offers very good viewing angles too. So let’s open and the best part, is that the purpose comes with an always on display, meaning if I’m typing a script, then I don’t have to raise my wrist to check the time all the time pun intended and honestly. The touch response also felt slightly metal on the Amaze PDMS as compared to the way we watch, but that could have something to do with a snappy user interface. You get to the abyss bits offering and that neatly segues me to the next section: the software voice, the amazement business boots, the company’s proprietary operating system, which simply put is just more refined and polished than what you get for the will be much.

But before I talk about any of that, let me just show you how to navigate around the watch now to navigate around the bay pass. You’Ll have to use a combination of touch based gestures and the physical crown which doubles up as a back button. The swiping down on the variable screen will bring down the quick shortcuts, including a DND mode, a brightness toggle and your music widget swiping, left or right on. The main display will allow you to cycle through your widgets, and you can swipe up or down on a widget to access more settings for the same. For instance, if I swipe down on the weather widget and show me the expected forecast for the next couple of days as well now, swiping up on the whole screen will show you your notifications and present. The crown once will bring up the app tray from where you can access various workout modes set, alarms, etc. So why do I feel that the user interface that you get with the ami Speedway PES is superior to what you get with the real me watch? Well, there are a couple of reasons: firstly, the UI animations on the way past never showed any signs of starter or lag, but navigating through the we had me watch always felt choppy. In fact, a lot of you guys pointed it out in the comment section of my review of the watch too. Secondly, the base comes with more watch faces from the get go and you get a choice of 40 different watch faces to choose from on the variable.

Thirdly – and this is the most important one for me – you can access more than one notification on the base, whereas with the real me watch, you’ll only be able to see one notification which was sent to you the last. So, even if you have a lot of messages coming in, you can simply scroll through them without reaching for your phone and don’t worry the beep s can fit in really long messages too. You also get features like setting the alarm on setting calls or controlling your music playback on the beep s and no before anyone else. You can’t store songs on the beep s, as the variable doesn’t come with built in storage now, I’m, not entirely surprised that the misfit beep s offers a better user experience. When it comes to software. Now I mean think about it. I miss Pete has been in the game for longer, and it will be. Watch is only the company’s second variable so I’m sure that, with the passage of time, they will be able to smoothen out the weak links in the r mo. But there are a couple of things I want a misfit to address as well it’s a 5 Kirby Smart Watch, so the branch should have added an option to revert to notifications heck. It would have been happy with quick replies to part you can’t interact with notifications on the beep s. At all I mean, if you think about it, the design of the beep s is more or less the same as the bit light and the bit launched a while ago.

So if the brand is not spending on reworking the outer casing, why not offer more features on the inside? Secondly, the notifications don’t support a lot of emoticons, so a lot of few messages will have question marks in them and, lastly, much like the real me watch, you cannot load any apps on the beep s or any amazed fit watch to my knowledge. Now you do need a companion app to use the base, and here a misfit really shines over real me. The companion app for the beep s is a lot more feature rich when compared to the real me link app and you get a ton more features like the ability to follow your friend or relatives health in real time and generating data for activities like your water Intake and measuring your BMI. Thus, unlike the readme link app, the amis spritz art is also compatible with iOS, which basically means that if you bought a very expensive iPhone recently and want a budget variable to go with it, then you cannot get the really watch because it’s just not supported you. Will have to buy DBMS Music Applause now, the biggest differentiator between the real me watch and the amazement by PES is that the misfit beep s comes with a built in 28 nanometer Sony, GPS chip, which basically allows you to map your runs or your walks outdoors. Without having to carry your phone with you also, unlike the real me watch, you can track pool or outdoor swim workouts with the beep s coming to the rest of the features the watch can track up to 10 different activities.

However, upon launch you will only get access to 6, including outdoor running walking, cycling, treadmill and aforementioned swimming and outdoor swimming. Now the company says that it will add support for elliptical trainer and other workout soon. Why an OTA. However, as of writing the script for this review I’m, yet to receive the same during my time with the vape s, I notice that the watch track steps with a great degree of accuracy and it really ever added go steps to the tally, in fact, wearing the Real me watch and the paper side by side. I can confidently say that the vape has tracked my steps with more precision. I am also glad that the watch comes with a built in GPS, as I could leave my phone at home and still get extremely accurate distance measurements along with route mapping. I did my standard three point: six kilometer cycling loop with the bypass, and the watch informed me that I travels three point: four kilometers, which is a little off but it’s still better than what I got with the real me watch. The purpose is also fantastic at sleep tracking and not only was the variable able to correctly tell the time I went to sleep and the time I woke up, but it also gave me much deeper insights into my sleeping patterns when compared to the real me watch. The sleep accuracy on the variable is honestly the best I’ve ever seen and if you toss and turn a lot in bed, I highly recommend opting for the bypass, as it will help you identify and maybe better your sleeping patterns.

Lastly, the variable also lets you track your heart rate as it comes with continuous heart rate tracking and the results I got with. The watch were on par with the real me watch, as well as the rest of the variables I had lying around now. There is no spo2 monitor on board, so if you want that, then the real me watch is your guy. Oh and the battery life has been phenomenal on the bypass. Now, when I unbox the variable, the watch was at 48 percent charge and it still lost with me six days when the notifications enabled that’s the battery life. You get with the real me watch at 100 charge level, so yeah, the beep s, is the clear winner. When it comes to battery life as Music, now the amazed Fitbit best cost apiece 4999 rupees and for the price. I think this variable is a low afraid of now. Unless your budget is hard capped at 4000 rupees and you cannot spend one rupee extra only then I would say that were further away watch part between these two. I would definitely pick the PIP s now. I do agree that the baby watch comes with a better looking design and it also offers a more color rich display, but at the same time, the PIP s tracked my activities more accurately. It gave me deeper insights into my sleeping patterns. It had to made a notification support and a better software experience in general and it lasted me a whole lot longer.

So without a shadow of the doubt, the mr. Pappas is going to be my choice over the dreamy watch, and this is also going to be the go to fitness tracker that I recommend everyone in the foreseeable future, because that wraps up the word it for this Review to, let me know in the comments below which watch would you pick? Would you pick the way we watch already pick the PIP s and, as always, if you like this video, then do give us a big thumbs up and share it with your friends until next time. This is predict from mr. phone signing off Music.