This video appreciate your time. Your support, 1080p 60 frames per second with the lgb 60 utilizing the front facing camp. I wanted to do this vlog and talk a little bit about case reviews. Reviewing cases for smartphones you don’t have. I don’t have if I’m asked to review a case for smartphone, I don’t have or I’m waiting for that specific smartphone because it hasn’t been released. Yet would I do that? Is it wrong or right now everybody out there that’s a Youtube reviewer that reviews cases for smartphones. I know that we want to have whatever smartphone. That is for whatever case we are reviewing. We would love to have that smartphone there, but sometimes well youtubers like me on the small stage, can’t bring in every smartphone, and there have been times that I’ve been asked by companies to review cases and whether there’s a demi smartphone involved or not. I will do it as long as I trust the companies that are asking me to do. Those reviews, so you’re gon na have to make your own decision on whether it’s wrong or right on whether you do it or not. For me, and if it’s a company that I’ve been partnered up with for quite some time and there’s, a few of them that I’ve been partnered up with we’ve built a relationship. We’Ve built a bond, a trust and if they’re gon na ask me to review a case for a specific smartphone, I don’t have and I’m not going to have or first part from that’s going to be released at some point in time.

They just want to get the information out there. Maybe there’s a deal attached to it if you preorder that case, whether that’s 10 15 20 percent off because of the pre order, yeah there’s, a specific group of companies. I trust I really trust and if they’re gon na want me to do that, yeah I’ll, do it here’s the thing these companies that I’ve been associated with for quite some time. I know their products, I know their products. I know they work and I trust going forward that whatever they put out is going to work and that’s what I’m going to base my decision on if it’s, a company that I don’t know anything about they’re sending me emails to review whatever it is. They want me to review and I’m a little leery about it. I’M gon na do my research, I’m gon na do my homework and if I don’t feel good about it, I’m not gon na do it. If I feel good about the conversation that takes place between me and this new company that’s has to be to review their products, you know if that conversation is positive, then I may take the chance on doing it, but I have to be very careful during the Reviewing process on the information that I share with all of you as far as the companies that I’ve been working with over the last, I would say, I’ve been doing YouTube for five years, but it’s been the last four years that I’ve really been putting out a Lot of case reviews for a lot of different companies that I just really trust so much that I would review without a smartphone in hand or, if I’m, waiting for a smartphone to be released.

Also, if they want to send me a dummy I’m going to do that, because I know once they release those cases aesthetically in design they’re going to work for you they’re going to protect your investment. I know that the functionality of your smartphone is going to work while supporting a case from the companies that I just named off and a huge shout out to them for supporting theme, my project 13, but if it’s a company. I do not know much about there’s going to be a lot of research and homework. Hey I’m, not going to review a flaky company, just not I’ve learned a lot in the last few years when it comes to dealing with companies that I don’t know much about, and trust me behind the scenes. There’S conversations that go on that at. In the end, I make a decision to say no, not gon na. Do it and I’ve gone with some that have worked out but I’m, very careful during those reviews in the information that I’m putting out for all of you with companies that I’m not too familiar with? If I decide to go with them again, if it’s a company that I’ve already built a relationship with the trust, is there that I’m going to say? Yes, they have supported me? They have supported everything that I believe in when it comes to doing not just smart phone reviews but product reviews, and they trust me there’s there’s, just a great bond and and if they asked me to do that ahead of time or if they know I’m, just Not gon na have a smart phone in hand I’m gon na.

Do it I’m gon na do it, but to each their own. You may or may not agree with me. You have to make that decision if you’re new to YouTube you’re, just starting a channel you’re. Just starting to build these relationships with these case companies, maybe your name is getting tossed out there. Do these companies from another youtuber who’s supporting you who’s got your back. Do your homework regardless. Do your homework know what you’re doing ask questions ask a lot of questions, but remember you you will fail. We all fail. Even now, when I do reviews on smartphones or products. Some of the information I put out there at times isn’t completely correct, and I have to go back and answer to that in the comment section and that’s my responsibility. But honestly, I do it all with an honest heart and I’m truthful and I don’t pretend to know it all, and that just means that I’m human and yes, we all fall. We all fail. Okay, you get back up and you redirect as as positive as you can, with the information to the viewer to the subscriber to the team. Your team – and you know they’re gon na know whoever’s watching you that you’re doing the best that you can and your honesty. Your your integrity is going to show in your videos, okay, so there’s always a way to come back and take care of that. So you know again: that’s all goes into learning how to do to run a channel to build trust with your viewers, your subscribers, your team, and build trust with companies that are willing to give you a to give you products to review.

You know so yeah. You know I wish you the best you know, but when it comes down to making decisions like that it’s up to you, some may not like that decision and some they’re, just not you care and some are all for it. So for me that’s my answer. Yes, I will do it like that with companies that I’ve already built that relationship with and it’s something that I’m going to not do right away with other companies. I don’t know much about I’m going to have to do my homework and then I’ll make that decision. Okay and that’s, where I leave it thanks for watching God bless peace in the next video.