But what you might not know is that the brand used to be a legend in the audio segment back in the day and would sell anything from a pair of planar magnetic earphones to high performance high end tags. Now that division closed a while ago. But the company is pouring back into the audio segment and recently launched these now. These, my friends, are the Oppo n Co m31 earphones, and this sounds so good that NBA legend Kenny Smith would have this to say to any other manufacturer completing in the 2000 to 1500 piece by segment or less now, I’m already spoil the ending for this video. But I would still recommend that you sit through this entire video to understand why these n, Co, m31 earphones are actually good and where exactly do this struggle when it comes to the competition but guys before we get on with the video make sure to hit the Bell icon and subscribe to our youtube channel, if you haven’t already so that you don’t miss out on any awesome tech content that we put out now that you’ve done that let’s get on with the video Music now for future references. If you ever feel that an OEM s cutting costs in the design department, then dueling them back to the so PO amp Co n 31 review, because these earphones are proof that you can design a good looking pair of earphones with limited budget now don’t, let their All black a little generic aesthetic fool you, the m31 looks superb and you can easily find traces of elegance all over its design B.

If the sub we place open logo or the glossy trim for the buttons. Now, if you want the maximum style points, then definitely go for the green color with the golden accents, so it could be the product shots, but that earphone and that combination looks great. Okay. I’D also like to point out that the oboe and Co m31 is a sturdy as it is pure and be wise that connect into these your pieces are actually quite thick and I’m sure that they’ll stand the test of the time. Now. The leg band in itself feels extremely solid and thanks to its flexible design, you can easily store it in your pockets and the pair also comes with IPX vibrating, which means that you can work out with the m31 in your ears now compared to the one plus Bullet Z, I feel that postally, the oboe and co m31 looks better, but design is a subjective entity. So, instead of dwelling on that, let me tell you why, objectively, the design of the 0.0 and 31 is superior to that of the oneplus bullets, wireless Z, but firstly, the ear tips. Now the n30 ones offer a snug in your fit and the earpieces don’t put root outwards like they do on the oneplus bullet, z, meaning you can comfortably sleep with the m31 still in your ears now, secondly, the weight. Now I know that the bullet Z, alright weight, but the N 30 ones are even lighter in comparison and it’s just 22 grams.

The only time I realized I was wearing the air force was when they ran out of juice, which happened quite frequently, but more on that later now, the buttons offer fantastic, tactility too, and after using the headset for a while, I could just change the music or Berate the volume level by feel speaking of which you do get a volume, rocker and a multi function, button with the Oppo Enco and 31. You can long press on the volume rocker to go forward or backward on a song and double tap on the multifunction button. To enable the base mode now, a single tap on the multifunction key plays or pauses a try and much like competing earphones. You can turn the N 30 once on or off by snapping the magnetic your phone shut. Now I will agree that the 1 plus Z’s multifunction button that lets you quickly switch between two different connected devices is a godsend, but that is a small price to pay when you factor in the 0.2 and 31 sound quality. So let’s talk about that. Oh, you know before I talk about the n31 sound quality. Allow me to run some numbers by you, so the m31 comes with a nine point. Two millimeter dynamic driver inside each your piece and the earphones correct, two compatible devices or Bluetooth version 5.0 plus, since these are Huayra certified. The m31 can operate across a frequency spectrum of 20 Hertz to 40 kilohertz and to make the most of my quality tracks.

The n31 also offers support for ell decoding now. Support for attack alone makes this earphone a much better buy over the oneplus bullets, while you see in my opinion, but the sound signature is much more a point to now. First of all, the m31 is the only bluetooth earphone under piece 3000, which honestly can give audio files on a budget immense satisfaction when listening to music. Now over has fueled this earphone incredibly well, and it offers a really balanced, sound signature, which makes it exceptional for analytical. Listening by that I mean that the sound signature is exactly the opposite of what you get with the oneplus bullets, while is e. So when the bullets offer a thumping bass which overshadows the mids and mocks up the highs, the Oppo in quantity wants. Let you listen to the song, as is so. If the song is of the EDM genre, you will be greeted by tight, concise beats with just the right amount of slam. Now a good example of the same is the song risk by singer fkg, wherein the entirety of the song. You will love the amazing vocals of the singer, but at the same time, when the chorus comes along, you will feel the intensity of the beat drop. Oh and the instrument separation on the m31 is fantastic too. Now, when listening to, for I shall by member, you will be surprised by how cleanly the n31 resolves the details in the instruments in the chorus and the free.

This tab of the table is audible through the air phones. Now another instance of the m30 one’s brilliance is showcased in some lights by fun, which I don’t have to tell. You is a very chaotic soundtrack, and here you will be able to listen to the pull ups and the hammer downs of the electric guitar. Just as clearly as you would be able to listen to thumping drums or needs, vocals now same goes for the high sand. Rock song sounded spotty and energetic without fatigue in my ears, either a combination that’s very hard to find by the way, see every time I get a pair of earphones for review. I always make it a point to revisit mr. Brightside back pillows and the n30 ones are among the handful of sub 5000 rupees earphones, which actually do justice to it. The strums from the guitar sound great, but the crispness in the sound the cymbal makes, is what sold me on the pair’s ability to deliver crystal clear highs, and the best part is that if you feel like you need more bass, then you can get more best By simply double tapping this button, and these earphones would essentially then start sounding like the oneplus bullets. Why Lizzie it really skews of the sound signature and I’m, not the biggest fan of it, but the bass mode essentially makes these sounds similar to the bullets policy. No, surely there must be some caviar, some hidden terms and conditions which Oppo is a telling us about right.

I mean how do Bluetooth earphones that cost so less sound, so good, well, that’s, because they have really average battery life. In fact, with the LTAC enabled and listening to your foods, add about 60 percent volume, you’d be lucky. If you touch the six hour mark so yeah battery life on the n30 ones is not great and it’s, not the strong suit connectivity wise. The N 31 offers a rock solid Bluetooth connection, which really fo faltered bond don’t expect them to offer you latency free experience, while gaming now, for that one touch bullets, while the Z are still the better option, as they do awkward or latency free gaming experience. Well. At least sort of, especially, if you pair it with one postpone playing the game in fanatic mode now, you will still want a pair wide earphones for that, but yeah. The bullets were Lizzie, definitely offer less latency when compared to the Oppo and co and 31. Oh and the microphone is really good for taking voice calls, or so I was told whenever I ask my friend on the other line, so for its asking price of rupees 2000, the Oppo n go and 31 is an absolute steal. Honestly, I can go on and on and on about how good is your phone sound and for the price that rarely ever happens in fact, the last time I was so and about doing a budget oriented earphone most when I reviewed these, the Google pixel boards type C and since then, I have auditioned a ton of different ear phones, both wired and wireless.

So let me be absolutely clear: the Oppo and Co m31 sound phenomenal. No, they do not offer the best battery life, and if you want that, then you can either off further give me parts Wireless or the oneplus bullets while SC, but for the price. If you want the best possible sounding Bluetooth, earphone, then look no further than your point, Co and 31, but guys that wraps up my full review of the open Co. M31 earphones.