The is steady mobile plus if you haven’t, seen that click on the card here on the top left corner of your screen, to check that one out today, I’m gon na be reviewing their brand new candor that just came up. It is called the ice steady X. Now this is known as a pumpkin ball, because it’s so small and lightweight that it just fits in your palm of your hand and it could possibly even fit inside your pocket. So let’s go ahead and take a look at what is being claimed as the world’s. The lightest and most compact smartphone gimbal, so let’s get straight into it. So I’m really loving the packaging on this let’s go ahead and open this up. Look how tiny and compact that is taking ball up comes with a little tripod. Now it is a USBC gimbal which gives you a massive eight hours of battery life. So this is perfect for charging that and you also got a little strap, which comes with a pouch that you can carry this in, and also the user boat as well. So I’m going to be keeping it in this pouch and keeping it safe and secure. But, as you can see, this pouch is quite small as well so it’s pretty awesome to take with you anywhere. You want right, it’s, so compact that it’s claimed to have the ability to take with you in your pocket, so let’s go ahead and see if that actually works.

Look at that. I would never have expected to carry a gimbal with me in my actual pocket. In my jeans, so this is pretty awesome. It is bulky. Obviously it will stick out and it’s, probably really better to take with you in the carry case in the backpack, but just to showcase how small and how light that is. This is so easy to take with you, even if you had to put it in your pocket, so just a quick introduction to the buttons that come on this. You have the power on button, a just hold it down for a few seconds, and then this actually doubles up as a switch between portrait and landscape modes, which is really awesome lot of cameras. You have to do it manually with the actual axes, but you press this once and it will switch the gimbal to portrait. If you wanted to do that and I’ll showcase you that in a second and if you just double tap this, it will recenter the gimbal as well. You don’t have recenter button at the back and then you also have the shutter button there. On the left hand side, so this will actually take pictures. If you press that, once if you hold it down, it will take videos and you can hold it down again to stop recording. Then you have the joystick there. You have the USB C charging port battery indicator on the top there and Bluetooth indicator light there on, on the right hand, side on the left hand, side you have the zoom buttons there for the telephoto and the wide zoom controls so that’s pretty much there.

You also have some locks on the back here for all the different axes, so you’ve got one there where you can clip this like this all the way around, and you also have the twisted lock here for the axes there. Then you also have a lock here. If you twist this around, you can hit it click and the top. You can also look like twisting it around like this now. The purpose of having all of these lots is so that you can use this as a selfie stick, so nothing can rotate. Nothing will roll and if you just want to mount your phone in there, you can use that just to take pictures of yourself as a normal selfie stick and there you go. They won’t shake around it’s, pretty solid, so that’s really cool. Now let me quickly show you a brief introduction into the new hold hemp rope, gimbal, app, ok! So now let me go ahead and turn on the gimbal just making sure the phone is held in a good position. There. You go it’s very straight. The button on top right hand corner is where you can start using this, but first of all, just to show you that the camera lens is on this side, and you probably notice that the axis of the gimbal is just there slightly to the right hand. Side, often the phone that’s, because it leaves such a big margin for you to make sure you capture all of your videos and photos perfectly button if the axis is getting in the way.

So it gives you that very wide angle view. So let me go ahead and hit this start. Recording button on the top right – and there you go here – is all of the different features that this app can do now, if I click on this button at the bottom called moment, this will give you a showcase of all the different features that this can automate For you so I’m going to showcase to you that in a second, so you’ve got dolly zoom panoramic video smart motion time lapse. You have a fantastic rotation which is slightly new I’m, going to pretty much try this out. You plans both ways when it’s doing a rotation you’ve got inception modes above 270 degrees, eighty degrees, so I’ll do the 271 as well to showcase today, so that’s pretty much all of the different motions that it’s got there. You can also do a time lapse mode. There on the bottom and it’s pretty much so many different things. You can have the multiple filters if you wanted to cycle through that when you’re recording and you can do phase tracking down on the left hand side. If you hit that button, there, alright guys so I’m ready to take this up and give it a test. Run I’m gon na be showcasing all of the different modes that I think will really good for this video, so just to quickly show you some of the things I’m going to try as well.

The switch between the landscape and the portrait mode is just really awesome and really smooth one press of the power button, as you can see here, look at that so smooth so slick, pretty quick, so no manual work is just quick and easy. The other thing that I really like about this is, if you turn this upside down, you will automatically adjust and you can do top down recording as well. So if you want to get really low angle video shots, then this is perfect for you. It automatically adjusts, as you can see here, it’s so smooth and if you flip it back up, you’ll fix it and Center it straight for you. There let’s go ahead and take a look at some of these shots: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, alright guys! So thanks for watching, if you really liked that review then do give this video a thumbs up and if you have any questions about this gimbal itself. If you want me to try anything, but if you are having a bit of a problem setting it up, then drop a comment below I try to help you as much as I can otherwise. I hope you really liked that review I’m gon na be reviewing.