Top Technology Of 2020 That Will Make 2021 Epic

This is bharat you’re watching and if you look at 2020 as a year, there were several things that was slowed down, but technology as a whole did not slow down at all, and in fact, 2020 was a great year for technology, and some big developments happened in The world of technology things that […]

India's Own Google Drive is here: DIGIBOXX Cloud Storage!

Actually, i made a video explaining why things aren’t as easy as just boycotting something uh here’s, the video you can watch it. One of the reasons i quoted was we don’t have good indian alternatives, but we need them so i’ve always been a fan of hashtag support. Make in india looks like the […]

Unboxing and Reveiw!! | Cat S42 Rugged Smartphone

So when you first get the box, you get this nice little package. You have your information and barcode on the back. The first thing you see when you open the device is your phone. Usually it will have a protective film on it, but i’m already using this as my daily driver, so that’s, […]

eiyuTech Official VLOG Pocket 2 3 Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer Review, Very easy to use

Portrait and landscape object, tracking and control with the original camera, which is what they mean to say. Is you do not should there is no need to shoot from the application, so let’s see Music made in china like most of these electronic gadgets? Music let’s pull pull Music. Oh, this looks really good […]

Rad Power Bikes: Radrover $1,599 Fat Tire E-Bike Review

I bought the bike in february of nine let’s, see 2017, so it’s a 2017 model and it’s an e bike, and this is the original battery. I also have a backup battery that i bought from another source that’s in this pannier uh. The bike itself is very hefty it’s a fat bike. It’S […]


Il video e iscrivetevi al canale youtube che siamo, a flavio e altri del team, dello smart punto, it abbiamo scelto questi premi e in particolar, modo abbiamo anche inserito, un premio, che avete dato voi visto e considerato alcuni fattori ad un oggetto in particolare ma ragazzi vi; Racconto tutto adesso sono, un po […]

Samsung Galaxy A01 Unboxing and Review

So, okay, this is the phone box. Okay, it says open flap, so there’s our phone, the samsung galaxy a01. I got this package from amazon. I can stick that right there. So we have our papers, our cell phone, nothing else in there, so here’s the phone itself back here, i’m gon na have […]

Spigen Liquid Armor Case For iPhone 12 Pro Max Unboxing and Review

So today i have the spigen liquid ear armor case the navy blue for the um iphone 12 pro max all right, but before i unbox this right here in front of me, head on down below hit that subscribe, button turn that notification bell on to get notified. As soon as i have another […]

Doogee S96 Pro Rugged Phone Review – Infrared Night Vision!

Back in today’s video, we are checking out the latest rug device from doogie called the s96 pro. So not only this phone is ip68 certified. That means waterproof. We also have ip69k certification. That means resistance against the high water pressure, not to mention that this is one of the fastest rock devices that […]

Unboxing & Reviews of dji OM 4 Smartphone Stabilizer

Our today’s video is a very special video. You can see in my hand. I have this one. The device is smartphone stabilizer, so the brand is dji om4. This one is the latest version. So you will see in this video, unboxing and review of this device just stay with me and kindly like […]