This right here is the infinix zero, eight, a pretty affordable phone from a somewhat unknown company, but the phone that brings some flagship, specs and features to the entry level market. So for specs we get the mediatek g90tt. We have eight gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage, not to mention that the phone can take two sim cards and an sd card at the same time. So you can easily expand that internal storage and for those of you that are wondering this phone gets an antutu score of over 280 000, and you already know that when you get the score that high the phone will perform really well. So, yes, i can confirm that this is one of the fastest budget, friendly phones that i’ve tried, and, on top of that you also get a 6.85 inch screen. This is an ips panel, the 1080p resolution and a 90 hertz refresh rate once again, something that you don’t usually see with a lot of budget phones. So whenever you’re scrolling through your feed on facebook, for example, the phone does feel extremely smooth. So, as i said, this is one of the quickest budget, friendly phones that i’ve tried so far. The phone is made out of a combination of metal, plastic and glass, so the back here is actually made out of plastic and you don’t necessarily get that premium. Feel that you would get from some other more expensive devices, but for the price.

I feel that it’s good enough. The frame here is made out of metal on the right hand, side of the frame. We also have the fingerprint scanner, and i have to say that this is one of the fastest fingerprint scanners that i’ve tried on any budget friendly device. So all you have to do is touch that fingerprint scanner and the screen will unlock and it takes like less than half a second for the screen to unlock so very quick, um fingerprint scanner at the bottom. We also have a 3.5 mil audio jack. So if you want to plug in some headphones, you can we have the usbc charging port and the holes for the speaker. Unfortunately, this is the only speaker available with other phones, we’ve seen a speaker at the top and one at the bottom. Well, this one, we only have one at the bottom here and it sounds decent, but definitely not the best speaker that i’ve heard – and this is a quick example, so you can hear how the speaker, Music sounds Music inside it. We also have a 4 500 milliamp hour battery and you can typically get between 8 and 12 hours of screen on time, depending how you use the phone. Of course, if you’re gon na play games, you’re not going to be able to get the 12 hours. But if you just watch videos, you can easily get 12 hours on one charge. The phone also supports fast charging, so charging this from zero to 100 is done about an hour and 40 minutes.

So for a budget phone once again, the battery life and the charging is pretty decent. As for cameras, we have a lot of cameras on the front and on the back more cameras that you see on a lot of flagships on the front. Here we have two cameras: the main camera and one that’s a bit wider. So if you want to take some group selfies, you can now the quality from the front facing cameras is just average or maybe just below average. But personally i was kind of expecting that, because a lot of budget phones have to cut corners somewhere, so the cameras aren’t going to be the best thing about this phone on the back. Here we have the main lens. We have an ultra wide lens and two other cameras that are there mostly for marketing reasons, but the cameras do seem to do decent enough um during the day and during the night there is a night mode in there as well. The pictures may not look as good as you’d get from a flagship, but once again for the price of the phone, i feel that it does some decent enough. Now it’s been pretty cold over the past few days, so i haven’t really been out with the phone taking pictures because my hands would just freeze. So i just took a few pictures around the house um here, but, as you can see, they do look decent. The maximum recording resolution of this device is 4k, but if you’re recording in 4k doesn’t seem to have image stabilization or the image stabilization doesn’t work as good, so you’re, probably better off to recording 1080p, because the image stabilization works much much better at that resolution, and These are a couple of examples of videos that i recorded with this phone the other day all right.

This is a quick recording with the infinix 08 smartphone. So the maximum recording resolution for this device is 4k 30 frames per second that’s. The resolution that i’m filming with now, but the image stabilization doesn’t seem to be that great at this resolution. If i switch the resolution to 1080p, the image stabilization does seem a bit better but yeah. This is how 4k recording from this device would look like and for our second test i switched the resolution to 1080p at 30 frames per second and the image stabilization does seem much better at this resolution, as you can probably see for yourself. So 1080p 30 frames per second with the infinix zero eight. So up until now, everything about this phone did seem pretty decent, considering the price of it right. Well, that’s about to change. So this one runs android 10, but unfortunately, on top of that android 10 um there is a skin called xos and i have to say this: xos is the worst skin that i have seen in the past three years, i’m gon na say it’s kind of a Combination of the miui from seven years ago, combined with meizu’s skin from like eight years ago. So aside from the phone coming with a bunch of apps that you have to uninstall useless apps, then you always get these pop ups. So the phone telling you to change the themes change this, do that install apps. It even makes random folders on your screen with apps that you should install so xos is garbage i’m going to say now.

If you put xos aside, everything else does work really good. That’S the sad part about this phone. This could have been such a great phone with something closer to stock android. So using any application works extremely well. The apps open super quick. There is no lag for any application, but then you exit the application, and then you see xos again, and then you get three more pop ups about something that the phone wants you to do so, even though most applications work really good. I just cannot get over um xos i’ve also tried the gps unit inside the phone and that one works great as well. It takes maybe a second to find your location once your location is found, it doesn’t seem to lose it, and the phone does have a bunch of sensors as well, so to quickly conclude this video. This phone is great in many ways taking in consideration the price it is super fast. The screen looks great. We have a high refresh rate on the screen. The screen even gets brighter than most budget phones on out there. So in many ways the phone is great. One of the fastest fingerprint scanners kind of average cameras, but normal for the price, so great phone in many ways, except for x os, but maybe for some people they may actually like xos. Maybe it’s gon na show you some new apps that you’ve never tried, but that’s. Definitely not something that i appreciate with my phone.

My phone has to stay without any pop ups. I don’t need to know about any new apps or anything like that, so it may be great for some but um if you don’t, like all that stuff, this one may not be for you, but otherwise it could have been a really really good phone.