3. The latest update to ios 14. inside of it is apple per raw. Now you might have heard of this when they did the iphone 12 pro and 12 pro max announcement that they were coming out with this in a way to give you more enhancement to your photography, more information. So you can edit your pictures more and do a lot more creative things with it, but you might not have tried it yet if you haven’t tried it. Please do so to me. This changes the game for smartphone photography. We have been able to shoot raw before using adobe, lightroom app or any third party app. You know the app store, but it’s not the same as what apple’s doing what they have done, essentially with apple pro raw, which makes it unique. Is they have given you, this computational photography aspect to it that you get in your jpegs, but now they’ve applied it to the raw file. So then, when you import it into lightroom or capture one or if you even want to edit on your own smartphone, all that information is still there, so the image still looks really good, but it’s. A much larger image gives you much better dynamic range gives you much more details to it, so you can really hone down and edit this almost like what you would do on a standard camera system anyway. What i’m going to do now is i’m, going to go into lightroom and i’m going to walk you through some of the images i’ve taken with apple pro raw, how i can edit them and my final thoughts on this and how i believe, it’s a game.

Changer let’s go into lightroom check it out all right guys. We’Re now in lightroom, take a look at images of apple pro raw. Now the phone i use is the iphone 12 pro max apple. Pro is currently available on the 12 pro and 12 pro max now. I’Ll show you the differences between the jpeg and raw i’ll, show you in terms of dynamic range and editing throughout a variety of these images. Here now for a lot of you that are already into photography, you know the difference between raw and jpeg, but for those who are new to this, that might not understand it just yet. I just want to give you a difference, so you understand how significant apple pro raw is to the photography community and why. I think this is gon na, be a big deal for smartphone photography going forward. Okay, so let’s look at this first image here. This is of santa. I took this last night in front of a shopping mall where near where i live, and you know right out of camera, looks pretty good right. You got the reds, you got the whites, it looks. Okay, right, you know, maybe would add a little bit of saturation and then you’re good to go right. Okay, this is the raw image. The reds are a little bit different right, a little bit more, a little more punch to them. The beard looks like it has more detail his glove.

His face now. Let’S add the edit to it right now. This is an edit. I did prior to this uh video and look at this i’m able to play with the highlights a lot more i’m able to play with the shadows a lot more and i’m still able to retain a lot of information in this image. Now. Theoretically, if i took these same exact settings, let me copy them and apply them to the jpeg. It should look the same right if both files are the same size and have the same type of information. It doesn’t look at the difference in terms of color and in terms of image quality. The color is all muddy: it’s, yellow there’s, some green there’s, some purple bleeding over here, the reds it’s, just all it’s a mess right now. I can do some adjustments on this, but you know i can save some of it, but it’s not the same. Also. Look at this building in the back, this hotel gem right bring the shadows down, but i bring that up. Look at all this noise coming into play. Look how the image is breaking up right here now. This is a 3.85 megabyte image versus a 27.63 megabyte image. So there is a difference in terms of image, size and that’s, also what’s, going to help in terms of retain information. Again, let me do that same edit on this. Bring the shadows down here and bring them up here.

Look how the noise is controlled over here. I can still see the detail of the building right here, whereas the other one it’s all broken up. Look at that it’s all grainy it’s, just all over the place, look how this is controlled and that’s the difference with apple pro raw is it’s still giving that computational photography but it’s, giving you that file size and all that information. So you can really fine tune. The image to be what you want it to be, so, if you have you know, overexposed certain areas or you’ve underexposed, certain areas, because of where you’re at or because the cameras take doing its own thing, you can rescue a lot of these images. Let me show you another example of this as well case in point here’s, my dog praha. We were doing a walk in botanical gardens now. This is after an edit that i did on it here’s before edit. Look how this is all overexposed right here right. This is all blown out, it’s clipping it looks like it’s a mess, but after edit i’m able to rescue all this information again. This is quite impressive. All right now, you still are going to deal with the size of a sensor, no matter what on smartphone, photography, it’s, never going to be as sharp or it’s going to have that same overall. Look as a full frame or aps c sensor coming out of a camera let’s be realistic.

Smartphone photography is getting a lot better, but the physical size of a sensor will still make a big difference, but what apple’s doing with apple pro raw is really taking smartphone photography. The next step up now. Also with this. If i want to show you some of the edits on this, i adjusted the highlights the shadows. I played a little around with this a little bit more and it still looks good look at this blow. It out bring it down. It’S all retained all the information. There is retained very, very impressive. Now in terms of the three cameras on the iphone. Not all the cameras are the same quality. The main camera, of course, having the largest sensor on the 12 pro max will have better image. Quality versus the other two, let me show you an example of this. This was taken at uh gardens by the bay now this is after edit here’s before edit, and this is with the wide angle lens, and you know the highlights have been blown out there. I was able to rescue them and it looks decent right, but when you get up close, of course, it’s all going to look a little bit muddy. Everything else like that. This is part of what we talk about in terms of smartphone photography, the size of the sensor, the amount of light that’s able to come in the amount of information, the amount of detail. This is still shot in apple pro raw, because you can use apple pro raw on all three cameras, but the quality of the image will differ from the main camera that’s, just how it is currently right.

Now i don’t think apple could put the same sensor in all three cameras, otherwise that would be a massive camera housing on the back of the iphone. Some of us would like that, but others probably wouldn’t. So you know maybe it’ll happen in the future. Who knows, but this is just to give you another example of apple pro raw on the wide angle, uh camera let’s. Look at another image in terms of this i’m, taking a marina barrage just to kind of get you towards that sunset uh. We wanted to see gardens by the bay we’ve got the ferris wheel, all that information here and but, as you can see, it’s quite muddy around this area. This is after edit. This is before edit after edit before edit. So i can still rescue a lot of the shadows and the highlights – and you know save a lot of that information but in terms of you know, overall detail. You are gon na be quite limited with the wide angle, camera let’s look at the telephoto camera for a second here now. This was a picture of a panerai watch that took it at the boutique and i wanted to get up close to it, because i was a little bit of a distance away and, as you get closer to it, you’re going to notice that the image is. You know it’s, not that sharp i mean it’s. This is an apple pro raw. All these images are apple pro, but this is the difference between the telephoto camera versus the main camera, which i’m going to show you right now.

This is with the main camera. Look at this shot. Look how sharp this is look. How beautiful this is. This is before edit after edit before edit after edit. This is beautiful. I showed this image to a number of people. They had no idea. I took this with a smartphone now. The depth of field i have here is because i got i brought the camera closer to the watch, because there is no portrait mode in the camera system when you’re using apple pro raw. So do keep that in mind. This might come in a future update, we don’t know or maybe it’ll come out when they improve the camera systems. I don’t know what it is, but at this time you cannot get any sort of depth of field without you naturally doing it by getting closer to your subject. Okay, so it’s not a deal breaker, just something you need to take in consideration and that’s what i was doing with these shots. I was just bringing the the phone camera very close to it. It’S got some pretty good macro capabilities and you know, gets a nice depth of field. That is natural and it looks really good um here’s, some other images here, just taking with apple pro raw. I did some edits with these and again, as you can tell it’s, really interesting what you can do with the images once you have a lot more information to them and the average file size on apple pro raw is about 27 to 30 megabytes.

An image versus three to four megabytes, an image, so you are going to get a lot more detail a lot just better overall image quality coming out of this um, even with this leica camera that i took a picture of this here. This is before edit after edit, before edit after edit, i was able to bring down the highlights around the leica name. Here, you know save some of the detail around the camera. This is why we like shooting in raw, because sometimes we’re, not in the optimal conditions, and we have to rely on lightroom or capture one or another, editing software to sort of rescue or save our images or add a creative element to our images and that’s. Why? We shoot in raw and that’s why i’m really happy apple has done this it’s just made for smartphone photography a lot more fun. Also let’s. Look at this image for a second low light performance right, main camera here’s, some pebbles that were outside of the condo where i live. This is the light source coming from there. This is after edit here’s before it after edit before edit, but look how it retains so in apple pro raw you’re, still getting that computational photography so you’re getting a really good noise reduction in this. I haven’t added any noise reduction to this at all and it looks really good, alright, so again, very impressive. What i’m seeing out of apple, i have to say, i’m liking, where they’re going with this, and i can’t wait to see more okay, as you saw in lightroom.

What you can do with pictures out of the iphone 12 pro and 12 pro max is very impressive. I’M, getting dynamic range equivalent to some of the cameras that i test here on this channel, but coming out of an iphone and the fact that i could actually blow these up. I could print them. I could use them for professional work and a lot of people. Wouldn’T know that i’m actually using a smartphone that’s how good these files are now, of course, you are losing portrait mode, as i mentioned before, in lightroom, but you are gaining a lot more information, a lot more detail to your image, which is something a lot of Us have been wanting for quite some time, but the same time we didn’t want a grainy image that usually comes when you have no processing to your raw files. It’S all now inside of this apple pro raw is no joke. So now we got to think about what happens to video. Are we gon na get apple, a log to our video? Are we gon na be able to grade our video like we can out of a camera like i’m using right now, the s1h i think it’s coming sooner than we think, and that will be pretty damn amazing anyway. Those are my thoughts on apple pro raw. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Are you using it? Yet if you haven’t, why not, anyway, follow us on facebook subscribe to us on youtube, be safe out there and we’ll chat to you soon.