com and 2020. The worst year ever is coming to an end and it’s time to talk about the best smartphones of 2020 but i’m. Here to present the b bomb smartphone awards and yeah it’s gon na be awesome. Now we have the usual award categories, but this year we also have this really special award that i think you shouldn’t miss now let’s start with the first award category, the best budget smartphone of 2020.. So we got a lot of great budget smartphones around the 15k price range in 2020. there was the poco x2, the poco x3, the redmi note 9 pro or pro max the real me 7 and the motorola 1 fusion plus. So these are all good budget smartphones, but the award for the best budget smartphone of 2020 goes to the poco x2. Now the poke x2 isn’t an absolutely perfect phone it’s kind of big, but i think it’s the best phone in this category in terms of display performance or cameras. In fact, i think it’s even better than the newer poco x3, because the x2 is just better when it comes to design and cameras, so yup the x2. It is Music. So this year we have another award category in the budget, smartphone segment, the best budget smartphone for experience. Now we decided on this category because let’s face it. The one big problem with budget smartphones this year and the past years as well, is on the software experience front, there’s ads privacy issues, bloatware, etc in a lot of skins, so which is the best budget smartphone for experience, there’s the micromax in note 1, the motorola One fusion plus and the nokia 5.

3 well, our pick for the award is the motorola one, fusion, plus Applause and that’s, because this is a phone that’s overall, a better, rounded smartphone than the others. I know it’s a little pricey and has some cons but it’s, mostly a very good smartphone when it comes to the design, the performance and the battery and, of course, the smartphone experience Music, so mid ranges were kind of happening in 2020. I mean i feel that the mid ranges of 2020 are the budget flagship result because they were affordable and they were high end. So a lot of great phones, the redmi 7 pro the galaxy m51, the new moto g5 g, the oneplus note and the pixel 4a. I personally, like all of these smartphones and i’ve used them, but the winner of the best mid range smartphone award is without any doubt the oneplus. Not i mean i was confused between the oneplus nord and the pixel 4a, but the nod is the more powerful phone has a high refresh rate screen has 5g support for future proofing, and it too has a clean software experience now i know the cameras aren’t. The best but other than that, all the other factors make it the best smartphone in this price range, so the oneplus not deserves it Music. So this is another award category that we created this year, because in 2020, 90 of the smartphones launched were big bulky hefty. In fact, when we were thinking of the contenders for this award, we thought really hard and we only came up with four smartphones.

First, the obvious: the iphone 12 mini then there’s, the google pixel 4a, the galaxy s20, which is a little taller, but still very compact, and lastly, the iphone se. So all of these are great compact phones, as you can see from the size dimensions and the weight. So the winner of the best compact smartphone award goes to the pixel 4a. Honestly, we were confused between the iphone 12 mini and the pixel 4a, both very, very compact phones, but at the end of the day we went for the pixel 4a from an indian smartphone market perspective, see the iphone 12 mini costs 70k and that’s a lot of Money, the pixel 4a is one of my favorite phones of this year and it’s not cheap, but it’s, not crazy, expensive either. So the pixel 4 wins this award Music, so budget flagships haven’t been very budgety or affordable. This year, they’ve gone from 30k to 40 to 50k, but not everyone can afford a note, 20 ultra or an iphone 12 pro or iphone 12. So in that case, which is the not so budget, but not too crazy, expensive flagship this year, so the contenders are the galaxy s20 fe, the oneplus 8t, the mate 10, the meat nt pro and the real me x50 pro. So the winner of the best, not so budget flagship award, goes to the oneplus 8t. Now it was a tough call here, because the mi 10 and the galaxy s20 fe have very good, almost flagship, great cameras, but the s20 fe has exynos 990 and the mi 10 is a big hefty phone and it also has miui.

So the winner is oneplus. 8T, which isn’t anything flashy or out of the world but it’s, just the better all around package with the software experience the design and it’s crazy, fast charging. So we did not see a lot of gaming phones this year in india there was the iq3, but that was kind of okay. Now, apart from that, there was no competition at all and i think there’s only one clear winner in the best gaming phone of 2020 category. Well, the best gaming phone award of 2020 goes to the obvious rog phone 3.. Honestly, even if gaming falls out of launch and other countries came to india, the rog phone 3 would still win this award because it actually brings the ultimate gaming phone experience. I mean it has the cutting edge pegs, the gaming features like air triggers 3 motion, sensor, etc, and the gaming accessories that no other phone can match so it’s without a doubt, the ultimate gaming phone of the year Music, so the best flagship smartphone of 2020. Now, a lot of good flagships launched this year, someone plus joined the party this year with the oneplus 8 pro the iphone 12 series was here. The samsung flagships were interesting too, with the note 20 ultra looking stunning open launched its flagship 5×2 series so which is like the absolute best flagship smartphone of 2020.. Well, the award goes to the iphone 12. Applause, not the pro, not the pro max, but the iphone 12, because it brings the latest iphone specs and features error slightly less crazier price when compared to the 12 pro 12 pro max, i mean the only major things That the iphone 12 misses out on is the lidar scanner and the telephoto lens.

So overall, the iphone 12 is definitely the best flagship smartphone of 2020. Music. The phone of the year 2020 so, which is a phone that qualifies to be the phone of the year, see any phone that you know brings about a change. A disruptive change in the smartphone industry qualifies to be the phone of the year. Well, i’m: not going to waste any more time. Let me just announce the phone of the year 2820., so the forum of the year award for 2020 goes to the iphone 12 mini and that’s, because in a world filled with crazy, big phones, the iphone 12 mini is the absolute bona fide compact flagship. I mean there are other compact phones, like the ones i talked about earlier, but the iphone 12 mini is a phone that i believe, will start a trend of more compact and more mini phones that don’t actually compromise on the specs or the features. So yes, the iphone 12 mini is our phone of the year. Moving on, like i said at the start, there’s one more special award category this year and it’s the drumroll, please the best rebranding award yeah. So this is an award category that makes a lot of sense in 2020 because a lot of companies just launched rebranded products this year. So xiaomi rebranded read me phones to poco phones and we were all a little disappointed. Realme launched the same phones with slide tweaks. I mean will be seven seven i and nasa 20 pro samsung launched the same phones under the galaxy, a series m series and then again on the f series.

Even apple did it with the iphone se 2.. Now not just fours, though chip makers did it too qualcomm lost the same processors again and again at different games with some minor changes: 730 g, 720 g, 765 g, 768 g, yeah media tech, 2, g90, dt, g95, g80, g85. So yes, it was pretty weird. So rebranding was the name of the game in 2020, but we are not giving away this award to any one of these companies. We want you guys to decide which is the winner of the best rebranding award so which company do you think deserves the best rebranding award in 2020, just tweet what you think tag the company that you think deserves this prestigious award and make sure to use the Hashtag b bomb awards and yeah let’s see who’s the winner anyway there’s one last award left it’s gadget of the year 2020. Music. So we got a lot of cool gadgets in 2020, but i think there’s only one gadget that almost every single person used in 2020.. The gadget i’m talking about has to be the most used gadget, the most in your face gadget of 2020 um, any guesses, well, the gadget of the year 2020. Is this your friendly neighborhood infrared thermometer? I think it deserves this award. What do you guys think? Did you get it right comment, but that pretty much sums up our b bomb smartphone awards? So what do you guys think of the winners and the nominees tell us in the comment section below and we have a lot of cool videos coming up for the end of the year.

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