. Everyone had definitely been noticing major flagship phones going up in price from the 1000 to 2000 price range.. Now we see Google deciding not follow the same path. As to why to quote Googles senior vice president of devices and services, Rick Osterloh. What the world doesnt seem like it needs right now is another 1000 phone., But is the price tag enough to convince people to stay with the Pixel line, or even switch over Im going to review the Pixel 5 from the lead up to the phone? To my personal experience, with the phone., Like with many other phones, leaks came out for the Pixel 5.. They started out at the beginning of the year and more information and guesses were occurring, leading up to the phone.. The phone would be available in 9 countries on release United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, France, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and Australia.. Google showed a side picture of the Pixel 5 back in August, and Google Japan released a picture of the front of the phone in a tweet on September 24th that was later deleted.. Some more leaked pictures of the phone came out which allowed people to be able to guess more of the phones specs.. They believed that the phone would have a Snapdragon 765G processor display with a 6 inch 2340 x, 1080 OLED screen. Have a 1959 aspect ratio come with a smooth 90Hz refresh rate screen include 2 rear cameras, a 12.2MP main camera and a 16MP ultrawide camera sport.

An 8MP selfie camera include 8GB of RAM hold up to 128 GB of internal storage, come with a 4080 mAH battery. Have an IP68 water resistance rating and include 18W USB C charging. People were afraid that, even though the phone would support 5G, it would only support Sub 6GHz 5G networks and not the mmWave 5G.. The leaks were definitely interesting and now we can see how close they were.. The only part that seemed to have been wrong is the phone does support 5G mmWave.. So you can lay your worries to rest for those that were concerned that the Pixel 5 wouldnt have the best 5G experience at the moment.. Another thing I wanted to mention is something called the Titan M Security Chip.. You probably have noticed it with Googles. Most recent commercials with this phone – and I wanted to know why this was such a big deal.. According to safety.google, The enterprise grade Titan M security chip was custom built to help protect your most sensitive data. Derived from the same chip. We use to protect Google Cloud data centers. It handles your most sensitive processes and information such as passcode protection, encryption and secure transactions in apps.. To put it in simpler terms, the chip is responsible for doing most of the heavy lifting when it comes to authentication, verification and security of your phone from checking. The operating system has not been tampered with when you turn your phone on to verifying encryptiondecryption keys for data moving in and out of the Pixel phone.

. It is also there to protect you from phishing when you are on a secured website.. Overall, I can say that Google doesnt seem to be trying to win people over with the specs of this phone.. If they were, they would have put in the latest, Snapdragon Processor and maybe even more RAM. Specs can be very flashy to those that know what they mean, but they dont mean much to people that just want a reliable everyday premium phone.. So what is it like to have this phone. Ive been carrying this phone for about 2 weeks and have put on a screen protector and case.? I came from the Pixel 2, so I was already used to some of the features such as the long battery life. The great camera, the touch unlock sensor and so on. On regular day to day use. I am able to get this phone to last, a little less than 2 days, which is great. On heavy use a little over a day and barely any use a little over 3 days.. The phone is also very smooth with that 90Hz screen and the difference is subtle, but not subtle enough to not enjoy. The colors on the screen are great and I am very happy. They fixed the issue that was on the Pixel 2 XL, where, for some odd reason in a darker area scrolling through the screen made darker colors, especially black, noticeably smear and lag., But that doesnt happen with this phone.

. My last great point would be the wireless charging., While it is slightly slower than plugging in it still gets the job done and, in my opinion, is less of a hassle.. Now the entire back is not wireless charging combatable just a specific area on the back.. So you have to make sure you dont put it at a weird angle or too far off the charging pad when you put the phone down. Now on to something that really disappointed me. The lack of dual front facing speakers.. I really liked this and to move to an in screen speaker and a bottom speaker just seems like a step back to me.. I always felt like the dual front facing speakers were here to stay, that it was revolutionary.. The only reasons I could think that they would get rid of them are to get that certain water and dust resistance rating on the phone was well as get the near bezel less look.. For those worried about the in screen speaker for calls, I would say that the sound is crisp and you would have no problem hearing. For those that love media and were used to listening on dual front facing speakers. Youll just have to either turn up the volume or cup your hand in a certain way to get to as similar an experience as you used to have.. Before I move onto the photo and video quality of the phone, I want to show you some test benches.

I ran with the phone using two Android apps Geekbench 5 and 3DMark. Geekbench 5 measures, the CPU performance of the phone and figures out the full potential of the CPU. At the end of the test. It gives a score that can be compared to other devices. 3DMark benchmarks, the GPU and CPU performance of the phone, and gives a score that you can compare to other devices. On Geekbench 5 out of 10 tests. The Google Pixel 5 scored an average of 573.2 a high of 583 and a low of 560 on Single Core Score and an average of 1574.3 a high of 1599 and a low of 1550 on Multi Core Score. On 3DMark out of 10 tests. The Google Pixel 5 scored an average of 1019.1 a high of 1076 and a low of 936.. It is no surprise that the Google Pixel 5 falls far behind other flagship phones due to the phone having a last gen processor. Now to get to what Pixel phones are best known for the camera.. Instead of relying on many cameras to get just the right photo. Google uses software and AI to better enhance your photos.. There is a 12.2 MP main camera and a 16 MP ultrawide camera.. The pictures turn out as well as you would expect, which is very good.. I tried to take pictures in different lights.. Obviously, the camera does well in full light and half light, but I was very curious how they would deal with very little light.

. Well, Google seems to use something called Night Sight.. You basically are able to take a photo wait about 3 to 5 seconds and then the photo is taken.. I believe this is needed, so the phone can light up certain areas on its own through software.. This was probably also added to avoid using the flash and getting that grainy look. You usually get when taking a photo with flash.. I would say the night sight does pretty well., You wont see as vibrant colors as you would, if you just took it in full or even half light, but the software seems to do well in guessing what colors belong where and which areas should be brightened.. As for how the camera deals with certain colors, I noticed that the Pixel 5 has a liking for warmer colors.. It tends to brighten up colors like red to make them stand out more while darkening cooler, colors, like blue.. This picture of the side of a small building really confirms this, with the red around the window area being a brighter red and the brick being a slightly darker light blue.. I also noticed that the phone likes to darken green a little more than it really is.. This can be seen on this tree and the roof and door of this building.. One thing I really commend the pixel on is getting light reflection just right.. It was able to perfectly match the real life light bouncing off of the roof and get the brightness on some of the picnic table in this shot very well.

. When it comes to the ultrawide, I would say it does its job.. In order to achieve this, the camera zooms out by 0.6x., I would say it does help if you dont want to step away or if your object of focus is wider than you initially realized.. Here is a picture of Pittsburgh with the camera not zoomed out and one with the camera zoomed out using the ultrawide camera. With the ultrawide. You are able to see the tree on the left, as well as the yellow bridge on the right.. The front camera works. Pretty well too. Google again relies on software and AI to do certain things automatically, such as detailing and blurring out backgrounds. To make you the center of the photo. One complaint I do have for the software is that it seems to overdo corrections a bit much sometimes.. One photo, I really noticed this in was this one where I took a selfy outside and for some reason the software seemed to have squished or thinned my face a little more than it actually is.. Here are two other photos of me taken on the same camera, where it didnt do that. My only guess as to why it decided to thin my face was it was trying to make me the focus of the photo, but by doing that, it kind of went Overboard, unlike the other photos where it didnt try to make me the sole focus of the photo.

One thing I was very excited about when switching from the Pixel 2 XL to the Pixel 5 was the 4K video recording at 60 FPS.. The Pixel 2 XL only had 4K 30 FPS and it was very noticeable when the target focus is moving fast.. Actually, the parts with me holding the Pixel 5 is being shot on the Pixel 2 XL and I decided to shoot it in 4K, 30 FPS. Only because I wouldnt be moving that much., I show off the 4K 60 FPS through this video of my dogs running around.. I chose this example because I wanted to show off the lack of blur in this video shot of multiple fast moving objects.. I did have another video to show off, but I realized later that by default the Pixel 5 shoots at 4K. 30Fps. Here is a small snip it of a video of Pittsburgh in 4K 30FPS.. I do want you all to know that there are more glitches happening with the Pixel 5 and the Android 11 operating system in general.. I want to mention this because more UI glitches have been happening since Android 10 and Google does not seem to patch these. For some reason. One glitch that comes to my mind immediately is if you swipe up the wrong way, all of the icons on the home screen just get smaller.. This is usually fixed if you lock and unlock the screen. Another issue, and you can call it a glitch.

If you want is when transferring data from an old phone to a new phone at the beginning, the Pixel 5 will instead attempt to charge your other device, and I have not found a way around this.. I had to rely on the Google backup, as well as Bluetooth, in order to transfer most of my data to the new phone.. So after the initial recording, I actually found out that there was a way to transfer data after the phone is turned on and if you decide to skip the transfer, it actually is quite easy.. You just have to click on the pixel setup, isn’t done notification and then finish the setup.. There would have been a way to fix the issue where it wouldn’t have transferred data, because you could have controlled the fact. The Pixel 5 was charging it by changing it from charge device to transfer files, and you could have also chosen to either transfer from the Pixel 5 to the other device or from the other device to the Pixel 5 inside the pixel settings.. After knowing all of this, should you buy this phone Unless initially exclusive software features or wireless charging is very important, no. Another pixel 5G phone came out as well. The Pixel 4a 5G. The much cheaper alternative coming in at 499 msrp with a sale going on at the time of this writing from Google knocking the price down to 459.. The Pixel 4a 5G has nearly all the same features of the Pixel 5, excluding wireless charging and an IP rating.

. It does include a headphone jack which, depending on who you are might be a big deal. Breaker. This year is definitely an awkward one for Google coming out with 2 5G phones, with the main differences between the two really only being the wireless charging headphone jack and an IP water and dust resistance. Rating., I can see they are trying to move away from the premium priced phones, but they probably should have just released the Pixel 4a 5G, since that is what most people are probably going to get. As to why I bought this phone. The wireless charging and some of the software features really enticed me.. The fact that I came from the Pixel 2 XL was also a big factor, since I wanted to just skip to the latest generation and not look back.. If you found this video helpful or liked it click that, like button., If you didnt, like the video or didnt, find it helpful hit. Dislike., Let me know down below, is the Pixel 5 worth the price, or should you stick with its cheaper sibling? The Pixel 4a 5G.