Within this price point, the infinix or 10 lite currently retails around 88 on earliest price. But is this the best smartphone you can get under 100 let’s find out hi everyone steve here with drought, africa. I had the hotend light over a month and in this review, i’ll be summarizing. Five key reasons why this device is one of the best sub 100 dollar smartphone, currently in the market, so without further ado let’s get into it number. One of them is the 6.6 inches hd plus display. There are so many smartphones out there with 6.6 inches display and a 720 by 1600 pieces resolution, but only few almost known is offered within this price point except the hotend light from infinix. I had this device at the time i was reviewing xiaomi’s redmi nicey and if you ask me to choose my display of choice between these two smartphones, i would definitely go with the display on the hot 10 light. It is bright and clear, and even though color reproduction is not the best, the extra brightness make icons and text on the screen to be both sharp and punchy. The second thing i like with this device is the camera. Now, let me tell you a story. One of my friend wanted to get a phone for his wife within the budget of 50 to 60 000 nigerian ira. That is about 120 250 us dollars. So i told him to get the redmi nicey for her, which he did then suddenly his own phone got damaged within same week and he asked me to recommend a phone within 40 to 50 000 era for himself, and i told him to get the hotel light.

Now guess what happened when the hotel light eventually arrived? The wife said she wanted the whole ten light instead of the redmi night, see why, because of camera? Well, that is the choice of a woman and probably the choice of every non techy folk out there. But in reality what infinix is doing is using artificial intelligence to expose the image making it look brighter than the redmi noise, but this same ai feature sometimes blow things out of proportion. Here is what i mean take a look at these two images. Why the redmi 90 maintains a rather normal exposure. It is difficult to tell the retexture of the white flurry area in the image captured by the hot nightlight due to overexposure, and that reminds me please, if you are liking, this video don’t forget to give it a thumb up and if you are new in here, A sub to the channel will help us a long way and, of course that is if it is okay by you now. What else makes the hot 10 light a great choice under 880 us dollars battery power infinix listed the hotend light has having 5000 milliamp battery with 10 watt super fast charger now? Does the device have 5000 milliamp battery? Yes, it does, but does it charge fast? No, at least not in my case, you can expect a solid 2 days of moderate use, but don’t expect to charge the battery from 0 to 100 percent anything below 4 hours due to slow charging.

Then we also talk on the design of the phone, which is consistent with 2020 trends. It has a traditional buttons and port layouts, except for the 3.5 mm audio jack, which joins the usb port and loudspeaker grill at the basement. While a two drop notch sits above the display, which is also the home of the selfie camera, turning to the back there is this shiny, glossy finishing that reveals x, shape when light shines on it. Within this rear cover, there is a little bumped camera model that houses the red triple cameras, along with a single led flash and a fingerprint scanner sitting in the middle. Now, while the design looks great the built quality isn’t there is this fisky annoying sound when attempting to interact with the volume, rockers and you’ll get this overall, i miss a 100 message when handling the phone and finally, google android tango edition, underneath a heavily teamed. Xos 6.2: this os is fast and well optimized, but sadly that is all i can say on the positive side. Remember it’s a review right. Okay, so you are getting a fast, but yet bloated os with ads and unwanted apps, the device will keep sending you. Many notifications to install useless and unnecessary apps apps that themselves are full of google ads. The preloaded chrome browser is not original. Google chrome browser either, but a customized browser with google ads right from the starting page seriously. At this point, the hotend light is not looking like a roasted good to me.

If you understand what i mean, and the major reason for this is the blue twist. As for performance, the device takes support from the mediatex helio 820 chipset, a quad core cpu clocked at 1.8 gigahertz along with power, vr ge8320 gpu, 2 gigabyte of ram and 82 gigabytes built in storage. Here is how much the device could score in a 2 jeep bench and opengl 3.5 in real life test. My favorite sport game loaded fairly smooth, as did other daily lifestyle apps here, is how they hold 10 light thread against redmi 9c when loading and switching between apps now is this the best phone that 90 us dollars can buy currently well. The five point above have enumerated on that already, but, as you must have noticed, listening between the lines, the device itself is not perfect because it has its own issues. But if you decide to settle for it, trust me you will not regret the purchase.