It’S got a new design, better specs and 5g finally on board, but like that’s, not saying much uh, the iphone 12 pro max is not that drastically different from anything we’ve. Seen from any previous iphone the 12 pro max, the phone that i chose to buy and the one that’s been in my pocket for the better part of the past month and since launch things have changed, software has been improved and some early issues are no longer Problems but all of that sort of being said, let’s find out if the iphone 12 pro max lives up to its name. So, like aside from the size and the build which we’ll talk about the biggest upgrade and the reason i think a lot of people are considering the 12 pro max is for the cameras. And if you look at this on paper, it might appear that the 12 promax cameras are significantly better than the 12 pro and the iphone 12. When you hold these photos up side by side, you’ll see the differences are not as drastic as you might have thought. Now, it’s not to say there aren’t differences and there certainly are you just – might not notice unless you start to really do some serious, like pixel peeping on the photos. There’S subtle improvements, but those subtle improvements, give apple sort of more raw power to improve throughout the year and as i look at these photos and compare them side by side, the difference is while being very small and not overtly noticeable.

There are situations and instances where you can see a difference, so the big story is, is the main shooter, the the wide angle, camera and the sensor is much bigger here, and it offers a lot of improvements, obviously, on the stability side, but the biggest, i think Is in depth of field, so obviously portrait mode is like a huge deal right. You get the blur in the background, whatever you’ve got in focus looks great, but having that bigger sensor allows kind of that to happen naturally and not artificially. So you end up with a blurred bokeh background in pictures, even without portrait mode, it’s, a small thing – and i don’t notice it all that often, but when i really pay attention it’s nice to have so low light, i think is where you’re going to see the Biggest difference between the 12 pro max and really anything else in the 12 lineup bigger sensor is going to let more light, and that just makes sense. So what that’s gon na mean is that night mode is not going to kick on as often as it will on the other phones in the 12., so end up getting generally better looking less processed looking shots, whether you are in night time or the best instances When it’s sort of twilight, low, ish light those fringe moments where the 12 pro or the 12 would have gone into night mode, but the 12 pro max doesn’t have to that’s, where you start to see the flexing that the extra sensor can do.

Do you add all of that on top of the already really good, smart, hdr3 and you’ve got a recipe for a really awesome camera each shot is going to look great. Does a nice job with highlights the hdr? Does a really nice job sort of bringing things out in backgrounds color reproduction uh is stupid. Awesome just every shot is, is good, you can, you can see but that’s the main shooter that’s the wide angle and that’s, where the biggest improvements are and i’m happy with what that can do, but that’s not to say the other. Two cameras in the back have had similar improvements. Uh. The ultra wide is essentially untouched from last year and it’s, a sensor that i find myself really not using all that often, but if you’re happy with what it did on the 11 pro max you’re gon na be fine with it on the 12 pro max. Although i still think there should be improvements year over year and then on the zoom it’s gone from two times: optical zoom. To 2.5 i mean it is like a nominal difference and i’m somebody who really uses zoom quite a lot, and i was hoping for three four or five. If there was an area where sort of that extra premium, you’re paying for the pro max should have been on that zoom side and there’s rumors of periscope cameras and zoom getting crazy, stupid awesome over the next few years, but two to 2.

5 well it’s nice. I can zoom that extra point five it’s kind of a joke – i’m, not gon na, go into crazy detail on the video apple’s always been awesome at video. This is your best version of it. It is absolutely amazing the fact that it’s got sort of dolby vision, hdr built in well, not really able to be played back on many things. Uh is awesome in place the power, what the device can do. The larger sensor with sensor shift giving you stabilization stupid. Good video just really looks great, no matter at the frame rate, you’re shooting, no matter if you’re moving or staying still, maybe you’re, not a creator not in the video world and that’s. Fine just know that whatever video you take will look good if those specs matter to you. That alone might be a really good reason to consider going to the 12 pro max. So if you’re looking at this brand new ps5 box uh, i am going to get to it, but there’s a chance that this very box could be yours. I want to tell you guys a bit about mercaria somebody who gets a lot of electronics, and i spend almost all of my money on electronics oftentimes. It makes sense to sell them after i buy them after i’ve used them and and film them and mercari is. I think one of the best marketplaces to buy and sell things. The first things that matter to me is that it’s, secure and safe and they offer buyer protection to make sure that every you buy is going to come as it’s stated and as it should.

So you don’t have to worry about any sort of scam stuff that goes along with it, so it’s peace of mind, and also the deals can be really good um. So, looking at this here, ps5, if you want to pick up let’s, say miles morales it’s going to be about 50 bucks on amazon uh. There is a sale on mccarry for 40 bucks that’s a nice 10 savings. There call of duty same thing: it’s, going to cost you about 70 bucks from amazon, mercari had it for 52., and you can see you get the exact same things just for less so makari sent me a mystery box of things. They thought that i might like, and they were, they were dead on so pair of ear, pods jbl speaker and this ps5, which is very hard to find. I have a ps5. I was lucky enough to get one at launch and i don’t need to hoard ps5s. So i want to give you guys a chance to pick this exact ps5 up for the grand total five dollars, all right, so here’s. What you got to do to get this ps5 so first create a mercari account, download the app get ready to go uh and then again down below there’ll, be a link to the ps5. So like that. So that way, you can be aware of what’s going on with it i’m gon na list it in there for two thousand dollars, a crazy price, no one’s gon na buy and then when it strikes me at a fun time, perhaps off hours, i’m gon na lower The two thousand dollar price to five dollars and if you’ve done all those steps, you will get an alert when that price drops and the first person who goes in and buys it for that.

Five bucks will get this here, ps5 as well as my eternal thanks and gratitude and my gamer tag, so we can play play online together. So again, a big thank you to mercari one of the best places to buy and sell all of your stuff, especially as we get into the holiday season. If you want to find that hard to find product, bakari is the best way to go. So when you hear anybody talk about the 12 pro max, whether it’s youtubers journalists, whatever the first thing you hear is: oh, my goodness, this thing is gigantic: how big it is! I can’t fit my hand around it. How’S anybody gon na use this tablet and fit it in their pants pocket uh. I am somebody who loves big phones, i’ve always used a max version of phones. I go for the bigger version of whatever phone i’m using i’m here to tell you that hype is overblown. It is nominally bigger than the 11 promax that came before it’s gone from 6.5 to 6.7 and these phones, when stacked on top of each other. You can hardly see a difference where that conception of largeness comes from is the new like iphone 4 iphone 5s design with the squared edges, the phone feels bigger in the hand, despite it not actually being that much bigger. So if you are fine with the size of really any of the recent max phones, you will be fine with the size with the 12 pro max.

I know that’s sort of been a lot big reason why people haven’t jumped to the max size phones. I really like the square body. It feels different it’s still feeling familiar, and it feels really premium to me in the hand. I like the fact that it’s got stainless steel on the side, despite being an absolute fingerprint magnet on those bands. This phone just feels really good to me if you flip that phone over and look at the screen, there’s kind of a different story going on there. So i mentioned 6.7 inches, and if there was one area where i thought the 12 pro mac could differentiate itself from the rest of the iphone 12 lineup would have been on the screen and i would have expected a higher refresh rate to make its debut on The 12 pro max 120 hertz, 90 hertz instead apple, was going for that tried and true 60hz, but it does seem like a big miss, especially when the rest of the android world has already moved to higher refresh rate devices. Now, if you’ve ever used a higher refresh rate screen you’re using an iphone it’s going to look absolutely amazing, it’s a great oled screen it’s, just not a high refresh rate polar screen and because the screen is good and the phone is so big. It highlights something – and i don’t generally spend that much time talking about in iphone reviews, and i think it merits itself here in that software.

So i can hold up this 5.4 inch, iphone 12 mini and the 6.7 inch 12 pro max, and despite these being phones meant for very different people. The software experience is mostly the same for a lot of folks that’s, a good thing right, but the more i use the 12 pro max and all the screen real estate kind of the more i find myself wanting it to do extra things. So the big thing and the big thing i notice when i’m on the 12 pro max, is there’s a lot of screen real estate top and bottom. It is a perfect recipe for multitasking being able to run two windowed apps on top of each other and it seems like a giant miss for ios and it’d, be great. If that experience went across all of the iphone 12 lineup but it’s, especially egregious on a screen size that’s, this big, certainly the widgets as well, while it’s awesome that they’re here. Finally, on ios 14, i would have liked the ability to be able to perhaps have more on my home screen here have more customization on my home screen, because it’s, bigger or even have those widgets be more interactive, or, i guess really interactive at all on the Iphone 12 pro max, i think it just boils down to i. I want the screen to feel less like a just a blown up version of any other iphone and offer something different and unique, that’s, not just in the camera department.

So clearly, there are areas for improvements on the software side, but i still think this is a phone. A lot of people should consider for really one reason and that’s battery life. If you take the combination of big screen and 5g you’ve got like a recipe for bad battery life, so i came in not overly optimistic about battery life on the 12 pro max, despite its large size and higher milliamperage uh inside of there, and in the first Couple days of using the phone battery life was not the best, it was maybe about five or six percent worse than it was with the 11 promax, but the more i used the phone and the more it sort of stopped being new, and i was on it More than usual, and software updates came that optimized, coupled with what appears to be the power efficiency of the a14 i’m actually seeing improved battery life, i can generally get eight to nine and a half ish hours battery life. I mean so certainly this isn’t, like the best battery life ever on a phone, but if you care about battery life – and you want to use an iphone – and you want a newer iphone 12 pro max – is definitely the way to go Music. So the answer of, if the 12 pro max is worth it should probably not come as a surprise. It’S generally, the same answer i give every year, if you’ve had the previous version of that phone, so the 12 pro max, probably not worth the upgrade there aren’t any giant reasons, aside from the new design to jump to the 12 pro max from the 11 pro.

But a lot of people – maybe don’t, upgrade their phones year over year, if you’re coming from a 10s max if you’re coming from a 10s or a 10 or a 10r or anything else, it is a gigantic update here in a bigger update than probably we’ve seen In recent years, and at the price point in the size, doesn’t put you off, i recommend picking up the 12 pro max. In fact, i think this should be the phone that you get out of the entire 12 lineup you’re, getting the best. That apple has to offer you’re getting a phone that’ll. Last you for pretty much, however long.