I’M gon na go ahead and say this is the best budget. Smartphone of the year for me again that’s. It thanks for watching also take note that my definition of a budget smartphone is any phone that’s under 200 u.s under around 10 000 philippine pesos and by the end of this video i’ll, tell you why this is my pick for the best budget smartphone of the Year now there are two variants of the poco m3: both of them have 4 gigs of memory, there’s a 64 gig variant and the one that i bought is the 128 gig variant, i’m, just gon na say just buy the 64 gig variant of this. If you were planning on buying this, as i think that’s, what most people will probably buy, the only difference is the 64 gig has ufs 2.1 storage, while the 128 gig has ufs 2.2 and while there’s just a wee bit of difference in speed, boost in write, Speeds on ufs 2.2 that’s, not something you’re gon na notice in day to day use unless you really want or really need that 128 gig capacity, then for me, just go for the 64 gig variant of this and the main reason why i chose the 128 gig Variant is because of the early bird price, so most likely these will be the prices of the poco m3 right now, 6990 and 790, respectively for the 64 gig and 120 gig variant unless they’re on sale again.

The one that i have is the power block and is also available in a cool, blue and poco yellow option. Of course, here are the specs. You guys can just pause the video, the main specs that you guys really need to know is that huge mammoth. Six thousand million per battery with 18 watts of fast charging and the unexpectedly good performing snapdragon 662 chipset and take note mahoya anything that i say that i don’t like about the poco m3 isn’t justified like it’s. Pretty much just me nitpicking at that point. So i’m gon na go home. Oh what do you expect it’s a budget smartphone so far. This is the largest battery capacity that i’ve had on a smartphone at again, six thousand milliamps and i wasn’t expecting the m3 to be just 9.6 millimeters thick. So very nice and that huge battery is a huge contributor to the solid, build quality of the m3, pretty much no flex on the phone. Although take note that this is still a budget phone so for material choices, you have plastic for the mainframe, with a full leather finish at the back, which i really like, because it doesn’t scratch easily and isn’t. A fingerprint magnet like with the glossy plastic finish on my redmi note 9., although this outer part around the triple camera setup with the poco branding, is actually glossy plastic. To my surprise, it actually doesn’t scratch as easily as i initially thought with me, just casually placing this on any surface, but i would definitely use a case or a skin.

If you want this to be scratch free and while i would have preferred it if poco just made this the same faux leather finish, i have to admit this is actually an attractive design for the m3. At the right side, you have the power button, fingerprint scanner, along with the volume rockers, which are nice and clicky. By the way, the side mounted fingerprint scanner feels a bit sluggish, but you know it’s, functional and accurate for the most part. At the left side you have the sim card tray for dual sims and a micro sd card slot, and even though poco didn’t indicate anything about splash or water resistance, we do have a rubber seal around the outer part of the sim card race. So i think the poco m3 is flash resistant, at least i think so so that should give you a peace of mind when using this outside. At the top, we have the ir blaster two holes for the top speaker, grille a 3.5 millimeter jack, which honestly i would have preferred to be at the bottom, but oh well, and the secondary microphone at the bottom. We have the main microphone usb type c charging port and the main speaker grille. Yes, we do technically have a stereo speaker, setup here and i’ll talk about that technically and audio quality in a little bit at the back. We have the triple camera setup and single led flash covered by glass with super triple camera written here at the front we have the 6.

53 inch ips lcd display covered by corning gorilla glass 3.. At the top. We have a teardrop notch with the front facing 8 megapixel sensor above that is the earpiece speaker grille, and no that’s, not a notification led on the right side, but the ir proximity sensor. The side bezels are fairly thin, with a sizeable chin, so i’m gon na put my thoughts on audio quality and the top and bottom bezels in this part of my review. While, technically again, this is a stereo speaker setup and while also the output is really impressive, especially for a budget phone speaker, test output is loud and clear, maybe the best that i’ve heard from a smartphone in a while. The weird thing is the output from the top speaker: grille is significantly weaker compared to the bottom speaker: Music, griddle, Music, and no, this isn’t a problem with my specific unit. As you remember from my unboxing and first impressions video, i also got to unbox and try out my friends, poco m3, so yeah same result, and i guess i kind of expected that considering the size of the top speaker, grille they’re, just these two small holes compared To the larger bottom speaker grille, so it is kind of weird at first, especially using this in landscape mode. If you’re listening to a video let’s say with a proper stereo separation. Since again, the top speaker grill, is significantly weaker, but for most things, it’s actually an enjoyable experience, especially when listening to music as the loudness of the bottom speaker, grille kind of makes.

It sounds like a surround, sound experience, kind of so still great job with poco. For the speaker set up here on the m3 – and i guess the only thing really that i don’t like about the speaker set up here – is that they’re side mounted, so you can easily block them, which leads me to my thoughts on the top and bottom bezel. So i’m still quite partial to the notch or hole punch thing. Honestly, i don’t care if my smartphone still has a top and bottom bezel as long as you utilize that extra space, like with what i mentioned with all my smartphone reviews, so far put dual front facing speakers with that extra space, giving the user a proper and Really enjoyable, audio experience and honestly, i wouldn’t mind paying more for that which actually makes me want to buy an htc one m9. Just for that reason, honestly, dual stereo front facing speakers on a smartphone is something that very few people know what they care about, including me, since everyone else is focusing too much on design so xiaomi or poco. Hopefully, you consider that in your future smartphones, but again that’s my opinion in this case with the poco m3. Since you do have a sizeable bottom chain, poco could have easily placed a notification led here somewhere, but yeah poco did use a good quality dab for the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack call. Quality is great. I was able to hear the person i was talking to loud and clear, and the same goes on their end also, hopefully, that doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth as we’re.

Moving on to the really good stuff, the display is again a 6.53 inch ips lcd display with a resolution of 2340×1080. So you have a solid 1080p display with 400 nits of max brightness, which is fine even under direct sunlight. Colors are relatively neutral, but i actually prefer using the standard option in the display settings. As for me, colors are warmer and more pleasing to the eye. Viewing angles are great, also a little to no color shift, even at extreme angles, overall, really good display. Even for a budget phone, so you do have a solid camera setup here on the poco m3 for the triple camera setup, a 48 megapixel main sensor with an f 1.8 aperture, a 2 megapixel depth sensor and a 2 megapixel macro sensor, which honestly i’d careless about Pictures taken with good lighting with the main sensor are pretty good. You get nice and sharp photos, maybe a bit over saturated and dynamic range is okay, for the most part, photos taken in low light fall apart. Also considering this doesn’t have ois pictures looks off with a decent amount of noise reduction, but luckily you do have a dedicated night mode, which just gives you an overall, better and actually impressive low light shots as long as you don’t mind, holding your phone still for A second or two pictures taken on the 8 megapixel front facing camera, gives you some nice and detailed selfies again with good lighting and really impressive edge detection with the portrait mode and here’s the video quality.

So this is how the video quality looks and sounds like on the poco m3, with the main sensor, main 48 megapixel sensor and uh yeah. Video quality is, i would describe as mediocre or just okay, unfortunately, just like with the xiaomi redmi note, 9, so i’m. Not sure what poco did here but colors are way too oversaturated for my taste there’s no stabilization here – and this is how it looks like when i’m running okay. So now this is like the vlog test for the poco m3 on the front facing camera, and ironically, this is actually a much better quality compared to the main 48 megapixel sensor. The haulers, as you can see, are more neutral here and one sharpness is okay for the most part, um yeah, nothing too special, uh, it’s, okay, it’s good for vlogging. Actually, so if you were thinking of buying this phone for blogging um using the front facing camera, mainly then yeah it’s, actually quite good for that so yeah for a budget phone you’re, getting a solid camera setup here and moving on to my two favorite parts about The poco m3 performance and battery performance for an entry level chipset is pretty impressive. The snapdragon 662 paired with an adreno 16 gpu, is a solid combination. It doesn’t lag or stutter as much as i was expecting it to be browsing through. The ui is smooth for the most part, opening and closing apps and with a respectable 4 gigs of memory, it’s able to multitask with little to no hiccups.

I was more surprised with gaming on this. So aside from genji impact, which is technically playable, it’s, not an enjoyable experience, even in the lowest graphical settings, aside from that pretty much any other game in the play store is perfectly playable even in the high graphics settings at 60fps on wildriff is just a smooth Experience it doesn’t overheat when gaming or even when, charging the device. So, of course, we have miui 12 on top of android 10 and you get the usual additional features you would get with android 10., so yeah regarding performance and software. It’S, really good, unexpectedly. Good. To be honest, so good, optimization from poco and last, but not the least, is that mammoth 6 000 million per battery so i’m, just gon na say this is easily a two day battery life. For someone like me, so i would describe myself as a medium to heavy users, so my day is usually a combination of social media youtube some gaming and picture taking with more than 5 hours of screen on time and just ending the day regularly with around 60. If you’re a light user who’s, mainly on social media, a texting calling listening to music or podcast, then this could potentially be a three day battery life again, potentially as long as you’re, using it maybe three to four hours a day, although, if you’re a hardcore mobile Gamer, who plays wild breath and mobile legends pretty much all day and yes, i did use wall drift and mobile legends in the same sentence without getting angry, fanboying or being cancerous, then expect to get an average of 9 hours of screen on time and charging your Phone by the end of the day, with just gaming on the m3, so yeah battery on the poco m3 is an a plus or s actually, even though it does take 2 hours and 50 minutes to charge from empty to full.

With that 18 watts of s charging uh just charge it overnight, no complaints here and yeah. As far as my opinion goes in this being the best budget smartphone of the year for a budget phone it’s, actually the complete package – and i know that there are other great budget smartphones out there – the poco m3 has the additional touches. Like the solid speakers, solid optimization for the software and battery and the ir blaster for controlling your tvs and appliances, so yeah, this is my pick for the best budget smartphone of the year. Again just go for the 64 gig variant. Unless you really need that 128gb capacity obviously i’m easily recommending this to those who are looking for, maybe the best smartphone experience for under 200 – and i guess this is also like a guide for the poco m3 as a gif idea for christmas or pretty much any Occasion so yeah that’s, the poco m3 i’ll leave the links in the description. If you guys want to buy this good job, poco and xiaomi also i’m, not sure, of course, the good stuff use my sharpie lazada or banggood affiliate link if you’re buying anything from them. It helps support the channel and, of course, like my facebook page for gaming, live streams and other posts and updates that i don’t post on youtube stay safe mahoya.