If you want a smartphone with a five camera system on the back with a 5x zoom lens, there are options out there for you. If you want a smartphone with an incredible refresh rate up to a 144 hertz there’s smartphones with that as well smartphones that unfold into a tablet and so on, but the one issue that we keep seeing over and over again is that every time new technologies are Introduced the price point gets higher and higher, and for as much as we’d like to ignore it. The price point of a smartphone is still one of the most important factors to consider and is what keeps people away from getting new technologies and, while we’ve seen smartphones cost up to two thousand dollars this year with devices like the samsung galaxy fold, or even fourteen Hundred dollars for a lot of flagship smartphones prices on the opposite, end of the spectrum have been coming down as well. Now we’ve had smartphones that go for 200 or even a hundred dollars over the last couple years, but typically they’ve been relegated to developing markets where the consumers buying these devices really don’t have a whole lot of options simply based on their incomes. But now with a new device like this one, the poco m3, this here is a hundred and fifty dollars with very few compromises and could be one of the best budget smartphones that we’ve ever seen. Now, when i say that the poco m3 is a great smartphone for its 149 dollar price tag, i’m, not saying that it’s going to be going up against devices like the oneplus nord or the pixel 4a within that mid range segment.

This is still very much a budget friendly device and, as such, a lot of compromises were made in order to get that price point that low. That being said, if you’re looking to buy this smartphone, knowing exactly what you’re getting into, i think you’re going to be extremely happy with the poco m3. One of the ways in which poco was able to keep the price point of the m3 down was going with a full plastic body here with a faux leather texture, fully embracing the plastic shell, as opposed to the x3 nfc that came out earlier this year, which Tried to pass off as glass, which honestly feels a lot cheaper than what it should and then there’s that glass module on the back for the camera, which is a little bit excessive as far as its size goes. But if you’ve seen the cyberpunk 2077 edition of the oneplus 8t, you will notice a big similarity right there and if you purchase the poco m3 in yellow or blue, the glass panel on the back sounds out even more making. It look like it’s a lot more expensive than what it actually is. Despite the phone’s low price point, though, poco has done its best to cram in as many features as possible and, as you can see, on the back of the phone, you have a triple camera setup here with a 48 megapixel main sensor and then a 2 megapixel Depth sensor and 2 megapixel macro camera.

Now i can tell you that the macro camera and the depth sensor are really just throwaway sensors just to beef up that spec list just a little bit and honestly. I think they would have done a little bit better if they would have scrapped both of those completely or replace them with one ultra wide camera. As far as the main 48 megapixel camera goes, it does a decent job when lighting conditions are great you’re not going to be competing with devices like the pixel 4a. That has an incredible 12 megapixel camera that can really shoot really amazing photos in any lighting conditions. Once the light goes down and you’re looking at low light shots from this device, you’re really not going to be pleased with the results. But if you’re looking to take pictures in the daylight or have a well lit room, this device can actually turn out some pretty decent shots. As far as the selfie camera goes you’re looking at an eight megapixel selfie camera there. That really is not that good and honestly, if you’re looking to record video as well, even the rear cameras only max out at 1080p 30fps that’s right no 4k on this device whatsoever. One of the highlight features for me on this phone definitely has to be the display. It has a 6.53 inch full hd lcd panel, which, because it is lcd, does have thicker bezels around the sides, especially the bottom, but his viewing angles are really good, and if you love enjoying media watching movies or just catching up on youtube, the display is more Than acceptable, especially at this price point honestly, i’ve never seen such a good display for a smartphone that’s this cheap, it would have been nice to have something that was a little bit brighter, because this one only maxes out at 400 nits making it a little bit.

Tough to see in direct sunlight, but if that’s really not an issue for you and you find yourself indoors most of the time, i honestly think it’s one of the best features. This phone has to offer, of course, the biggest compromise that needed to be made in order to keep the price point of this device. So low is its performance, it’s running a qualcomm, snapdragon 662 chipset with only four gigabytes of ram, and if you know anything about android devices, six gigabytes is really where you want to be it’s the sweet spot. If you want a device with decent multitasking performance. Now you can buy a version of this device that does have six gigabytes of ram, but it is going to cost you an extra fifty dollars in order to do so. As far as the snapdragon, a 662 goes it’s really a huge step down when compared to other devices, running 700 series chipsets. So if you played around with a pixel 4a or the oneplus nord devices, this phone here is going to be significantly slower. Taking three to five seconds for apps to load and even when you’re scrolling through a website or your instagram feed, you have a noticeable stutter there, which honestly is attributed back to that chipset on the inside. But the snapdragon 662 chipset does have one advantage and that’s with power efficiency and when paired with a 6 000 milliamp hour battery inside of this phone that’s.

One of the reasons why it’s so thick this device will last two and a half to three days on a single charge now to charge it back up. You only get 18 watt charging, which will take two and a half to three hours to get it from zero to a hundred percent. But when it’s fully charged or pretty much anywhere in between, it can also be used as a power bank, because it has a wired reverse charging, allowing you to share those six thousand milliamps of power with your headphones or even a friend’s smartphone. If they’re running out of juice at the end of the day in 2020, we’ve seen a lot of incredible devices within the budget and the mid range segment and honestly, if you’re looking for the best budget smartphone of the year, the poco m3 is the one. I would go with it’s not going to give you the performance you want if you want to play mobile games like pub g or take incredible photos like the pixel 4a. But in order to get those things you need to spend double or even triple of what this phone costs and if your budget is limited to 149 that’s. Definitely out of the question. Let me know what you think of the poco m3 in the comments and whether or not you’d be willing to buy a smartphone at 149. Thank you guys.