I think it was launched at around 30 000 rupees nine months later, samsung launched a slightly better version of the a71 for lesser price, 25, 000 rupees and it’s down to 23 000 rupees. Now, yes, i’m talking about the galaxy m51, yes it’s, a slightly better version of the a71, actually it’s, literally just a rebranded a71, with a much larger battery, so right off the bat. This seemed like great pricing for a samsung phone, but is it actually worth the price? Having used the phone for about a month? I believe i can help you out with us with that question: galaxy m51 purchase, yay or nay, Music. By the way, this video is brought to you by angel proking you’re – probably here, because you need a new phone, so let’s see how you can invest with angel proking and get the dream phone you’ve always been waiting for. Angel broking is a very safe and easy to use platform. To start your investments with their application is available on both android and ios. Angel broking has been in the business for over three decades. Now they are a discount broker, so they are offering a beneficial itrade. Prime plan, where equity delivery charge is zero rupees and if you’re interested in intraday trading, fndo and currency trading, then the charges are only 20 rupees per order among the lowest in the industry. Opening a dmat account with them is super simple. Just follow these steps, if you open it before the 31st of december 2020, you will not be charged any brokerage for the first 30 days.

Also, you will get ghana plus subscription absolutely free of cost for three months, which is worth 297 rupees so yeah. If you’d like to start investing in the share market, go ahead, click the link in the description check out angel broking, like i mentioned earlier, the biggest difference as well as the biggest usp of the phone is the humongous 7000 mah battery. Let’S actually start with that. The battery life is insane let’s last over two days on a single charge on medium usage. For some reason, during the first couple of weeks, the battery life was great, but not as crazy as one would expect from a 7000 mah battery. But after a couple of updates, it became a beast even on heavy usage, which included a lot of head ball too, and call of duty gaming movie streaming using maps for navigation. It still lasted almost two days. On a couple of occasions of heavy usage, i had to use one of the battery saving modes to get me through the second day and yeah. Samsung is one of the few brands that provide good battery saving modes that actually work. One obvious downside to the high battery capacity is, of course, the amount of time it takes to charge with the included 25 watt super fast charging power adapter. It takes 2 hours to charge from 1 to 100. It also supports reverse charging, meaning you can use this as a power bank to charge another phone anyway, with a 25 watt super fast charger.

It takes about 45 minutes to go from zero percent to 50 charge, but let’s not look at mere numbers, practically speaking. That 45 minute charge is actually enough to get you through one whole day, which is not bad right. Speaking of bad, usually phones with huge batteries have bad terrible form factors, but the m51 is clearly not one of them guys. I don’t like fat, shaming people, but i love fat. Shaming phones, it’s been a while, since brands stopped caring about the form factor at least that’s. What it looks like, but over here samsung despite stuffing a 7000 mah battery, has managed to keep it relatively thin. At 9.5, millimeters, which is really really commendable for context – there are some phones with lesser battery capacity that are both heavier and thicker than the m51. The poco x3 is an example. Now this was made possible by the use of the latest super amoled plus panel, which is a lot thinner than the regular amoled super amoled panel, but fortunately the reduction in thickness doesn’t mean reduction in quality. This is a fantastic display with super deep black super punchy. Colors and great viewing angles and yeah: it can also get quite bright, it’s, legible, even under the hot sun. The screen is quite huge at 6.7 inches and the resolution is full hd plus overall, nothing new about the display it’s similar to the one found on other samsung phones around 20 000 rupees, but the new slim panel technology super amoled plus.

That alone is enough. Given that it contributes to the somewhat usable form factor but that’s, the only good thing about the build and design of the m51 everything else about, it is just ordinary, at best, a very cheap back panel, that’s prone to smudges fingerprints and even worse, a lot of Scratches the build quality doesn’t seem promising. Either there is a gorilla glass, 3 plus to protect the display. In case you don’t, know, it’s super outdated anyway, for what it’s worth the volume buttons and the power button. Fingerprint scanner are quite rigid and tactile, not flimsy yeah. The fingerprint scanner is embedded in the power button now this is generally not a big deal. It’S, not big news, but do remember in display fingerprint scanners on samsung phones have always been super slow or average, but definitely not as fast as the physical scanner. On this one i’m glad that samsung opted for this and hope they do the same for their other cheaper models as well like the m30 series and so on. Speaking of ditching slow things, samsung has thankfully ditched exynos and instead went with a decent qualcomm chip. The snapdragon 730g sure not the best chip available in this price segment. The 730 g can be found on some phones under 18, 000 rupees, but it’s far better than the exynos 96 11 chip found on the galaxy a51 and guess what the a51 and the m51 cost the same. There is a noticeable improvement in performance, even while just browsing or using social media messengers and, of course, it’s even more noticeable, while playing games like call of duty.

Also, the 6gb ram in the base variant seems enough. One ui is ram. Management is usually pretty good and it shows it’s able to keep quite a few apps open in the background it doesn’t kill them. One ui 2.5 is good at many other things as well. Like i mentioned earlier, its battery saving modes are quite effective. The ui is smooth and snappy. There are some useful gestures, like putting your hand over the screen will mute an alarm or an incoming phone call. Of course you have the option to disable those things here in settings. A few limitations on the software side number one. The fingerprint sensor gesture doesn’t work properly it’s supposed to open the notification panel, but it doesn’t happen nine out of ten times. The second one is a bummer. This phone doesn’t have samsung pay. Now traditionally m series phones never had samsung pay. It was limited to the more expensive models like the a series phones, but this isn’t just another m series phone. This is a 25 000 rupee m series phone. Also. This is android 10, not sure when it will be getting 11. and number three samsung cleverly tricks. You into enabling ads and promotions while setting up the phone for the first time. You need to do it the right way or your phone is gon na, be ruined with ads on the lock screen, promotions on the home screen, etc. Actually, here’s a video demonstrating how to set up your samsung phone.

The right way check it out. One more thing: samsung had disabled haptic feedback for this phone, but they enabled it in the recent software update. What were they thinking anyway? I mean they’re known for disabling haptics on budget phones, but again this was 25 000 rupees at launch anyway. Moving on when it comes to comms, everything is perfect. We’Ve got dual band: wi fi and bluetooth 5.0, which work as good as there is supposed to nfc works perfectly fine, and then there is support for fm radio as well uh for those of you from stone age. Gps performance was also on point. Thankfully samsung did not remove the 3.5 mm headphone jack on this one, but guys it’s, just a matter of time, so better check out this video and choose some truly wireless earbuds, if you haven’t already anyway, for now the audio via the headphone jack is good. The loudspeaker performance is also good. It gets quite loud, but, as usual, the placement is a problem while playing games or watching videos. It almost completely suppresses the audio unless you get used to you know, holding the phone this way little things like this do matter. Right speaking of little things, the m51 has a dedicated micro sd card slot, which you probably won’t need because both variants of the phone have 128 gb storage. Even if you’re someone that takes a lot of photos and videos, uh, speaking of which all is well with the camera performance, too samsung – has made some massive changes with regards to image processing over the past one year or so, especially in terms of color reproduction.

No color is unnecessarily over. Saturated samsung is known to be notorious with the reds and the blues. Very often uh red looks like pink and sky blue looks like ink blue some something like that. But that’s not the case here, and another area of improvement is sharpness. These are some typical scenarios where samsung phones used to struggle when it comes to capturing details, but now it’s all done flawlessly even on samsung’s older flagships, the selfie quality was not great. The face would always turn out smudged up little bit, but clearly that’s, not the case over here. The details have been captured very well and again. The colors and the skin tones are quite natural, too. The 12 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera does a really good job too. There is a teeny tiny bit of motion blur towards the edges, not a big deal, but everything else about these ultra wide images is just so good. In some cases the dynamic range is unreal. Just look at this, however, whether you actually get such good images or not depends on the software. There is no hdr option visible on the main camera screen, because auto hdr is enabled by default. So samsung has to sense that a particular scene requires hdr and, quite frankly, from my experience, i feel it’s not good at it. Samsung doesn’t really sense whenever it actually requires hdr. So what you need to do is go to settings disable, auto, hdr, tap on it and enable hdr manually.

The problem with this is hdr is not good for low light, low light photography. You know, hdr will introduce a lot of noise so hiding that option somewhere. Deep inside the settings, menu is just not optimal, given that you need to turn it on and off. You know every once in a while, but there is another perspective to this. Samsung is trying to make the camera ui as beginner friendly as possible, like when you go very close to the subject. You get a suggestion to switch to macro mode using which you can get those super nice close up shots, not ideal it’s, not very sharp. Thanks to this low megapixel count but yeah, if you really want to capture such minor details, this is a decent option. There is also a 5 megapixel depth sensor, which is pretty much a dummy camera period. Another thing i noticed is as good as the dynamic range colors and detail levels are, the white balance is a hit or miss. Sometimes the images don’t exactly represent the mode of the scene they’re slightly more bluish than their. They should be not a big deal, but again i just thought it’s it’s worth a mention. The main camera performs really well under low light too uh. The dedicated night mode makes things even better. The ultra wide angle camera, though isn’t that good even with night mode, enabled it struggles quite a bit and, needless to say, the macro camera is unusable in low light.

The video quality is reasonably good, supports, 4k at 30 fps and everything i said about still. Images applies here as well: good colors, detail levels and dynamic range. Sadly, there is no 1080p 60fps option. Apart from these, there are also a few more modes tucked in here, which you can explore like the single take mode which lets you capture a short video from which usable frames are extracted. Maybe we will make a dedicated video demonstrating the feature and explaining the pros and cons of this same. Let us know in the comment section if you are interested so it’s been a few months since the m51 was launched. In fact, i used this phone in october. I guess i stopped using it after that, so i just wanted to check out how this phone was. You know, even after the latest update anyway, a couple of software updates fixed some bugs or limitations that you know we faced initially during the launch of the phone. There are still a few niggles here and there, but that’s just how things have become these days. Brands are focusing on quantity rather than quality. Good thing is, there is no deal breaker, and some of the features are extremely good. The gorgeous display a battery that lasts longer than steve smith innings, a compelling set of cameras and decent performance. Samsung has nailed all the basics here and there also seems to be a permanent price cut of 2000 rupees.

So the 6gb ram variant is now available at 23, 000 rupees, not bad at all. In case you decide to get this phone use the link in the description. It helps the channel out anything else. You want to know about the phone.