Wh 1000xm4 headphones, and these are the successor to the very popular xm3s which i own, and quite a few of you have asked me. What do i feel about this one, so i just purchased them from amazon. If you guys recall, the original pricing was almost 30 000, but just recently on amazon, india, it was priced at 25 000. So i had ordered it. So let’s have a closer look at this and, as you know, even the xm3s had actually excellent noise cancellation. So they continue that and they have added a few things more to this xm4s. So let’s have a closer look at this one and big thing is uh of. Of course it has that same 30 hours battery life and active noise cancellation, uh, so let’s just open. This up guys and uh guys uh in the later part of the video i’ll. Let you know uh. What do i feel about it uh this is this first part will be just the unboxing and use it for a day or so, and if you notice here at the back of course, it has that high res audio, even nfc and all those things, and it Does have ldap support, but in terms of codex the xm3 is actually had the optics codec, which is actually missing on this one. This would not matter to a lot of android smartphones because many of the new high end android phones do support the sony’s ldac.

But this is proprietary and windows actually does not work properly with ldac. So i miss the fact that they have dropped aptx support, but this is supposed to work simultaneously with two devices. The xm3 did not do that so, but i don’t know why they skipped out. On aptx on this one, i don’t have to worry about iphones. It works even with iphones, guys, we’ll use, acc and, of course, works with android, so let’s just open it up. So you just slide it like this and this part comes out and it says easy setup configuration so the box. Actually, this case looks exactly the same as the xm3. If i keep it side by side, you won’t even know and see what else do we get? We get a bunch of booklets and this 360 reality auto free trial. I have to check if it works in india. I doubt it will work in india and you also get a big menu, so let’s just keep that to the side and uh let’s. Actually, look at the uh headphones itself. Uh. Let me just open this up and uh again looks almost the same as the xm3, but new thing is that we have a. What do you say here and this actually detects when you’re wearing the headphones and if you remove it automatically, it will pause that. So this is a new addition that we have. The xm3s did not have that uh. So in fact looks almost the same physically uh.

I have to say: uh: we still have the uh. What do you say? You can use a wired, cable and use it, and what else do we get? We still get this adapter. So if you travel on international flights, you can use it and yeah. This is the cable that you’re getting. If you want to you, go that wide route also – and this would be a small, usb type c cable again, i don’t know the size don’t. You think this is like really really small, but yeah that’s. What you get in the box, so what i’ll do is guys in the later part of the video. I just don’t want to give you my initial verdict, also without using them for some time. What i’ll do is, maybe, tomorrow or day after tomorrow, i’ll show the later part of the video and give you my initial impressions. What do i feel about these xm4s so guys and that’s almost about two and a half days since i have uh done the unboxing and used it quite a bit. So here are some of my initial impressions about these xm4s. What do i feel and guys, if you know i also own the xm3, so also talk about a little bit about noise, cancellation and i’ll, also actually show you samples about the microphone pickup, how it does, because these days we’re taking a lot of calls and doing Online conferencing so we’ll talk about those things, but here are my initial raw impressions.

What i felt about it again in terms of layout and weight, i didn’t find a huge difference compared to the xm3s it’s, almost the same identical, but we do have this new thing. That’S the optical sensor over here – and i like this thing when you wear it: actually it knows that you’re wearing it and the moment you take it out, it actually pauses the music and it works brilliantly. I would say another thing that i’ve noticed is that if you’re wearing it – and you just take it out and keep it like this after some time, i think so it’s about 10 minutes. It automatically switches it off. That was not the case uh with the xm 3s uh, the layout again it’s the same. I like that, we have still have this uh. What do you say, as i showed you in the unboxing part of the video you can attach it wow? So we have that – and this is the power of button, and this is now actually called as custom button uh again it’s almost the same functionality. This is the name change that i have noticed. Uh you can toggle on by default. It will be in the noise cancellation when you press it once it actually moves into ambient mode. That means it’s going to pick up the sound around you. So you are aware what is happening. It does the reverse of what you say: active noise cancellation.

Then, if you press it once it just shuts off the active noise cancellation, algorithm uh, so it’s, just like a normal headphone, but because, as you know, the padding is quite a bit still. I would say it does provide a bit of noise cancellation, but to get the effective noise cancellation, you have to switch it on with this button and it works seamlessly and in terms of sound quality. I didn’t find much of a difference compared to the xm3 still that brilliant, sound quality that i liked on the xm3 uh you get even with this one. The base is slightly more emphasized on this uh, but i feel most of you will actually like it and you have the sony app it’s the same app actually for both, and here you can actually customize it with the equalizer. What kind of sound quality you want? Not everyone has a particular type of sound signature that they like some like excessive bass. Some don’t like excessive bass, uh some like mode sparkle. You can easily customize it and i have to say in bass. I really like the base on this. So again, the legendary sound quality that we had seen on the xm3 it’s the same on this one. I really enjoyed uh listening to music on this one. We also have one more feature on this, one that is known as speak to uh actually chat, and i would call this the wife mode uh, for example uh in the earlier xm3s, when you wear it uh most of the time, you’ll use it with active noise Cancellation like this and it works brilliantly, but let’s some let’s say somebody comes up to you because of the active noise cancellation is there you might not hear them properly and that can be annoying in the earlier xm3s.

You had this mode. You can place your hand over here and it pipes in the. What do you say sound? It does the reverse of active noise cancellation uh, but on this one you have this uh thing known as actually let me actually show you you have to enable it’s not enabled by default uh that is known as speak to chat. It is by default, switched off, and when you do this, whenever you start talking, it recognizes that you’re stalking to another person or something you started. It actually mutes the music and does the reverse of active noise cancellation. That is it pipes, and so you can easily clearly uh hear them uh, and i feel this is a good improvement and you can toggle it on and off depending upon your uh usage. So i like that that’s a new addition that was not there on the xm3s. Another thing to note is that – and i said this in the unboxing video also uh, this model simply does not have optics x so default by default. When you get it, it will use the acc codec. This is good enough, but not the best aptx was better quality than this, but you also have this ldac and you can actually use it. If you have a high end, android phone, you can force it to use ldac and for compressed music. I did not notice any difference, for example, apple, music, wink, etc, even the highest setting.

I didn’t notice a major difference between a acc and ldac, but if you have lossless quality music, then ldac is better, but ldac does not work with a lot of other things. For example, if you have a computer uh again, it will revert back to the older sbc uh protocol. It does not have aptx, so ldac will not work with pcs and i think so, on the iphone. Also, i tried it mostly. It was using acc. So again, if it’s android phone you get that high quality codec, i missed the fact that they dropped the app text, but one big improvement and bug one big new feature that we have with this xm4 and i think so many people wanted that on the xm3 Is that xm3s could only connect to one device at a time, because this one has the new bluetooth five. These can actually simultaneously connect to two different devices, and this can be useful. For example, let’s say right now, it’s connected to my what is obviously a smartphone, but let’s say i can also simultaneously connect it to my laptop. So you have that dual connectivity, but again, if you use the dual connectivity uh it doesn’t connect. It ldac goes to the lower codec, but again i would say one of the biggest differences that i noticed from the xm3 because in sound quality, almost very, very similar uh now coming to uh the battery life on this one. It claims the 30 hour battery life.

Again, these are initial impressions guys and i feel the battery life is very good, but i feel the battery calibration uh. What do you say? Battery meter is very very off on this one, for example, right now it’s showing me 60 battery life until yesterday night. I must have used it seven, eight hours in the past two three days: two and a half days. It was still showing me 100 battery life, but today morning, when i just used it for half an hour now the battery has dropped down to 60. So i think so the battery calibration is not done very well. It shows 100 full battery life for a long, long period of time uh. So i hope it improves after charging it for a couple of uh cycles and uh. Now let’s also talk about the microphone uh, which is an important part on this one. But before that let’s talk about active noise cancellation, and this is something that i noticed immediately, because if you guys know, i have been using the xm3s now for the past two years and many times i use these headphones without listening to music. I just wear them. Switch on the active noise cancellation and it creates that vacuum i can concentrate a lot uh. So the moment i put these on and i did the same thing. I noticed that the noise cancellation was slightly more effective on the xm3s and then i did some tests.

I ran a fans and it was able to drown this one completely drowned out the. What do you say sound, but on this one? Yes, it drowned down, i would say 95 percent of the, but i could slightly hear slightly more noise, so i feel if you’re not playing anything uh. The xm3 is noise cancellation to me personally in that mode. I just wear it without music to get that vacuum effect. So i can concentrate more. I felt this was doing slightly better it’s very slightly. If you don’t, compare it side by side, i did it 10 or 20 times you won’t notice it, but i did feel here. The xm3s did slightly better, but when you just play a music, both of them in terms of noise cancellation were almost very similar. Now let’s also talk about the microphone on this one, and what do i feel about it? I never liked the microphone or the xm3s let’s see sony says these are improved, but let’s see how is the microphone. So i did some tests and here are the samples, so, as you can see, i’m recording uh with this one, the audio is being recorded by this one. So do let me know what do you feel about this audio is being transmitted via this one. So now recording again uh with the bluetooth microphone, so it’s, transmitting like this and we’re just shooting it slightly outdoors there’s some construction work going on clattering uh.

So this gives you an idea. How is the noise cancellation now recording one more sample guys? We are not using the microphone from this i’m just using the cell phone’s phone microphone pickup to give an idea uh. This is the galaxy 4 2. So this is the audio pickup by the cell phone’s phone internal microphone, and you heard the sample from this one. So you get an idea how’s the microphone pick up, hopefully so again, guys uh, recording one more sample for uh the microphone quality uh. As you can see, i just outdo slightly. There are some construction work going on, and this should give you an idea about the microphone pickup, and this is what you can expect, while taking cars by the microphone and stuff. I feel like a slight improvement, but i still feel the microphone quality could have been better. It seems a little bit artificial uh, but what do you guys think about the microphone quality for cause on this sony, xm4 so overall i’m liking this one? I like that. Uh speak to chat that wife mode. I call and also the addition of this sensor uh when you just take it out it pauses and after sometimes it just switches off automatically is a nice addition. I would say uh, but if you already have a xm3 and you really don’t need that simultaneously connection to two different devices, i don’t feel that the xm4 is a major upgrade that you have to run out and buy it.

These are my frank opinions, but what do you guys think about the same? Do let me know and guys i purchased this unit. This is a retail unit that i purchased from amazon for about 25 000. If you are buying it use my link, it does help the channel because i have to buy a lot of gadgets and without your support it will not be possible anyways, guys that’s it for now. Thanks for watching this is ranjeet. So if you have the xm4s, what do you think about this? Still, i would say, brilliant active noise cancellation headphones that you are getting anyways, guys, that’s it for now, thanks for watching and if you guys are still not subscribed to the youtube channel hit that subscribe button.