Now you might have seen unboxing full reviews, camera comparison, gaming test, absolutely everything. So of course, i’m not gon na talk about. All of that rather i’ll be talking about my ownership experience. I’Ve used the oneplus note for close to 90 days now and here’s my experience so far. So if you are considering buying a oneplus, not this might give you a glimpse of the oneplus experience. But before we jump down that road, we upload tech videos twice a week and if you want to stay wiser, make sure you subscribe to techwiser and hit the bell icon as well. Let’S go Music so to start off let’s. Do a quick refresh of the oneplus nord, because this is the only time we’ll be talking about specs, so it has snapdragon 765 g it’s, a gaming chipset, not the best snapdragon processor out there, but quite good. You get a 90 hertz amoled display with full hd resolution 2400 by 1080. It has a punch hole display with two cameras on the front: it’s a 32 megapixel main and 8 megapixel wide angle, camera on the back it’s, a 4 camera setup with a 48 megapixel main sensor, 8 megapixel wide 5 megapixel depth sensor and 2 megapixel macro lens. It comes with android 10 oxygen, os out of the box with that out i’m, not going to talk about specs performance. Now, that’s there you guys know it. I know it. It can play pubg cod, edit photos and multitask.

You can do it. It won’t give you ultra hd speeds, but it works quite well. So we are here to talk about my ownership experiences of the oneplus not, and it starts right with oxygen os now, i’m, not going to be like oxygen, os stock android and the best thing ever. No it’s not oxygen, os is the best skin. Android could offer right now. Yes, it’s skin and oem skin, and they do have good customization and useful feature like this quick reply in landscape mode. It supports very, very few apps right now, but most importantly, it supports whatsapp. So suppose, if i’m watching a video or even playing a game – and i get a message pop up – i just tap on it – opens in split screen mode reply and you tap back video. Please, like i loved it, i know it’s been there for a while, but the last one plus phone i used was oneplus 3, so you know where i’m coming from these are small things. Oneplus does, which really helps your day to day life. Another thing i liked about oneplus not compared to other android phone is absolutely no ads. I mean we shouldn’t be even talking about ads, but it has come down to this oxygen. Os has no ads, and before using the oneplus note, i was using galaxy note. 9. samsung has one app for every freaking google app that’s like two messaging app, two email, apps, etc, etc.

It’S not like that with oxygen os plus for every new phone launch. You don’t get a push notification, unlike samsung’s one ui i don’t need to know s21. Has launched till date, i haven’t received any unnecessary push notification or ads from oneplus. Not, and i absolutely love that with that said, i do hate oxygen os adaptive battery, which kills a lot of apps to save battery. But hey you can easily turn it off in settings. So to summarize, after using the oneplus, not for three months, i found it offers the best android experience. We have right now, after a pixel. Yes, it kills app gets late updates. But those are some minor issues compared to extra useful features you get in oxygen, os and, of course, no ads like you get with me, real me or even samson Music. The second thing i liked about the nord experience is the display, so the first time i’ve used a 90hz display and you can’t go back from it, often while shooting app videos for android app videos. Kaushik borrows this not and due to the slow camera shutter speed. He moves it to 60 hertz and when he gives back the phone, like always, he doesn’t move it back to 90 hertz and by the end of the day i can recognize that it’s 60 hertz so there’s, no going back from a smooth 90 hertz display by The way fi, theoretically a 90 hertz display, is twice as fast as 60 hertz, so you will notice the difference.

However, a 120 hertz is not significantly faster than 90 hertz, so yeah i’m happy with 90 hertz. Also, this is an amoled display i’m, not going into good amoled bad amoled debate, but an average amoled is always better than a good lcd, so amoled any day, and yes, this is an hdr 10 plus display. So if you remember the iphone launched with dolby vision, cameras and jonathan morrison shot a music video on the iphone in hdr, and i could watch that on oneplus, not which was surprising. I didn’t expect it so to summarize, initially i wasn’t sold to the whole 90 hertz thing of the oneplus, not but in retrospective once you start using a 90 hertz display, you just can’t go back, so i like the display of the oneplus Music, note last thing, Which i really loved about oneplus not is charging. I know, i know there are 65 or 45 volt chargers out there. This is just 30 watt, but i have to give it to one plus. The oneplus not has a 450 milliamp hour battery it drains faster. If you’re a power user for me, it barely makes it through the day. So i have to charge it around evening or right before bed. But what makes the battery amazing is warp charging it’s, just amazing i don’t even remember. When was the last time i charged this phone for an r, i just plug it and take it out after 15, 20 minutes, plus a lot of people now have a oneplus device, so you will easily get a charger around you.

I travel a lot to mumbai and recently i’ve seen a lot of charging kiosks from oneplus at the airport. So if you’re, someone who flies frequently you’ll get a charging chaos at the airport or you will always bump into people with oneplus phones and a warp charger. Now this thing is not all green or all blue; it has a few problems as well. So for case this is oneplus latest device. I mean just launched before oneplus 8t now, oneplus, 8, 8, pro and 80 have already received the android 11 update, but not not now it will probably get it in 2021. Another thing is the cameras, although i love that they have included a wide angle, selfie camera, but the software processing is just too much. If you take photos outdoors, the hdr artifacts are clearly visible, it’s too much sharpening at times. The wide angle cameras indoors aren’t that great, although do keep in mind that this is coming from someone who has used google pixel 3 before coming to the nord bottom line. If you try to look hard at this phone, you will find a few problems such as adaptive, battery late, android updates, mediocre camera, etc, but none of them, in my opinion, are a deal breaker. I believe the not series is to get more people in the oneplus system, it’s, not for someone who has already used a oneplus phone, so you oneplus guys stay away for everyone else, jumbling between that 25 to 30k range, looking from a premium brand.

Well, this is a good phone to consider, but if you are a spec hungry person, you have real me: x3, pro samsung m51. This is not the best buy for the money, and if you are thinking about google pixel 4a well as per google’s track record, they might or might not release the next phone in india. So when you want to upgrade from a pixel 4a, you won’t get a good exchange price on it, like we have the pixel one it’s, hardly 2000, on exchange with a new phone. Keep that in mind with that said, this is bradyk signing off like the video.