But after using these last few days and really thinking about what these headphones are all about, it’s clear that apple knows exactly what they’re doing here from the design to the price and everything in between these headphones are a strategic move from apple, and this is my Full review, today’s video is brought to you by the canopy plus icon pack over 80 custom hand, drawn minimal, illustrated icons for your ios device in both light mode and dark mode for access to these icons. My many custom wallpapers and more hit the link in the description or the join button. Next, the subscribe button to become a channel member today, okay, so the design these kind of have this modern, yet retro feel and aesthetic and they’re also built incredibly well. The ear cups are aluminum, they’re, stainless steel, arms there’s, a mesh headband and ear cushions that are also mesh as well. I personally think they’re quite classically beautiful they’re, not a huge departure or super different. Like the original air pods were but it’s kinda nice. I guess either way they feel incredibly solid and premium no flimsiness, no loose parts they’re just super well built for comfort. You can adjust the arms freely, there’s, no clicking mechanism and the arm slides smoothly, giving you much more adjustment and the spring loaded piece that attaches the ear cups gives you even more adjustment and a snug fit once they’re on the ear. Cups are soft and plushy, and, despite the headband, having like virtually no padding whatsoever is still quite comfortable against the top of your head.

The headphones being metal are a touch heavy, but depending on what you’re used to it may or may not be an issue for you for me personally, i didn’t really have a problem with the extra weight and i found they were quite comfortable in daily usage at Home or out, and about one thing to note, though, the colors there’s a beautiful selection, but i highly advise against buying a pair of the white or green headphones because they do stain. Some people have already reported that their headphones are already stained. After only a few days, which isn’t great so probably just buy one of the darker colors or just be very, very careful if you damage your ear cups or want to buy ones in different colors, you can buy them brand new for 69 and they just snap On easily with magnets and don’t fall off, i wish the magnet was a little bit stronger, but still way better than struggling to put on a pair of ear cups on an older pair of headphones. This is so much easier for controls, thankfully, no touch or tap controls, just physical controls, a digital crown and a button. The digital crown can be spun just like on the apple watch to adjust volume, pressed to play or pause and double or triple press to skip or go to your previous track, and the main button is to toggle on noise cancellation or the transparency mode. Okay, let’s talk about this case.

There’S been quite a bit of controversy regarding this case, how it works, how it looks, but in all honesty, actually using this thing, it’s really not that bad. Not many people have mentioned this as a weakness, but it is made of the same material as the magic keyboard, meaning it kind of scratches and scuffs over time and picks up a lot of dust. But, besides that, you can slide your headphones in and out very easily there’s a magnetic clasp as well to keep your headphones secure inside and they protect the aluminum ear cups very nicely. The top headband is exposed, though so just be a bit cautious about what you have in your bag. If you’re bringing these around like keys or something sharp, you may rip the material so just be careful. The headphones don’t fold up but technically this overall unit is about the same size, if not smaller, than comparable over your headphones that do fold in traditional cases. Now one thing is very clear: here: the design is one of the biggest focal points and apple leaned in hard with the idea of tech as fashion with these headphones it’s, pretty obvious for a few reasons. First apple made some interesting design decisions like they don’t fold. The case doesn’t cover them. They come in a range of bold colors and these all contribute to the headphones not being hidden but rather being seen the case. Doesn’T hide or disguise them and you’re practically encouraged to hold them by the headband and carry them around.

Like a small bag and right now, the design does seem a bit out there. But when artists, rappers celebrities and just famous people start carrying these things, around it’s going to become quite clear and just like other products have become synonymous with high fashion. So will these they’re gon na fit right in and that’s just one of the reasons why apple thinks they can price them so high and people will still buy them besides just apple fans, because they are a fashion accessory, okay, long story short as much as apple Designed these to be a great pair of headphones, they’re, equally designed to be a fashionable accessory and they’re going to be pretty iconic in the fashion world, like an off white belt or supreme gear, they’re going to be seen as a fashionable product. Okay, let’s talk sound quality, the other very important part of a pair of headphones and put simply the sound is amazing, as you’d expect i’m, really not an audiophile. But i know what i like with headphones and what i don’t like and from all my testing. I’Ve really enjoyed the experience here with bass, heavy tracks and hip hop. The bass is present, it’s rumbling, but doesn’t overpower the rest of the track and doesn’t get crunchy or distorted on more low key jazz, indie alternative tracks. The mids and highs are clear, defined and consistent and overall, the sound signature is warm and beautiful. The headphones get loud and there’s incredible clarity.

These are definitely not studio or reference headphones, but for listening and enjoying music they’re very, very good. Now, in a very apple like move, they don’t come with a three and a half millimeter cable in the box, because of course they don’t it’s apple. So you have to buy the 30 apple, cable and i say apple cable, because third party cables at least right now, don’t work, i’ve tried and of course they are active noise. Cancelling headphones and toggling it on is pretty impressive from consistent, rumblings or transit sounds to more inconsistent, sounds like construction, people talking or typing these take away the outside world and bring you in just to focus on your music and the transparency mode is incredible, just like On the airpods pro you turn it on and it brings the outside world in it’s, really really good using a whole bunch of microphones and apple technology. It really has an excellent effect. If you want to hear your surroundings, it doesn’t sound, tinny or distorted and almost sounds better than how hearing normally sounds, at least for me. Speaking of the microphones. This is a test of the microphone setup on the airpods max. It sounds good enough for calls or quick voice memos it’s, pretty solid. One of the other features is spatial audio, it’s cool but limited it pretty much only works in a few apps and on your iphone or ipad, no apple tv. Basically, it makes watching movies or shows more immersive if something’s happening right in front of you, it’ll be the loudest and it’ll feel like it’s, actually in front of you, while things to the left or right or behind you will sound like they’re actually happening in those Places it works well and it’s.

Some really sick technology, but it’s more so just the beginning for apple look at what they can do in the world of augmented or virtual reality. We’Re in for some really interesting kind of spatial audio stuff – and i guess one of the final apple features here – is the easy integration into the ecosystem. They pair to your device for the first time very easily and quickly and every other time, they’re always ready to go and using apple’s magic. It switches between devices very easily, whatever device you’re playing music from it’ll automatically switch to that device. It’S really cool no struggling in the bluetooth settings or hitting physical switches. Switching over your bluetooth output, it’s just super easy pairing. They do work on non apple devices, but if you’re, primarily on android or windows, you probably shouldn’t buy these like there are way better options. You’Re gon na miss out on tons of features if you have a non apple device. Lastly, is the battery life? They don’t have the same amount of insane usage time that other pairs of competing active noise, cancelling headphones do like from sony or bose it’s about 10 hours, less so it’s, just under 20 hours of total listening and that’s pretty solid. I think they’ll get you through long flights if we ever get back to those again and weeks of on and off usage, and if you do have to quickly charge them up, they do support fast charging.

So one and a half hours of usage time from five minutes of charge, that’s pretty good putting them in the case, puts them into an ultra low power saving mode and not putting them in the case doesn’t drain much battery either only like one or two percent. Over many many hours, so not an issue okay, so when these headphones dropped completely out of nowhere, many people reacted saying. Why would i buy these if i can get the sony wh 1000xmark4s for cheaper and to that reaction i mean i totally agree. I get it besides. The build unique design and apple integration they’re pretty much just a regular pair of active noise cancelling headphones and going with the sony or bose microsoft or sennheiser offerings. You’Re gon na be just as happy and in all honesty there really isn’t. So much here, they’re gon na miss out on if you go with those headphones – and i think you already know that, but then again, if you’re deep in the apple ecosystem, you really like the design or the inevitable iconic status of these headphones then go for them. If you don’t mind the price they’re, a great pair of headphones, that do many things right and little to no things wrong.