, seeing a lot of videos online right now about that and uh so we’re here with our variant of videos, i’ll be talking about the best smartphones of 2020 plus the best cameras that’ll be a separate video, but Nonetheless, let’s give you my top three of the best smartphones of 2020. These are the flagships. These are the big boys. These are the ones you’re going to have to uh, sometimes sell a kidney to buy, but is it worth it? I believe so so let’s get down to it. Music, coming in at number three was a phone that i actually reviewed uh earlier this year during our uh circuit, breaker or aka lockdown in singapore, and i was pleasantly surprised by actually how good it was and for the price point, and that has the xiaomi mi. 10 pro you’ve got that 108 megapixel camera you’ve got 8k. Video recording you’ve got the beautiful display. It was fast. You had the latest snapdragon chipset in there. There was really no compromise by xiaomi but you’re, coming at a price point, much less than samsung and other of flagship phone makers out there and the quality of the video and the photos out of the camera were fantastic and the build quality was really good too. So xiaomi’s come a long way in making smartphones. You know obviously they’re known to make more budget friendly phones, but when they stepped into the flagship era. Now, of course, i didn’t try the meeting ultra for those of you who are going to be wondering that we don’t get that here in uh.

Singapore, actually, i believe, was just for china only but uh some of the xiaomi reps did send it out to various reviewers. I didn’t get to try that, but the me 10 pro is very close to it. Nonetheless, that comes and not number three let’s move to number two, and this is tough between number two and number one, because i love both of these phones for various different reasons. But i had to give this number to instead number one, only because it’s still relatively new tech – and you really can’t – take it everywhere. You want to go because it is quite uh, it’s, quite delicate, depending of uh how you use it anyway. That is the samsung galaxy fold. 2.. I love the design of this phone. It is beautiful. Samsung has just knocked it out of the park with this phone. It is so much better than the original fold better than the galaxy z flip, and you know it’s. Just a great phone tablet to use every day the only downside about it is it’s, very heavy and it’s, something that you really, if you want to take it to the gym, you better be careful. You don’t want to put into your pocket. If you have any coins or anything that can get into the screen, because of course, this screen is quite delicate at this time, but besides that it’s fast, the cameras were really good. Uh the performance was there, but it was just such a beautiful phone to use and everyone that’s got a chance to use it understands what i’m talking about.

So that comes in at number two, but right there, they’re almost neck and neck is number one. Music and uh, that is the iphone 12 pro max. I think uh, the a14 bionic chip fastest chipset out there uh the cameras now we’ve got pro res raw with uh 14.3, which i’ve been using. Actually the beta for quite some time. Perez raw is a game. Changer, i think in smartphone photography all the cameras, the quality of images coming out of this fantastic, the video quality, some of the best i’ve seen you got the dolby vision, hdr, which, by the way, certain apps doesn’t play well with it, which i mentioned in my Full review, but nonetheless, the design of the phone is fantastic, got more of the iphone 5s vibe to it. I got the gold, which is gives you a little bit of bling um, i personally after seeing all four colors, i think gold and the graphite is gray or graphite silver to my two favorite, the normal silver stainless steel band is great as well. The pacific blue, honestly it’s a nice looking phone but it’s a little bit um subdued. I wish it was a had a little bit more pizzazz to it, but nonetheless still beautiful color, but i just think the overall performance of the phone is fantastic. Uh gaming editing photos, content creation, uh the stabilization inside the sensor now it’s, not instead of the lens. All of it really works, there’s, really, no complaints with this phone, except i just have to wear a case with it, because once you drop an iphone that’s, a heart attack it’s a very expensive phone.

You don’t want to drop a phone, even though they have that ceramic shield on it. No it’s got glass around the other side of it, and it’s got stainless steel that you don’t want to scratch, so it’s a beautiful photo anyway. Those those are my picks for the top three smartphones. Now we want to go into budget phones. I’Ll just give some recommendations out there uh the xiaomi meeting, t pro, which i’ll be having a review coming out shortly by not by the time. You already see this video. That phone is fantastic for the price point it’s right, underneath the mi 10 pro um xiaomi sort of likes to do that with their phones. They come out with something new that’s, almost something sometimes slightly better, but cheaper, it’s hard to keep up with these phones. These days, uh the iphone 12 mini, which is a fantastic phone, especially for the price point and uh. You know a lot of variants from samsung out there as well, so there’s a lot of great phones out there guys it really just depends on your budget, but if you’re looking for the flagship, the best of the best. Those are my three anyway. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Do you agree with me? Do you disagree with me? Do you have any other options out there that you would like to know? Let me know in the comments anyway be safe out. There follow us on facebook.

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