What i feel like is the smartphone of the year and i’ve played and touched sounds kind of dirty touch, but it’s true with i literally touched a lot of smartphones and played with a lot of smartphones and there’s. So many good smartphones this year and i think there is every year at this point because we’re at like a maturity point, but regardless there’s tons of good smartphones. Let me just this is a random list that i threw together that that i’ve had for for weeks months, all throughout the year of this year, so i’ve had i’m looking off to the screen. So if i’m looking off center that’s, why i’ve had the s20 ultra? The note 20 ultra the z fold, 3 pixel 4a pixel 5 oneplus 8t oneplus 8, pro, which i think it came out in 2020. I might be off than that, but whatever surface duo, lg velvet tcl 10, pro 10 l 5g – i think there’s another tcl phone. I had as well and iphone se2 and i know i’ve had more phones. I have like the gab wireless, which is like a kids phone and probably a few other phones as well, but these are like the main main phones that i’ve had throughout this year, and so you can see i’ve had a lot of the top end. Android phones, and really only one of the lower cost um iphones. So let’s talk about you know what i think is the the phone of the year.

Now, before i give you my my exact answer: don’t worry i’m not going to drag you through the mud like some other youtubers or other people, i’m. Just going to give you some some pointers on some of the other phones like, for instance, s20 ultra. It could have been, but the problem with it is the auto focus on close up. Photos was bad, but otherwise a great phone, great battery life, fast nice screen, which it was 1080p 120 hertz, would have been nice if it was 2k 120 hertz. That was a little bit of a letdown, but overall really awesome phone expensive too, though note 20 ultra again another great phone. I have it right here. Still i still have that phone. This is a fantastic phone um, basically a a s20 ultra with an s pen. If you want to say it like that, i don’t really use the s pen but again, another fantastic phone. If i had to give it like best overall phone in terms of not not my personal usage but i’d, probably give it to this one. If you’re looking to get like the best phone of the year and you didn’t want to get a foldable or you didn’t want to get an iphone or something like that, get the note 20 ultra. This is an amazing phone, great cameras. Speakers are awesome s pen. Obviously, all that functionality, the software you don’t, have the close up issues when you take photos of close up things, just a great great phone overall, really not that many complaints.

If any about this, the only complaint – 1080p 120 still on this, which should be rectified in next year’s model of the phones, but it doesn’t. The 1080 120 is really not that big a deal in terms of the display it’s still great, at 120 hertz uh, pixel phones. They were more mid range phones this year, even though i really liked them in that regard like they were like really good. Quality phones for most people. For me, i need a little bit more. I want a little bit of a bigger display. I want a better display. Uh, the cameras were fantastic on there. I love the still photos that the pixel takes. They really upped it up with the pixel 5, with video quality and stabilization with that phone and just overall the prices were amazing too. They were like 300 400 bucks, something like that. 500 600 bucks in that range very, very inexpensive. I love what they did with this year with you know mid tier processors, but the performance was still pretty good, but then we got the oneplus phones, oneplus, 8t. 8. Pro awesome phones really really good. The last phone i just had was the 8t, and that was really really good. Super smooth beautiful display decent sound, decent cameras, great software customization within there, and you get that obviously, with the oneplus 8 pro, which does have 120 hertz 2k display get 90 hertz on. I think it was 90 hertz there’s a 90 hertz or 120 on the oneplus 8t, but that was a 1080p display, but overall beautiful great phones.

They put out this year very, very nice top end processors. Really, no, not a lot of complaints about the oneplus series. Surface duo, i had super high hopes with it i’m kind of dragging on. I said i wasn’t going to drag on. Sorry. If you want to skip ahead, i’ll put i’ll, probably put timestamps, so just click click ahead, but surface duo. Again, i had such high hopes for that phone and i loved the idea of having two displays fully functional in terms of you can run two displays at the same two apps. At the same time, fully maxed out in terms of the the the screen they weren’t. Like small or anything like that, but the thing is with it: the speakers sucked the camera was uh. The software was kind of buggy at times, and i don’t know it just wasn’t ready for prime time they should have waited on it. I hope next year’s is a lot more fixed up in terms of the speakers being better the cameras being better – and i know it’s not being sold to like the mass consumer, it’s real for really for the business person. But for me – and i i just had such high hopes – i really thought it was gon na be my phone of the year back even before it came out and just didn’t turn out to be it just another phone that’s gon na be my main phone trumped.

It uh by a long shot in the end, then we had the lg velvet another dual display phone inexpensive. I think it wasn’t like 600 bucks, something like that dual display very cool form factor. You could take it out and use it as a normal phone. If you wanted a regular candy bar phone had a mid tier processor in there, but overall it was a decent decent phone for, like that mid tier to low end uh, obviously wouldn’t be like a flagship phone but it’s still a very interesting cool phone to play With then, we had the tcl phones, which were more or less budget phones. They had like a mid tier phone. Their phone that really stood out for me, it was amazing – was their tcl, 10 5g it’s only on verizon, but if you’re looking for a phone that’s, not a pixel – and that has you know some good software customization built into it. Look at that phone because that phone, what really surprised me, the the performance of it in terms of like day to day performance, running apps and just running around the operating system, were really really good. The cameras were decent and again. The software customizations were really really nice, so i was happy with the selection of tcl phones that came out today very, very good quality and then, lastly, the iphone se 2. It was ‘9 bucks that was like the low end version. It was a surprise.

I was surprised how much i was impressed by that phone because it has the a13 processor in there and it performed beautifully. Obviously, and the cameras were decent had wireless charging and if you’re, okay, with it being a little bit smaller and having a home button, then it was a fantastic phone. It was definitely one of the best, if not the best budget phones to get this year and is a very well conditioned uh to apple’s lineup of phones, but that all leads us to. If you follow my channel, this isn’t really going to be a surprise as i grab it. Um my phone of the year, the galaxy z fold three, i was absolutely blown away when i got this phone. I got this around the same time that i got the microsoft surface duo and when with getting both of those phones, i thought i was going to like the surface duo like i said earlier much better than this one, and then i got this and this like Destroyed the surface duo, the screen is brighter and you know better looking the cameras are way better. The speakers are way better. The performance is way better. The software experience is way better. Everything about this phone basically for the most part, is better than the surface duo and for me, every other phone because of the fact that you have this huge, huge display and then all the other things i mentioned from performance cameras.

I mean it. Didn’T have the best cameras like i feel, like the the pixel took better photos and even the the note takes better photos i feel like, and you know it, but it does that stuff decently. The screen is beautiful at 120, hertz, fully maxed out in terms of resolution and wireless charging and so much great stuff about this phone it’s expensive, which it’s two thousand dollar phone but like i’ve, said it before and i’ll continue saying this unless a candy bar phone Comes along and changes my mind: i cannot ever see myself going back to one of those candy bar phones. This is this is a candy bar phone. I can’t see myself ever doing that. This is the future. This is in. This is what i love and it’s just completely blown me away and i’m. So glad i got it i kind of wish. I got the fold one at the time because if i got that, i probably would have never, you know fully played with a um or fully kept a a candy bar phone as my main phone it’s, when that one came out, because this is just obvious. This is better than the fold one, but this is like it’s just so amazing everything about this phone, really, not that many complaints, if any about it. Um i’ve made some videos where you know i’ve had some complaints like holding it a little bit awkward, you can mute the mute, the microphones if you hold it in the wrong spot um.

I forgot my other complaint was oh instagram works weird. Sometimes the apps work weird um on this big display, but if you close it and use the display, uh use the apps in the smaller display. Generally, they work beautifully. So my phone of the year galaxy z fold three. I love it so happy with it and then other than that. I would feel like the best phone for most everybody that’s. Looking for a flagship phone would be the note 20 ultra uh budget phone would probably be iphone se2 or like the pixel 4a or even the pixel 5 pixel 5 is a little bit more expensive, but in that range or even the tcl 5g from verizon. Those are my phones of the year and then mid tier phone. I would either go probably one plus 8 t. Actually, when i look at my list: yeah oneplus 8t, fantastic phone – those are my phones of the year, but ultimately my favorite, no 20, no galaxy. Z4.