Why am i wearing this stupid stuff over here, because it’s too cold outside just roll the into okay just make it and just put some stupid stuffs on them again? Music doesn’t know any mission, and this is my channel that’s, so stupid, all right, um, so today, i’m, here to unbox or okay, to talk about okay. So what is it dude? So we got it so this is it okay? The name of it is yeah game. Pro it’s a gimbal and yeah gimbal, which helps us to shoot some stupid videos. Three axis stabilized hand held gimbal for smartphone, okay, so let’s unbox it. So you can see from the right – hey keep this camera over here, so they can see you’re so stupid, i’m. Gon na fire, you let’s tear it down and break it. Sorry, okay, let’s let’s isn’t, that, like a plastic covers which packaging, i think some kind um yeah. I think we should strap it over here like and like one more instruction man, but yes is okay. This is um and there are two instruction manuals. I don’t know why. Oh, oh i got it. This is chinese. This is english. This giveaway i’m just kidding. I need that so let’s um let’s, open it Applause, Music, yeah, this usb charger and so yeah – and this is the gimbal yeah, some kind of that so yeah they have a charge yeah, so i’ll show you oops. So, as you can see, it’s a motorized thing to me, which has a joystick over here and if that power button will zoom in or out thing and which has this quaker over here, which you press, stupid, Music, Music, so and box.

It has in pleasure and app store um, both ios and android is an app called kim pro, and this will just so so guys, can’t just stay it so let’s go to this app, and actually this thing connects with the bluetooth from your phone to this gimbal. This thing has a bluetooth, so just turn on your bluetooth and recording so Music come on i’m. Sorry guys, i don’t know how to operate this stuff, so see you at the next video. This is sean from chances signing out.