Okay – and this happens to him quite a lot and he wakes up – and he says you know what i’ve been in the most competitive space for a long time and i’m competing with everybody and the company i built is called tesla right and you know kind of Gone to space, i’ve blown up a few things here and there, but i’ve been pretty successful during the time in a limited budget and it’s kind of cool. I started a company called the boring company. What about if i decided to go and screw with everybody and start a smartphone company? Could i compete with everybody else out there? My name is elon musk, huh, okay, so i’ve heard a lot of uh you know, could uh? Could one of these companies start a smartphone, especially tesla tesla makes batteries? Could tesla make an incredible smartphone with great battery, and my initial thought is yeah, of course don’t? Why would i ever doubt and him with startup? Of course, he could probably pull it off, but the other hand uh is this smartphone space, especially in the top you know bit of, of of of market share, as we were describing earlier, is ruthlessly competitive. Now, of course, the auto industry was ruthlessly competitive before tesla came along, but tesla came along with a new technology that it’s going to take them years to catch up to, and i don’t know if there is a new technology that smartphone makers, aren’t, considering or haven’t Already tried to start working on that someone could just leap in and dominate at smartphones are trying all kinds of stuff.

You know when you look at the new highest end phones, it does seem very consistent, the same high end screens and cameras and everything. But i was just talking about the folding phones, the swiveling phones, the new battery tech. We see all this wireless tech. All this stuff is getting better at a very high rate and if you’re going to just jump in there there’s another company called red that i’m. A big fan of that makes incredible cameras and they decided they were going to jump in and make a smartphone a couple years ago, and i thought okay, yeah red could make a phone and their advantage would be the camera and they made a terrible phone and It died before the year was over, so i i don’t know that you can just jump in and immediately start competing for the top end of market share. You can make something interesting, but i think i think it would be pretty tough see the difference between red and tesla would be. No one knows the founder of red, except for people in the world. Everybody knows the founder of tesla and tesla likes to do things. When you tell him he can’t do it. You know the guy elon. You know him. You’Ve interviewed him before you’ve been to his plant before you’ve seen what he’s done and he prefers that he likes that and i think in your interview, you said what uh f the number one car he posted in an article he talked about it.

The number four number one car where people switch over to tesla is what a prius a twenty four thousand dollar card, that they switch over to the tesla. And you ask them a question whether you guys going to be able to come out with a cheaper car and he said, maybe three years, because manufacturing being able to keep up with orders, etc, etc. You know if you were to say: ecosystem wise, you know apple is pulling from their app their imessage, their other hardware, their phone watch. You just showed. Who has an ecosystem to be able to pull into having a phone? Would it be a tesla? Would it be a facebook? Would it be an amazon who would it be that has an additional product already to say here’s what we already do, we’re going to come up with a phone, and if you use us we’re going to give you an extra experience on dot dot, dot right yeah That is really interesting. I i so amazon did try uh making a phone didn’t go great, but you would think so. Amazon’S got aws they’ve got the amazon store, they’ve got their own app store. They’Ve got amazon, music that’s, a good start that you could kind of tie in. I don’t know if anyone’s compelled to switch from their iphone because of amazon, music or something like that, but if they could make some cool exclusives with the amazon.com store, maybe that’s something.

But i think what i found is the most compelling reasons to switch are actually just great hardware. So if you could make a great smartphone accessory – and i don’t know, i don’t think a tesla is gon na, be that smartphone accessory. But if you can make a great uh accessory, that is amazing hardware and works best when you have your phone and not the iphone. That becomes a reason to switch, because you know all of apple services are fine, imessage is fine. Apple’S mail service is fine. Safari is fine. I’M, not you know. Looking for a reason to switch web browser, i can use chrome on the iphone whatever. But if you have like these incredible headphones and you need to have this phone to be able to use this amazing headphone experience and apple doesn’t offer that maybe that’s a reason. Um, but out of today’s existing companies, like you just mentioned, like tesla amazon, whoever hasn’t made a phone facebook, i think even tried to make a phone, and it was also terrible, so it’s, clearly tough, it’s, competitive but uh.