You need Music, adapter micro, usb cable, earphones user manual. Then another papers then make a summary change screen protector. So i am so. I am guy set up the latincy infinix smartport start skip skip this time. Sapina Music skip Music options which is get south cyan midnight black attitude, cosmic purple, kundalini physical appearance. The back panel is made in plastic and plastic brain as you can see in a glossy finish something special, then, at the center part below it’s, a camera, module and canyon, fingerprint sensor, sub, abandoned fingerprint sensor, logon infinix, then the left side, lower part and kanyang speaker. Then the lower part at the center, i makikitamo ankanyan brand name of the device. Smart, then, at the right side, ankanyang volume control button at an shortcut button for the google assistant, then for the left side and upper part, our partner mic 3.5 millimeter, earphones, jack and micro. Usb port is 167 millimeter. Angular mania is 76. Millimeter thickness is 8.3 millimeters. 183 grams guys sim card and micro sd card slot, so dual nano sim card, pusha, 10 expandable propulsion up to 256 gig for the screen size is 6.6 inches. Ips tft screen with hd plus resolutions of 720 by 1600 pixel, the naja water drop design. Pusha then marantine push on face recognition: 8 megapixel, then 5 megapixel demand for the selfie camera with a flashlight, then on internal storage is 32 gig and 2 gram and processor. Nepal is 2.

0 gigahertz squad core at a milliampere number is four thousand percent supported now fast charging and chipset. Nepal is mediatek. A22 at an operating system is xos 5.5 based on android 9.. So guys, if you have any questions, suggestions just comment down below and i will try to answer your questions cannon please don’t forget to like subscribe and click the bell button for updated chaos among the latest uploaded videos.