The first thing we’re going to do before we even touch the lights, is to dive in to the phone’s settings. We will start by downloading an app called moment from the app store. It is around six dollars and it is well worth the investment because it will allow you to unlock a ton of control on your phone. With this app, we will be able to adjust things like resolution white balance, shutter speed, iso and even focus once you’ve downloaded. The app the first thing you’ll want to do is to select which lens to use do not use the face. Cam, it is going to give you a less than quality, go ahead and use one of the back lenses, and if you have multiple ones to choose from choose your longest, reaching telephoto lens using the telephoto lens will give you more lens compression, which will result in A blurrier background we will then go into the moment, settings and select our resolution and frame rate turn your video resolution to 4k and your frame rate to 24 fps. If you are new to manual settings and video making in general, then you’ll definitely want to check out my free super simple camera settings guide. It breaks down frame rates, resolution and manual exposure to give you a good idea of what each of those settings are and how to use them. Well, i’ll put a link in the description below if you don’t have 4k on your phone that’s all right go ahead and select 1080 hd and then make sure to keep your frame rate at 24.

Fps now go to your picture profile, setting and choose flat at first. This will look a little bit worse, it’s going to look kind of grayed out and desaturated, but this will give you a lot more control when you go to edit and color grade using a flat image and then color grading, it will produce some really. Nice results. The cool thing about the moment app is that it really transforms your smartphone into something more like a dslr or mirrorless camera. Let’S start with white balance for today’s video. We are going to choose 5500 kelvin once that is locked in. We can adjust our iso and shutter speed for today’s video. We are going to put our iso at 100 and our shutter speed at 1. Over 48.. You can even adjust the focus manually using this app, which is really cool. Now that we have our camera settings dialed in let’s get into the lighting Music, if you have not already seen my lighting for youtube, video go ahead and hit pause and go check that out it’s going to give you a ton more details and in depth. Look into the lighting setup and it will give you a lot of context for today’s video we’ll start out by turning off all of the lights. Once all the lights are off. We’Ll set up our key light, which will be our main light source. Then we will set up our fill light, which will help reduce some of the shadows next we’ll add in a rim light.

This is going to help separate me from the background, then we’ll add in practicals. This will allow a little bit of color into our scene and we’ll finish this off by splashing a bit more color onto the background, using this g2 pocket rgb light. Now that we have our lighting in place, let’s dive back into the smartphone and just fine tune. Our settings to finish out this clip we’re going to bring it into final cut pro and, as mentioned before, we shot on a flat profile, so now we’re going to color correct it, which will enhance and stylize the image Music. Ultimately, the takeaway here is to download an app like the moment, app there’s other third party ones as well. Just try to find something that will give you a bit more control over your camera’s settings and learn how to do them properly, which, if you don’t, already know how to do that check out.