The new me tv q led is a 4k television and it is only available in the 55 in size. Now this is xiaomi trying to flex its popularity. It is the most popular television brand in india since its launch, and this time it really pushes on the price boundary by launching a q lite television. So the price of the tv is 54 999. At the time of launch, even though the list price is 59 999, so inside the box, you will get the television panel itself, along with the two feet that are made out of metal they’re quite well made. You will also get a remote, which is the standard me remote, it’s, a bluetooth, remote and has a microphone on there, and you also get some documentation. In most likelihood, xiaomi will send an engineer to install this tv, and that also ensures that you get warranty. Speaking of which you can pay 1499 to get another year of warranty, so that gives you a total of two years of warranty and this. If you’re planning to keep the tv seems to be a good deal, let’s talk about the television itself. It is 1230 millimeters wide and 710 millimeters tall if you include the base it’s 766 millimeters, the me tv q light weighs in at 13.94 kilograms without the feet and if you include the feet, it’s 14.2 kilograms, so not the heaviest tv, but also not the lightest. On the back of the tv, you’ll also find that xiaomi has tried to use a good amount of carbon fiber finish just to sort of make it equal into the competition.

I guess, but nonetheless we’re not complaining. It looks nice. The tv is slim at the top, but it tends to thicken out at the bottom and the width of the base or the feet is about 262.5 millimeters. So, depending on that, you can decide whether you want to mount it on a table or mount it on the wall and to mount it on the wall. You do have a standard base amount on the back, which is 200 millimeters by 200 millimeters and even though xiaomi is not disclosing who the panel manufacturer is in most likelihood. The panel comes from samsung, so it’s a 4k panel 3840×2160 and it does support dolby vision. Hdr 10 plus hdr, 10 and hlg, it does have xiaomi’s reality flow tech, which basically is a motion blur reduction and it smoothens out footage that is less than 60 fps to make it look smoother on the tv. You also have the vivid picture engine and a white color gamut, which includes 100 of the ntsc range and about 95 of the dci, p3 color gamut, which is pretty good. Considering the price range of the television. The one thing that really impressed us from the xiaomi q lite television was the 30 watt speakers. Now there are total of six speakers, four full range drivers and two tweeters and they do support dolby audio dts, hd sound and, of course the television does support earc over hdmi. So if you do have any devices or players that do support arc, you can use that with this television now the speakers in itself are quite capable if you do have a medium to large size room.

The audio quality is pretty impressive, but you can attach a sound bar if you would like for a better, more focused sound, but i think for most people, the tv with the inbuilt speakers will be enough because of the quality of the audio devices and the moto G5G is yet another device in this pile. However, the moto g5g is the cheapest phone that you can buy. That is enabled with 5g today, so is it worth future proofing, your smartphone? Should you buy a phone today that will tomorrow one place where i see xiaomi really improving is the overall performance of the television it now runs on the mediatek 9611 chipset. It is a quad core, a55 cpu and the mali g52 mp2 gpu you get 2 gigabyte of ram and 32 gigabytes of storage, and that enables the tv to be extremely responsive. Jumping between different streaming apps is much faster and load times are also considerably reduced. The storage also seems to be quicker, so loading things off of it is much more easier. You still continue to get patchwall and android both on the tv, so, whether you like patchwall or android, you can pick between those two for your tv os. More importantly, patchwall has been upgraded to patchwall 3.0 and does offer up some interesting capabilities, and if you sign into all your streaming applications you do get a list of your favorite shows right there on patchwall. It also supports set top boxes and various languages.

So, no matter where you are in the country, you can get access to content that you watch uh directly in patchworld, it’s, really useful for a lot of people who do still consume television content and also who consume content from different types of streaming sources that allows You to see your latest shows right on there on patchwall, without you needing to go into different applications like netflix and prime video to see whether or not the latest episode is now available. Now you do have access to the android store, so you can download any tv enabled applications that are available and because you do have a considerable amount of storage on board. Tons of apps can be downloaded. Now, if you want to use this as a gaming television, because it supports 4k 60hz uh, some of the new gaming consoles will work great with this, and you will get up to 60 fps without any problem for a casual gamer, or this will be a good Addition to your house – or this does have an input lag of about five milliseconds, but it does have a low latency mode that will improve uh the gaming experience a little bit, but again, if you’re playing on console you’re not doing competitive gaming. This tv is good enough for that and the colors are really vibrant thanks to the qled tech in there, and you have good viewing angles as well, so you can have a couple of people playing games together in your living room without any problem.

As far as sports are concerned, you do get hdmi 2.1 into three ports on the back. You do have two usb ports, an ethernet one optical and a 3.5 mm jack, which does do your breakout. Xiaomi’S also included some additional features on the remote which apparently people were asking for so now to mute. The television all you have to do is double tap on the volume down button and it mutes the tv. If you long press the me button, you get into quick settings and if you want to turn on the tv quickly, it just goes into a sleep mode now. So when you tap on power button, it quickly wakes up and it takes less than five seconds for the tv to wake up so it’s good for those kind of features as well overall looks wise. You have a really nice looking television with a very minimal bezel and even though the glass goes all the way to the side, you do have a black bar, which is the bezel of the panel, which is a considerable size on three sides of the tv and Then, on the bottom, you do have the metal strip that does have the me branding on it. Overall, the television is very well made and has quite a lot of features. More importantly, it’s priced really low, so it’s comparative as far as pricing is concerned, and the panel is great, it has great viewing angles and good amounts of color and vibrancy as well we’re, not too sure of the brightness of the panel as yet, we will be Measuring that and we are reaching out to xiaomi to get you the exact details and if we do we’ll drop those in the description below as well, but for hdr content or any type of content that you are watching up to 60 fps.

This is absolutely fantastic and a real value for money. Television gives you all the features of a much more expensive tv at a much more affordable price, that’s it for this video. If you enjoyed it, don’t forget to smash the like button hit the subscribe button. If you’re not already a part of team igan, along with the bell notification icon with all notifications, turned on so that you get notified each time, we upload a video if you have any particular questions or queries. Regarding the me tv qled, let us know in the comment section below we’ll, try and answer those out for you or do a follow up video if a lot of questions do arise, that’s it for this video. Thank you guys for watching.