Yet in the television segment, can the company overcome its budget champion credentials and give the competition a tough fight? With this 55 000 rupee tv stay with me till the end to find out, but before we get started, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and also hit the bell icon to be notified. Every time we post a new video Music, the me q led tv 4k has only been launched in a single 55 inch size in india, and what we have here is a good looking television, the ports and sockets face to the left and bottom of the screen Of the miq led tv 4k, there are three hdmi ports, all hdmi 2.1, with one of them supporting earc usb ports, a 3.5 mm audio out socket an ethernet port, an optical audio out port 3 rca sockets for ev input and an antenna socket. Of course, the tv also supports wi, fi and bluetooth, which is standard xiaomi’s, familiar compact and minimalist. Remote returns on a mi qled tv 4k, with no changes at the hardware level, while there are still no buttons to mute or quickly access the settings on the remote itself. These functions have been enabled through the software double pressing. The volume down button mutes the tv, while a long press of the me button from within any content or source accesses quick settings to adjust the picture and sound. Among other things, the mi q led tv 4k runs on android tv 10 and is the first smart television in india that we know of to run the latest version of android tv.

The stock android tv ui is still among the easiest to use out there. Patchwall 2 gets an update with the me qled tv 4k, with the tv running version 3.5 visually. There are small changes that improve the look of the ui, including larger icons, nicer content, recommendation, banners and easier access to apps and connected source devices; there’s a mediatek mtk9611 quad core processor powering the television along with 2gb of ram and 32gb of internal storage. Now, while 32 gb of storage does sound like a lot, this is only used for apps and app data, which doesn’t really require that much space. In my opinion, a little more ram would have helped even at the cost of a little bit of less storage and 3gb of ram would have been a great addition on the miq led tv 4k. The 55 inch me qled. Tv 4k has a 3840 by 2160 pixel, ultra hd quantum dot led screen with support for hdr up to the 12 bit dolby vision format, as with practically every 55 inch ultra hd tv. The me qled tv 4k is best used to watch high quality content. That is to say that you’ll see the fewest faults in ultra hd, dolby vision or hdr10 plus picture, but you won’t find yourself too disappointed with the step down to lower resolutions and even standard dynamic range. Much of that has to do with the quantum dot led screen itself, which does much of the heavy lifting when it comes to ensuring vibrant colors and good brightness on the miq led tv 4k, with hdr content in both the dolby vision and hdr 10 plus formats.

The me qled tv 4k did a decent job that offered a significant step up in performance from entry level, 4k hdr led tvs. I was happy to see sharp detailed pictures more accurate, colors, excellent brightness and contrast across the screen and a reasonably noise free picture. That said, there were some issues with motion and black levels. The mi qled tv 4k does not handle motion blur well enough making for shaky and jittery rapid motion, particularly when watching high resolution content. Turning on motion, interpolation also makes for a lot of noise across all sorts of content and resolutions. Full hd resolution content didn’t benefit from the enhanced colors of hdr content, but still looked fairly good for what it is on. The miq led tv 4k standard definition and 720p content from youtube and the ndtv app for android tv was naturally much less pleasant to look at than high quality picture, as would be expected from any 55 inch. 4K tv. Sound output is rated at 30 watts from a 6 driver 2 box system that consists of 4 full range drivers as well as 2 tweeters sound quality, wasn’t too refined at loud volumes come on. The question is: who here does the best impression of captain duran speech? Focused content such as sitcoms news, certain movies and the like sounded good with the tuning focus to ensure clear voice output before and but that hasn’t got them very good reaction. At 54 999 rupees, the miq led tv 4k is well worth the price and delivers with good design features.

Software and all round performance competing q led options from brands such as tcl and oneplus do offer more when it comes to picture quality and sound. However, the me q led tv 4k does make up for these shortcomings with good software and ui performance. Everything said and done. This is an entry level qled tv and you will get better performance on tvs from brands such as samsung and sony.