This is the official phone for the upcoming 1007 movie, no time to die. So i guess the height for the film is going to generate some possible interest for this smartphone, especially for the 007 fans out there like myself. So the phone has some pretty decent features and specs for the money and i will put the specs up on the screen. So you guys can have a quick read featuring the current popular mid range chipset, the snapdragon 765, along with six gigs of ram and 64 gigs of internal storage. Now 64 gigs does feel on the lower side, especially after installing games, downloading movies and shooting lots of 4k videos. But unfortunately there is a micro sd card slot, so you can expand the storage by up to 400 gigs. Now the quality of the phone is quite good. You’Ve got a metal frame going all the way around and on the back, you have a glass finish now. Color of the phone is also quite nice. It’S got this green blue two tone effects going on and nokia is calling this the polar shade, and i believe this is the only color available, but i will admit i do actually like this color and design, although there is no gorilla, glass protection and it’s actually, 2.5 d scratch resistant i’ve been using it all this time without a case and i’m having to say that there are no marks or scratches anywhere on Music to use faster options.

Now the phone itself is quite large in size, it’s, 90 meters thick and weighs 220 grams, so it’s quite big and weighty, but you’re also getting a big speed display at 6.81 inches ips with Music. Now there are no issues with the brightness you’re getting a decent sharp screen, although it is on the 60hz display, the colors do pop in sharp images and that massive display is great to watch. Videos on also the pure display feature is amazing and works really. Well. It is also already switched on by default and it dynamically enhances everything by automatically adjusting the color contrast and brightness according to what you are doing and it even upscales sdr content to hdr. Now the bezels are quite thin, going all the way around, but you have a slightly more noticeable chin where they’ve slapped the nokia logo on top, so the size and the weight is there. But you are getting a 4 500 milliamp hour battery and the battery performance is actually quite good. So i managed to get a solid one day of heavy usage with lots of gaming youtube streaming, filming lots of 4k videos and using it as a sat nav with waves in my car, and i managed a full day with around 20 left before i went to Sleep and achieved around six to seven hours of screen on time and with medium to light usage. This phone can easily last you two days now. The phone is running stock, android 10 on the android one program, so that means you’re getting two years of android updates, guaranteed with android 11 dropping very soon now performance wise, you can do everything on the smartphone.

The snapdragon 765g has proven itself to be a very capable mid range chip, allowing you to now. One main annoyance is the dedicated google assistant bus on the left, it’s just not needed. It reminds me of samsung’s bixby button and i always end up accident, pressing it and bringing up the google assistant and you can disable the button from settings. But you cannot reassign another app, so basically waste of a button and a lot of times when you take this phone out of your pocket. Instead of going for the fingerprint sensor a lot of times, you can end up pressing the google assistant button to activate the screen, so i guess that is something you’re going to have to get used to now. A few good points we’ve got nfc, so support for google pay. Google widevine level 1 is supported, so you can watch your netflix in hd quality and you are getting a hybrid sim card tray. So dual nano sim cards, or one nano sim card and one micro sd card up to 400 gigs, so very nice to have that expansion, option and you’re also getting a three and a half millimeter headphone jack at the bottom good job. Not here now here is another issue i found you have a single loudspeaker at the bottom it’s loud and clear, but unfortunately it sounds like the treble is very overpowering, with literally no mids or lows no bass at all, and there is no way to adjust.

The sounds from settings and i’ll give you guys a taste of that sound Music. Another thing: i’m, quite surprised about – is they’re branding this as the w7 smartphone, but we don’t have any w7 wallpapers uh built in so i’m, quite surprised that they didn’t take advantage of that opportunity. They had now here’s the thing you can get similar. Spec phones like the oneplus nord and the pixel 4a, and many others for under 400 pounds. Poco x3 offers a 120 hertz display and it’s a lot cheaper than this phone, so nokia might have slightly overpriced this phone, but maybe the 007 aspect might be the reason for that price. Another small issue i had at the start when i was testing this device is the ultra brightness would sometimes forget to kick in. It would leave me with a dim display once i’m out and about now. Having said that, a few days ago, a firmware update has fixed this issue, so i’m no longer getting that issue, but i thought i’d mention it anyway. Now this phone has four cameras on the back with pureview zees optics, which sounds very promising.