The cost of this phone is around 600. What i’m going to do today, for you guys we’re going to unbox this we’re going to see how’s the design on it supposedly this phone? It is very thin and very light, and it comes with like 4 300 milliamp battery and this phone is equipped with like 64 mp it’s got a lot of features before we start this video guys. Please don’t forget to smash that subscribe button right there and there’s a little bill right in the corner. I think, if you press that you get a reminder every time i make a new video let’s, do this okay, open this already popped out. This is the manual book. Nothing special let’s put this away. First let’s go see what’s inside this okay, you got a silicone case very cheap case guys. I tell you guys right now. If you decide you want to buy this phone i’d recommend buying a new case for it, and you get a 65 watt supercharged wall charger and you get headphones and cables that’s. It now let’s see this beast: oh wow, so nice. Like honestly, this phone looks so nice like look at this see this phone is light and thin. Ah, it is light and thin like look how thin this one is. It is so thin so light. I can hold this all day. Long in my hand, talk on it or play games on it because it feels so comfortable, wow, so comfortable, very nice, and he got this beautiful.

Quad camera set up with the 64 main mp very nice design, and he got the oppo sign right there and it says reno right. There got a beautiful little curve in the back. Even the front display got a little curve and you got that beautiful oled display 6.55 inch. Look at the colors on that guys. Usually oled displays are really bright and this one it is really bright and you get one camera in the front. Look at that color guys! Honestly, if you look at it in the light, it does change a little bit. Color and it’s got a lot of metallic inside, like honestly, if i’m looking at it from this side, i can see a little bit of yellow in it and if i turn it this way it goes to a darker blue. Then it goes lighter. Blue now, let’s. Try the case on it see: how does the case protect this phone? Tell you guys so far. I already told you guys you need to buy new chase, does not protect it at all. So if you drop it you’re done now, let’s go through all the specs. On this phone specs on this phone for display got six point: five: five inch 1080 times 2400 pixels oled display with 90 hertz, refresh rate running on android 11 color os 11 chipset. You got mt6889z, the minist 1000 plus for cpu quad core cortex a55 gpu. You got g77 mc9. This phone does not have headphone jack, but it comes with nfc for memory.

You can get this phone in 128 gigabyte, 8 gigabyte, 2056 gigabyte, 12 gigabyte for main camera. You got 64 mp 8mp 2mp 2mp. This phone can record up to 4k 30 for a selfie camera. You got 32 mp hdr can record 1080 30.. This phone is equipped with fingerprint scanner on display and face unlock and for battery. You got 4 300 milliamp battery with fast charge of 65 watt for colors. You can get this phone in starry night. Aurora blue moonlight black star wish red that’s it for the specs, come to the fingerprint scanner on display and it comes with face. Unlock let’s. Try the face unlock first, so quick, look at this bam. Try it again, look how fast this thing is now let’s. Try, the fingerprint very quick, try it again very nicely through the settings: wi fi mobile data, silence, mode, bluetooth, flashlight location, airplane mode, auto rotate and dark mode eye effect. Power saving go left. You got your personal hotspot, you got your screen record, do not disturb opal share, screencasting and nfc. Remember guys the nfc on this phone does not work with google pay let’s go to main settings for main settings. You got your sim card and mobile data. So remember same one sim2, you got your wi fi, bluetooth connections and sharing for connections and sharing you got your personal hotspot. You got your nfc, you got screen sharing and print and vpn and etc. Then you got your personalized.

I love this. One. It’S got some cool features guys, so you can now go through your temps, your wallpapers, and on display the on display on this it’s got so many features, so you can go through all these and uh choose the one that you like. They’Re awesome. You got your icon style, your app layout, and you got your fingerprint style. This is so cool guys like if you want your uh fingerprint on display. So every time you uh you go and press it. This can show up. This can show up. This can show up. This can show up so cool. This is my favorite one. Then you got your colors. You got front display. You got notifications, you got your video ringtones, video maker and edge lighting. The edge lighting is uh, so if someone coach, you can set it up, so you can light up around red, blue, green or your home screen, lock screen and always on display. You got your display. Remember guys. This is a oled display, so it is very bright and beautiful. Then you got your auto brightness, auto rotate and screen uh cool warm. You can set up the way that you like it, and this phone comes with 90 hertz refresh rate. Then you got your uh sounds and uh vibration, so you can go through these ringtones and choose the ones that you got. It’S got some cool ringtones, nothing that special, your fingerprints are face and password.

You got your privacy security. You got your bruno no it’s like samsung, like a bixi that’s, pretty much what this is, but this one is in chinese, so i cannot understand it. But if you speak chinese, you can go and talk to it in chinese, your tools, so you can go through this navigation, screenshot screen, record and etc. You need to split your screen too. Then you got your battery. You got your app manager. You got your storage, you got additional settings, you got your language time, update keyboard, uh, video call automatic on and off, and you got your otg connection and for languages. It does not have that many language, but it’s got a little bit in there. So you got just these other languages that come with that’s it. Then you got a user’s account and cloud for updates, and this phone just got updated and it’s running on android 11., so that’s pretty much it for the settings guys and right out of the box. This phone comes with a lot of chinese apps, so make sure you know that, and you can delete most of them. Remember guys this phone does not come with google play store. You have to download google play store through apk it’s, very easy, and these are the apps that actually come with it. I delete most of them myself and uh. I downloaded google play store if you guys can see it’s uh right here somewhere it’s right there, and these are my own apps – that i downloaded myself in there, and this is 90 hertz refresh rate right now.

You guys can see it’s really quick and i downloaded the google voice. Let me show you guys open camera right. There response really quick let’s see how the google uh chrome works. Let’S see how quick it does. Let’S go say instagram, and this phone running on 5g and it’s really fast guys see that beautiful oled display watch a video see how nice the video quality is on this phone and how loud the speakers get Music. Thank you tell you guys so far running a 90 hertz refresh rate. You should be really good for gaming, but let’s go and test it. Anyways i’m, not a good gamer. So sorry guys this phone comes with a beautiful quad. Camera 64 mp can record up to 4k and got a lot of features as a camera. Let’S go look at all the features on this phone. You got your night mode. You got your video, you got your photo let’s go to photo first. This is your ultra wide angle. It does a really good job. Believe me on this. You got your one zoom uh, sorry, two zoom and you got your five times zoom. Then you got your uh beauty, you can go 100 or less trust me on this. This phone can make you look really pretty, then you got your flash, your hdr, your ai, and you got your uh filters and let’s go back to video same thing. You got your ultra one zoom two zoom five times zoom.

You got your stabilizer right there and to get to the settings you bring that down tap this then you can go down for video. You can record a 1080p. 720. 4K. 60. 30.. You got your flash, your hdr, your ai, and you got your uh filters. Then you got your portrait, you got more, you got your dual view, so you cannot record front and back at the same time, you got your slow mo time lapse movie, so you can record a movie style. So this is the movie style. Then you got your export extra hd panel extract scanner, ai photo your micro, and this thing does a really good job with micro. I actually took a picture on with a micro one. He did a really good job guys. Then you got your uh stickers and that’s. It and that’s pretty much it for the camera guys what i’m gon na do now i’m gon na go. Take some quick pictures and videos for you guys so let’s go check them out: Music, Music, Music, Music. My opinion about this phone honestly, this phone for the price range, is a beast. You get a beautiful oled display that gets so bright and the sound is so nice and clear, and you got a big battery that’s going to last, you almost whole day and you got a 65 ball supercharge that you’re gon na plug it in and you’re gon Na see your phone go, boom charge right away and if you’re a gamer 90hz refresh rate very powerful phone to play.

Games with you are good to go for gaming, and if you take a lot of pictures, a lot of videos, this phone can take some beautiful pictures and it’s got some nice video quality on it and it’s got a beautiful stabilizer overall. This one for the price change, i give it a 100 plus so yeah you guys. Let me know in the comments.